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Chad Hartley Connor
Character Overview
Rank: Lieutenant Commander 2410 SF O-4.png
Title: Chief Security Officer,
USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402)
Status: Active
Race: Terran
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: May 16, 2404 (42)
Place of Birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet
Border Patrol
Parents: Sean Connor
Kathleen Connor (Womack)
Siblings: Lindsey Connor
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
OOC Information
Played By: Colin O'Donoghue

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Lieutenant Commander Chad Hartley Connor is a Science-certified Security Officer in the Galaxy Alliance Starfleet, currently assigned to Border Patrol as the Chief Security Officer of the Lirpa-class Light Cruiser USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402), under Commander Zye La'Vash.



Chad Hartley Connor was born on May 16, 2404, to Sean (c. 2360), a long-standing member of the Belfast constabulary, and Kathleen Connor (born Kathleen Womack, c. 2363), a homemaker (whose Carrigaline Whiskey Pie recipe she still refuses to disclose to anyone, lest it "kill off a planet or two" due to the sheer deliciousness) in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Sean and Kathleen had lived off-world ever since the Borg invasions, and couldn't wait to return to Earth. Chad's parents were among some of the earliest survivors to be allowed to return, following the declaration of Earth's habitability in December of 2391. Being born planetside left Chad wanting to learn about life among the stars, and so he put his nose to the books and did his best to achieve highest marks in all of his classes, wanting to attend the prestigious Starfleet Academy.

Chad's younger sister, Lindsey, is his reason for living, and has been ever since she was born. He walked her to school, and helped to raise her. He even beat back the local troublemakers when they went to terrorize her. Sure, he ended up late for school, and his parents were called, but it all worked out in the end. As it turns out, the bullies were from a neighboring school, and were taking "school pride" to an extreme. The bullies didn't bother him, his sister, or anyone else for that matter, again.

While in school, he found himself drawn to the sciences, wanting to learn what made things tick. He also found himself drawn to the study of law, wanting to follow in his father's footsteps, to protect others and keep the peace. His focus on learning, and his lack of long-term social interaction early on, initially left him lacking in the social side of things, for which he compensated by throwing himself into his work (and still does, to a degree). After completing compulsory education in 2422, he passed the entry examination for Trinity College (Irish: Coláiste na Tríonóide) and began taking courses to shore up his knowledge of science and criminology; his reasoning being said degrees would better his chances of succeeding in Starfleet, his ultimate goal being making the world a safer place for his baby sister. Chad graduated, in 2426, with two Bachelor's degrees: one in Criminology, and one in Forensic Science.

After taking a few months to let his mind settle, Chad went ahead and submitted an application to Starfleet Academy, from which he later graduated, in 2430, at the rank of Ensign, with a major in Security, and a minor in Science. During his time at Starfleet Academy, Midshipman (and eventually Ensign) Connor participated in a handful of extracurricular activities designed to shore up his social skills, including the Drill Team.

Chad Connor had grown up lacking much in the way of a social life, so first contact may be icy, depending on the circumstances. Once his icy reserved exterior is cracked, and assuming one keeps his trust, one will find a life-long friend. Those interested in logical games and puzzles, as he is, will usually find a worthy adversary. Off-duty, Connor can often-times be found working at crosswords, kal'toh, and Rubik's cubes, as well as playing out mysteries in the holodeck, and handing out samples of his mother's Carrigaline Whiskey Pie.


USS Pathfinder (NCC-91890): June 2430—September 2435 2410 SF O-1.png 2410 SF O-2.png

Ensign Connor reported for his initial duty assignment, aboard USS Pathfinder (NCC-91890) on June 1, 2430; stardate 107414.50. His first contact was one Lieutenant Kevin Reynolds, Pathfinder's Executive Officer. He was then introduced to then-Ensign QivaH, Pathfinder's acting Chief of Security, and then-Lieutenant (j.g) Roslyn Davies, the ship's Chief Science Officer. He quickly found that, in spite of his 'book smarts', he was still rusty in other departments: physical combat, for example, as proven by Ensign QivaH's quick takedown of the young officer. One minute Ensign Connor was vertical, and the next he found himself taking in a nice view of Pathfinder's gymnasium's ceiling, his bell certifiably rung. After a quick trip to Sickbay, Connor left with a new acquaintance: then-Lieutenant Senka, the medical officer on duty that evening. Connor quickly found himself growing fond of the Lieutenant, insofar as friendship and trust was concerned. He found that they shared a number of common interests.

