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Commplants are the official replacement for commbadges and commpins in Starfleet, and have found a variety of uses throughout the Alliance and worlds outside the Galaxy Alliance. A commplant is simply a communit implanted subdermally (Under the skin) of the wearer. It is totally private in that only the wearer can hear what is being transmitted to them, however, the microphone is sensitive enough to pick up background/ambient noise in a room. ICly, commplants have come into wide use as the 'official means' of communication, much like the telephone of the 20th century. Location of a commplant varies, though the device is small enough so that it is usually planted beneath the skin near the ear, most frequently just behind it, providing easy access for the speaker and microphone implants to be placed.

A commplant is activated by the wearer through a series of voice commands. (While OOCly, you don't actually 'say' anything to get it to work, it's assumed that you have to 'say' something to get your commplant to 'dial out', even if it's a simple whisper.)

You may install a commplant by typing @cinstall. Keep in mind that people not from the Alliance, or worlds nearby, may not know about them or have them for general use.

After you @cinstall your commplant, type .help for help.

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