Commerce Department Moves Jobs to Bajor

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Sol - Yesterday's announcement that the Ministry of Commerce and Transportation will be relocated to Bajor has been met with mixed reactions across the Galaxy Alliance.

Although the reactions on Bajor have generally been positive, this announcement has yet failed to stop the protests against the politics of Chancellor L'vralus. Citizens of other GA member worlds reacted with skepticism, questioning the Minister Tor Landi's motives for the relocation of the commerce offices.

Several citizen groups alledge that the move is an outright attempt to move jobs and money to the Minister's homeworld to help his people through the economic downturn. Citizens for Profitable Government, a political action group based on Ferenginar, claims that this is merely the setup for an elaborate embezzlement scheme that makes use of the lucrative licensing business of the Alliance Recorder's Office, which is among the units of the ministry to be relocated.

Confronted with these allegations, the minister's spokeswoman Leeta Jatarn responds: "Minister Tor has decided to relocate parts of the Ministry because he feels that operating from Bajor would allow better reaction times to the recent economic developments. The fact that the target of the relocation is the Minister's homeworld is merely a coincidence. Let me assure you that Minister Tor acts in the interest of all citizens of the Galaxy Alliance."

The relocation plans affect the Alliance Commerce Department and the Alliance Recorder's Office. The liaison office for Starfleet Merchant & Supply Service and the Civilian Spaceflight Administration will continue to operate on Spacedock and in Paris.

(Stardate: 79312.43 - Wed Apr 25 00:57:54 2401 Alliance Standard Time)

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