Connor's learning did not cease upon graduation from Starfleet Academy. While acting as the Tactical Duty Officer later that week, Lieutenant Senka surprised the young Ensign with a 'pop quiz' which the Ensign passed 'sufficiently' (high praise, coming from a Vulcan). Over the following six months, Connor found himself in increasing proximity to ranking officers from both Starfleet and the Bajoran Defense Force alike, most notably from the latter Colonel Rano Tal and Admiral Kainon Essa.

Promotion to Lieutenant (junior grade), in November of 2430, came and went. For the first week or so following the ceremony, Connor found himself (albeit absentmindedly) fiddling with his new rank pips, trying to make sure they were never out of place (if at all possible), a quirk that still finds a way to periodically rear its ugly head to this day.

In July of 2432, Lieutenant (jg) Connor had his first run-in with a Dominion vessel. In October of 2432, Lieutenant (jg) Connor attended a Bajoran gratitude festival, and accompanied a survey team to the planet Rakhar. During the mission, the planet's meteorological abnormalities nearly lead to a medical emergency; thankfully, some quick thinking (and luck) prevented more than a few bumps, bruises, and slight injuries to the away team. Two weeks later, Lieutenant (jg) Connor served as the pilot for a shuttle mission to Rakhar, during which he learned the intricacies of preflight communications, and the importance of clearances, among other things.

The end of 2432 saw Lieutenant (jg) Connor as part of an away team fulfilling one of Starfleet's core mandates: to seek out new life. This 'new life' came in the form of a crystalline entity at Baersal VI. January of 2433 saw the removal of a covert Starfleet listening post, held over from days long past, from the planet's surface. In March of 2435, Lieutenant (jg) Connor found himself tapped for inclusion on a team tasked with upgrading Pathfinder's sensor arrays. Unfortunately, the improvements did not see much use, due to the August 2435 destruction of Pathfinder, thankfully with no loss of life.

In February of 2435, Connor — along with the rest of Pathfinder's crew — found himself in the presence of Admiral Astor-Cross, Chief of Starfleet Medical, as well as a cadre of her underlings. Pathfinder had been tapped to provide security for the Admiral during her classified mission of mercy to Teplan Prime. The Teplan Blight, as it was known, was a deliberate attack by the Dominion following the Teplan people's refusal to accept Dominion rule. Some time following the mission, a letter of commendation was added to his service jacket.

USS Beagle (NCC-91892): September 2435—March 2436 2410 SF O-2.png 2410 SF O-3.png

September of 2435 brought with it a slew of changes for Lieutenant (jg) Connor: promotion to full Lieutenant, his first Starfleet Unit "C" Ribbon, and in October a transfer of command and crew to the newly-minted USS Beagle (NCC-91892). Lieutenant Connor continued to learn that a Starfleet officer's life was rarely, if ever, dull, with the scuttling of the captain's yacht, and Beagle's cloaking device proving useful in the attempt to track down the perpetrators of a series of attacks on Galaxy Alliance trading outposts, for which Lieutenant Connor was awarded not only the Starfleet Commendation Medal, and the Exploration Service Ribbon with a Gamma device, but a letter of commendation as well.

USS Agamemnon (NCC-92101): March 2436—September 2439 2410 SF O-3.png


Lieutenant Connor was transferred to USS Agamemnon (NCC-92101), under the command of then-Captain Teral Danek, in March of 2436. Shortly thereafter, Agamemnon found itself the target of a readiness drill, initiated by the Starfleet Inspector General. Following the conclusion of the drill, Connor (and the rest of the crew) was awarded the Starfleet Unit "E" Ribbon for their efforts.

In April of 2436, Lieutenant Connor was named Chief of Security for a six-month temporary duty assignment, during which Agamemnon made contact with a Jem'Hadar infant. Following the end of his duty assignment, in June, he found himself selected for the post of Deputy Chief of the Security division, and in September awarded a Good Conduct Medal for his years of exemplary military service. Danek's captaincy of the Agamemnon would come to an end in December of 2438, following a run-in with a Dominion Warp Fighter, while on patrol near Yanius Prime. Connor was present at the funeral of Teral Kolt, Danek's host.

