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Illianu Coiseos Kina
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance
Title: None, Self-Employed
Race: Angelite
Gender: Male
Spouse: Muireann Kina

Illianu Coiseos Kina resides on his ship, the BCS Kohaku, is husband of Muireann Kina, and is currently self-employed.


Illianu Coiseos was born in the capital city of Angel One. As fate would dictate, he was the youngest of five children and the only male. This lead to a good chunk of Illianu's early childhood being spent trying to stay out of his elder female siblings' way, an activity in which he enjoyed a mixed amount of success. The unlucky boy's mother served as a pilot for a small private bounty hunting group local to Angel One, an aspiration that most of his elder sisters adopted. This lead to a number of 'incidents' where 'rough housing' got a bit out of hand as the girls 'practiced' on their favorite target their little brother. There was however one dissenter in the ranks in the form of his eldest sister Aoife who wanted to try her hand as a councillor within the city government. She had a singularly outdated view on a male's place, and would often regale her younger brother with long winded speeches on the good old days and how his 'kind' should be treated. As such, Illianu spent most of his time with his father, a small soft spoken gentle man, who worked along with many of the other males as a horticulturist.

He and his father shared a close bond. The only two men in the family, they were often ostracized, with only each other for support this forged a connection greater than the standard father and son bond. His father was his rock and his shield.

There was some level of education given the young men, because skilled labor did require skill, and workers do better when they are more efficient and less prone to injury. It also didn't hurt that Galaxy Alliance law frowned upon excessive classism, which was admittedly more prevalent prior to the Borg War. So he was educated in the approved methods, which he did relatively well with by scoring standards.

Tedious assignments, back-breaking labor and supervisors were almost always dissatisfied with his results, thus went his day to day life. There was little he could do to appease the women in the work he did, particularly those women of his family. He would rarely return home with welts on his back, but the verbal assault and heavy load on the young man was almost more than anyone could bear.

All in all, he had a relatively normal upbringing for an Angelite male. While the love and care of his father kept him from slipping into a deep depression, he did became more and more fearful of women until finally he could stand it no longer. The first opportunity to leave the planet spawned an empty bed and a note with an apologetic goodbye. Straight away he made his escape, left with every intention to never look back. At the time of his departure from Angel One, he was nearly seventeen years old.

This period of wandering has only lasted two long years thus far, with the youth still trying to find his way in the galaxy, both figuratively and literally. Unable to find his place or niche, he's been traveling from planet to planet via the extensive shuttle system, looking for a home or at least some small place to make his mark. This search has lead him to Deep Space 9, a melting pot of various cultures and races unique in all known space, if simply due to its trade position.

There are still times he thinks back on his father, worrying about the one man who kept him afloat during his formidable years. But Alliance law being what it is, Illianu knew that the man would be safe from lasting harm. And maybe one day, once settled himself, he could show his father a better life.

RP Logs

Log Date Participants
A Celebration of Independence (RP Log) 23 February 2014 Coiseos, Eilonwy, Giovanni, Jiral, Kainon, Kame, LeBlanc, Muireann, Roana, Seryl, Shra'Hawk, Starr, Torin, Tracer, Trasera, Trex
Slavery's Bonds (RP Log) 23 February 2014 Coiseos, Eilonwy, Muireann, Trasera
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