Command Line (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
28 Feb 2014

"Come in."

The door leading to Office 101 slides open.

Office 101 - Executive Officer's Office [Deep Space 9]
The office of the Executive Officer, Ava Kiona, is decorated on all sides by soothing Bajoran paintings of local nature, flora and fauna. A few comfortable chairs sit around, including a classic couch for those who may want to lounge during counseling sessions. The desk itself is spartan, so as to not give a busy or chaotic appearance to those who visit, but contains a few small tokens upon it. On the desk, facing towards its usual occupant, is a picture of Ava and a lovely Trill lady, as well as a desktop terminal to access computer records.

Ava stands from her desk as the doors whisper open, smiling towards the entry.

Roian Los steps in calmly, coming to attention "Ma'am." He calls out, giving her a slight smile "I was hoping you had a few minutes to talk." He adds gently.

"Lieutenant," Ava replies to the fellow Militia member with a smile. "Please, take a seat. How can I help you?"

Relaxing, Roian smiles a little deeper to her "Captain Cross had asked if I speak to you about something. It had to do with a command certification." He replies softly "Of which I know Starfleet has one." He adds.

Ava gives a nod. "You would like command training, I assume?" she inquires. Something still relatively new for herself, as well, despite her years in service.

"Yes I would like that." A pause "Truthfully, I have my eyes on the Chief of Operations." Roian replies honestly.

"We don't technically have command certifications like Starfleet does, true," Ava replies as she takes a seat, and starts looking over the monitor a moment, looking up relevant data. "If you'd like, I can speak with Defense Force Command to see what their plans are. With the integration of BAJCOM, a unified or complementary process might be for the best, and I'm not quite sure the next step at this point." She smiles softly. "I know, I'm of no help, am I?"

Roian nods slightly "Understood ma'am." He replies gently, hmming "And your fine, ma'am." He adds with a grin "I am just a highly opportunistic person." He notes in a chuckle

Ava chuckles. "I understand. Well, you have my endorsement in either case. I'll clear up the protocol regarding the training and see what we can do to get you qualified. Sound good?"

Roian nods "Thank-you ma'am." He comes back to attention again.

"Is there anything else?" Ava asks as she gets to her feet again, clasping her hands behind her back.

"No ma'am." Roian replies calmly

Ava gives a nod. "Dismissed, Lieutenant. Have a good day."

Roian nods, thank-ful that this went well. Turning around, the Lieutenant heads out the door quietly

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