January of 2439 saw Lieutenant Connor named as Acting Chief Security Officer for the USS Achilles (NCC-92150), Agamemnon's shuttlecraft, as well as participating in an away mission to solve an issue with a weather control device on Risa. Three months later, in April 2439, Connor found himself matching wits with a Chrysalian Vantha-class ship harassing a Galaxy Alliance outpost, in May providing an escort for a Dominion diplomatic endeavor, and in August participating in a classified mission.

USS Zenith (NCC-73030): September 2439—October 2440 2410 SF O-3.png

In September 2439, Lieutenant Connor was reassigned to the Pulsar-class USS Zenith (NCC-73030), and named as the ship's Chief of Security, serving under Lieutenant Commander Kilwa Taxo.

Things started off with a bang, as the saying goes. Word of a potential Dominion invasion had reached Starfleet, and Zenith (among others) had been tapped to head it off. As Zenith settled into position near the Bajoran wormhole, a fleet of Jem'Hadar ships transited into the Alpha Quadrant. Before Zenith could react, the fleet warped out of the system, toward Cardassian space. Zenith engaged the Dominion fleet, along with USS Nereus, USS Gowron, USS Equinox, Starbase Tenazra, and various other units from the Twelfth Fleet, making relatively quick work of the belligerents.

Later, on stardate 116790.97, October 16, 2439, while effecting repairs on the ship, a workbee was briefly set adrift in space, due to an explosive rupture in Zenith's EPS manifolds. Thanks to assistance from USS Equinox, the workbee was quickly recovered.

Stardate 116969.88, December 20, 2439, brought its share of ups and downs: USS Equinox reported a possible intruder, as well as system malfunctions. Over the next several hours, the intruder was apparently able to elude capture, as well as commandeer the ship. Eventually, after a short skirmish, contact with the crew was re-established, just in time for the auto-destruct sequence to begin. Zenith began evacuating Equinox's crew, rescuing several dozen officers before Equinox warped away. Before anything more could be done, an environmental systems failure occurred; Lieutenant Connor was successful in rescuing a good number of both crews, reviving them with the aid of Commander Garadan Tavin.

Several months later, assets from Zenith, Equinox, and Gowron converged on Ferenginar after receiving a request for assistance regarding a potential Jem'Hadar attack. During the mission, Lieutenant Connor, and several other tactically-trained officers provided overwatch as Captain Taxo attempted to make contact with the Vorta, Waran. Jem'Hadar soldiers promptly appeared, instigating a massive firefight with the Starfleet officers, and the then-arriving Ferengi Militia. Lieutenant Connor directed his men to provide cover fire, while Lieutenant Danek effected a rescue of Captain Taxo. As the battle began to wind down, the Vorta was killed, and the Jem'Hadar escaped after tossing out a grenade, temporarily downing several Starfleet officers in the process.

USS Zenith and Gowron were tasked with assisting the Ferengi Militia in clearing out a small Dominion invasion force. After arriving at the Sacred Marketplace, on stardate 117326.59, April 29, 2440, the combined security forces of Gowron, Equinox, and Zenith, along with command from Zenith, proceeded to meet with the Vorta Waran. The 'parlay' was merely a means to an end, in which Waran and his Jem'Hadar proceeded to ambush the Starfleet forces, injuring several officers, including Connor himself. After a lengthy stay in Sickbay, Lieutenant Connor returned to duty.

On stardate 117441.15, June 10, 2440, Zenith engaged two Dominion contacts (DMV Ty'Nitn, and DMV Vy'Inon) approaching Ferenginar. Gowron entered the fray minutes later, staying long enough to fire off a volley of torpedoes before warping out. Vy'Inon took the majority of damage on the Dominion side, with Ty'Nitn holding back and taking shots. Before warping out with Ty'Nitn, Vy'Inon was able to beam something to the planet's surface.

Zenith's second encounter with the Dominion occurred on stardate 117489.62, June 27, 2440, during a patrol near Ferenginar. A Dominion battlecruiser, DMV Br'Oker, was attempting to flee from the planet. Zenith gave chase; Gowron and Equinox were called in as backup, although Gowron opted to remain in orbit of Ferenginar on the chance that the battlecruiser was attempting to bait defensive assets away from the planet. Contact with the Dominion vessel was briefly lost, but the pursuit resumed in short order. Upon re-engaging Br'Oker, with assistance from Equinox, Zenith detected the launch of three warp fighters — Ky'Oker, Vy'Onun, Zy'Samx — as well as their attempting to flee in the direction of the Valo system, before engaging Zenith as a distraction for Br'Oker's retreat. USS T'Rukhemai then announced that it had been engaged by Br'Oker, resulting in Equinox and Zenith dashing off to assist. After a short fight, the Dominion vessels withdrew to Beeraxi (Dominion) space. Before returning to Ferenginar, Zenith effected repairs at Spacedock.

