Coffee and Cocoa (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
28 Jan 2014

Lokoi is walking out of the coffee shop, a take-away drink in her hand, a serenly content look in her black eyes. She notes the young Orion woman, and bows her head and smiles in a polite and casual acknowledgment.

Muireann walks through the Promenade this fine morning, headed towards the coffee shop. As Lokoi walks out, she also smiles in return. "Hello," her voice purrs.

"Good morning," Lokoi replies, her fingers curling around her cup. "This seems to be quite the popular spot on the station." A whiff of cocoa makes its way up and her eyes all but flutter. "I can't imagine why," she adds with a chuckle.

"If I could have a caffeine hypospray to inject it directly, I would," Muireann jokes. She leans gently against the door casually. "Are you new to the station? A visitor, perhaps? I don't recall seeing you around."

Lokoi shakes her head, then pauses. "Actually, visitor is a good term. I'm in Starfleet, but I just got my assignment an hour ago. And naturally, I decided it was more important to come to the coffee house before seeing the quartermaster." She sighs, looking a little more downcast. "I won't be assigned here, though. I wonder if my captain would mind bringing a few tons of their cocoa aboard."

"Romulan cocoa is pretty darn good, isn't it?" Muireann replies with a soft chuckle. She looks into the shop, then back to Lokoi. "Play it right and I'm sure you could bring a case or two with you to your assignment. Where are you being stationed, anyhow?"

Lokoi smiles, a twinkle in her dark eyes, a confident turn to her shoulders. "I can be very persuasive when I wish to be." She inclines her head. "I think I could convince him it's a vital medical supply. Chocolate is a powerful mood enhancer," she says. "And just one of the fleet's many vessels in need of a counselor," she says, replying in a polite yet non-committal manner.

Muireann gives a curl of her lips in reply. "Completely vital," she comments in agreement. After a moment, she continues, "So, a counselor, hmm?" Muireann voice seems to purr. "You should meet Major Ava sometime. She's the station counselor on Deep Space 9. Interesting gal she is."

"I don't know how long it will take them to come get me," Lokoi says, though it's clear at least part of her hopes it is a while, "but it would be lovely to meet a fellow counselor. She's a Bajoran officer?"

Muireann nods gently. "She is. The station has a joint crew." As if that needed explaining. "So, waiting for a ride, huh? Well, if you want, if they're not already enroute, I could perhaps give you a lift? After I've gotten some coffee in my system, that is."

Lokoi chuckles and raises her glass. "That's a very kind offer, but the fleet does love their protocol," she says. "And the longer I stay, the more of these I can drink," she adds. "I haven't studied many Bajoran psychology works, though their integration of spiritual care into practice is fascinating. I don't even think most Betazoids think much about our gods anymore."

"Protocol, now don't I believe it," Muireann says with a small giggle. "Fleet kid, myself. You'd hardly believe it by my heritage, but... eh. You know how it is. So, no fighting you on that protocol bit, especially if it means more cocoa."

Lokoi smiles broadly, the corner of her eyes crinkling. "My parents ran a frieghter for a while. Growing up on a ship is interesting, no matter what kind it is or who you are." She bites the corner of her lip. "Are you a trader?"

Muireann shrugs softly, "I suppose you could say... in a way? I'm a shop owner here on Deep Space 9. Thingamajig Miscellany in section A. It has a wide assortment of goodies of all types. On the side, I'm also studying mechanical engineering through the Daystrom Institute remotely."

Lokoi smiles brightly. "I'll have to visit before I leave! And that's quite a hobby to be pursuing. My knowledge of engineering is hitting the replicator until it works."

"Hey, don't underestimate the power of percussive maintenance. I learned THAT from a friend," Muireann replies with a laugh. "Well, I'm going to get some caffeine before I fall asleep before I have a chance to wake up. If I don't see you around before you go, have a great trip to your new assignment."

Lokoi nods, again raising her glass in understanding. "Thank you so much. Good luck in your studies and ventures, and getting a cup of their wonderful coffee. It was such a pleasure to meet you!" Her bearing and tone indicate she isn't just being polite. She gives a litte wave, then turns to go on her way. Perhaps she should see about getting something a little more official to wear...

Lokoi leaves for Promenade - Section A.

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