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Dean Cigano
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Affiliation: Starfleet
Assignment: USS Agamemnon
Rank: Lieutenant (jg)
Department: Security
Assignment: USS Agamemnon
Race: Terran
Age: 21
Birthdate: 2413
Gender: Male



Tall and solidly built, Dean Cigano looks like a terran man who works out on a daily basis. Parts of the skin on his face, arms and torso are a slightly lighter hue than that rest of him. His dark brown hair is shaved in a military crew cut with a small tuft of white growing out by his left ear. His eyes are hazel, flecked with gold, and his jawline is square and peppered with gray and dark brown stubble. The marbled scars that ran along his body are gone, but several scars remain giving him a rugged appearance.


Dean grew up in paradise. Earth is the dream that took humanity centuries to achieve and the sweat from the brow of every man it has produced. That dream however has cost. That's what nobody tells you and it's what humanity has forgotten. That's where Dean comes in. Even the greatest achievements of Starfleet requires constant maintenance and not all of it gets recorded in treasured Starfleet logs.

Life at first was easy for the Cigano's. Gira and Samuel had all of the advantages given to them by a planet who has moved onto bigger things than the basic struggle. They worked their jobs and things went well. On January 1st, 2414, they got to bring their child into this life and instill the tenets of how they saw the world into him, he had no siblings but life was still interesting. Then Samuel was offered a job off world. Things changed, the move was hard. Gira brought her plants and continued her own research on the world that didn't even have a name, just a number. Samuel was given the promotion from his company managing the mining op.

The hours got worse. Samuel was spending less time at home. Gira buried herself in her studies to avoid the conflict and perhaps just to make herself believe that she was still in control. Voices were sometimes raised, tension would sometimes get out of hand. All of it in the end didn't matter. An explosion rocked their little settlement, atmosphere venting into an uncaring void. The lights and people screaming breathlessly came next. Finally the rushing of bodies, the people pushing their way into the escape shuttles. It was a brutal time, and when questioned, Dean couldn't say how he got into one of the shuttles. Another woman on board did tell him that his mother shoved him in before she went to look for Dean's father, but he blocked that out and refused to believe that she would abandon him.

Sometimes things just happen, no one is to blame. This wasn't one those times. Reports later came in. Sabotage was mentioned but no one ever took claim. Investigation did not bring any sense of relief, the pieces that were retrieved from the detonation device did not give any clues. After a lot of confusion and arguments the orphans from the tragedy were finally dealt with. It was decided that Dean would be sent back to Earth to finish his schooling and go through sessions with a counselor. Determined to make something of the tragedy Dean enrolled in Starfleet in hopes that he might be able to keep something like this from happening to anyone.

His time in the academy was rough. He didn't get along with the other cadets and tended to keep to himself. He excelled at most of his studies, but was quickly bored with anything that wasn't physical or weapon related. He would study and practice at combat and watch different combat scenarios as long as he was permitted to. Instead of going out and being social he would watch old vids of combat engagements. He would study them so in the event of a repeat he would be ready for it. Because of this he tends to view any problem in an extreme fashion, preferring to strike first and decisively.

His approach to security was often viewed as extreme. After such a tragedy in your life however, how could you not go to extremes? He took every chance to learn everything they were willing to teach and even went off world to learn a few tricks from other races when given leave. Different races taught him different fighting styles. He learned how to use many different types of weapons and armaments. Nothing seemed to get the blood flowing than wandering through a jungle on an alien planet. He helped by trapping dangerous animals, or hunting down extremely dangerous fugitives. The training is endless, but he wants to be ready for when one day he discovers who planted that bomb on his colony near the neutral zone and killed almost everyone he knew.

Common Knowledge

  • Cigano is obsessed with demolitions and explosives. He often spends time in a holodeck program dismantling and disarming bombs.
  • Cigano suffers from PTSD that he has counseling sessions to resolve.
  • Cigano spends his shore leaves on planets with remote regions, allowing him to enjoy 'living off the land'. His favorite hobby is camping


Stardate Pips Rank Notes
112069.65 2410 SF M-4 SVC.png Midshipmen First Class Assigned to the Agamemnon for training and exams
112551.93 2410 SF O-1.png Ensign (O-1) Graduated and ordered to stay with the Agamemnon for border patrol
113200.05 2410 SF O-2.png Lieutenant (jg) (O-2) Promotion while serving on the Agamemnon, continuing his tour of border patrol


Stardate Medal Reason
112686.0 Distinguished Cadet Medal For his actions while still a midshipman in volunteering to help in a potentially fatal action to charge and prepare explosive devices - and furthermore providing fresh insights and suggestions to help improve designs. Conferred upon the recommendation of Captain T. Danek.
112685.96 Letter of Commendation For their assistance in construction of the explosive devices that destroyed the asteroid and for their part in determining the final solution to end the asteroid threat.
SF Unit Excellence Ribbon For the excellence in the Agamemon's
113675.31 Letter of Commendation For stepping in to assist Lieutenant Adrinon in the difficult birthing of the Jem'Hadar soldier and being willing to act rather than worry over doing something imperfect.


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