Cho'Sheq wins chancellorship

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IC Date: Sun Jun 20 2404

QO'NOS (INW) - In the closest election in Galaxy Alliance history, Minister of Defense cho'Sheq of Qo'noS prevailed over Caitian Senator M'rus of Ferasa, becoming the Alliance's third Klingon Chancellor. Given the nature of the substantially delayed elections, she will take office next week.

"Now is the time for us to return to leadership with honor. The days of delay and trickery are over. We must act decisively to ensure the most prosperous future for us all," the Chancellor-elect stated at her victory rally on the Klingon homeworld. Of her opponent, she stated that she "commends Senator M'rus for running an honorable campaign. It was a pleasure facing you in this electoral combat."

The election was called with 51% in favor of cho'Sheq and 49% in favor of M'rus. The sizable Klingon voting bloc, along with a number of colony worlds and long-time allies like the Antica, Bajor and Selay voted in favor of the Minister, while former Federation worlds including Earth, Ferasa, Betazed and Bolia siding with the Senator.

M'rus' seat in the Senate was not up for reelection: the Senator will remain in office through the next session. In his concession speech, the Senator said, "The close result shows the deep divisions and important questions that face the Galaxy Alliance. I congratulate the new Chancellor and wish her the best of luck. I know she will consider the narrow nature of her mandate when acting and I look forward to listening to her laying out her legislative agenda to the senate - Where I shall still fight for my people and the ideals of the Federation."

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