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Zefram Cochrane
Rank: Ensign Bearer
Responsibilities: Archwizard
Starfleet Org Wizard
Romulan Star Empire Org Wizard
Gender: Spivak
Affiliation: OOC Game Administration

Zefram Cochrane is named in honor of Zefram Cochrane, the inventor of faster-than-light travel on Earth in the Star Trek universe. He helped found Where No One Has Gone Before in 1998 along with Todd James, and assumed the role of Archwizard. In addition to being Archwizard, he presently serves as the Org Wizard for Starfleet and the suborg wizard for the Bajoran Defense Force.

Or in the words of the old WNO Starfleet website:

What the fuck is wrong with the fucking autoshuttles now, for fuck's sake?
He founded Where No One Has Gone Before Trek MOO. He invented warp drive. He thinks it's perfectly all right if you wish to say the word "fuck."
Cochrane says, "Pantomime buttfucking."
All hail Cochrane! W00t! Fuck!
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