September of 2440 heralded a welcome respite from ground-based combat: a patrol between Bajor and Stebben, during which no hostile activity occurred. Multiple Dominion and Starfleet contacts were present near the Stebben Observation Point, but nothing appeared to be happening at the time.

While out on patrol in the Trill system, Zenith joined Equinox in responding to a distress call. Gowron had been engaged by five battlecruisers and associated fightercraft attempting an attack on the nearby Emerald Station. A high-speed pass by Zenith baited the fighters away from their target, allowing Equinox and Zenith to combat them more effectively. At the end of the battle, Zenith attempted to raise Gowron for a status report, only to find her dead in the water. To ensure Gowron would not fall into enemy hands, the self-destruct was (successfully) triggered, with all hands evacuating safely. Zenith came away from the battle with moderate damage, necessitating a brief stay at Starbase Tenazra.

USS Nereus (NCC-74926): October 2440—November 2441 2410 SF O-3.png2410 SF O-4.png


On stardate 117801.11, October 19, 2440, while awaiting repairs to Zenith, orders came down from on high: transfer to a new ship, USS Nereus (NCC-74926), a Prometheus-class Tactical Cruiser. Unfortunately, the proverbial paint was barely dry on the orders when the ship was forced to head into drydock, following a lengthy battle against Dominion forces (stardate 117882.74, November 2440). Nereus' impulse drive, sensors, weapons, comunications, transporter arrays, tractor beam generators, and cloaking device would need to be replaced. The fusion generators, as well, crashed shortly after Nereus settled into drydock. Repairs were completed on stardate 117925.1, December 4, 2440, and Nereus left drydock for a 'milk run' to assess system readiness on. All tests returned positive, and thus Nereus returned to duty.

Nereus again left dock, on stardate 118164.92, March 1, 2441, to respond to multiple Dominion contacts heading for Uldron Supply Depot. As Nereus closed on Uldron, the Dominion fleet changed course for Trill. Nereus was taken out of commission by the Dominion forces, but not without a good fight, and the crew made for Starbase Tenazra aboard the shuttle USS Lost. A firefight with the Jem'Hadar ensued aboard Tenazra, and Connor's part came to a quick end following a phaser blast to the chest.

Nereus' next big adventure came on stardate 118318.49, April 26, 2441, when the crew was ordered to conduct reconnaissance on the planet Alkaid, in the Eta Ursae Majoris system. By the end of the week, Nereus' crew had discovered a Jem'Hadar cloning facility, complete with fresh weapons, ketracel white, and other supplies necessary for the task. Unfortunately, the crew's observation of the base did not go unnoticed, and thus they made a tactical retreat back to Nereus.

Later, on stardate 118642 (August 2441), Nereus, and numerous other Starfleet vessels and installations, received a communique from the Vorta Yelran, aboard the DMV R'Dem (VX-5245), in range of Starbase Chandali. A short conversation ensued, in which the Vorta demanded (supposedly at the behest of the Founders) the withdrawal of forces from Trill, Ferengal, Brethrax, and various other other planets, as well as Starfleet's being barred access to the Bajoran wormhole. Following the conversation's end, a fleet of 150 Dominion vessels was detected en route to the Trill system. Nereus met with the fleet and dispatched a handful of ships, linking up with the then-mobilized Galaxy Alliance fleet and entering into combat.

The Dominion fleet was slowly-but-surely routed away from the planets, but not before being able to launch a number of warheads at each. Several Starfleet vessels detected transporter activity mixed in with the fleet, but could not be certain. After returning to Starbase Tenazra for repairs, Nereus received word that the station had been boarded. Connor played part in an away team tasked with recovering the station from potential Dominion control, or at least preventing its fall into enemy hands, rigging areas of the station with thermal charges keyed to station command's authorization codes. As the year rolled on, another pip was added to Connor's collar, marking him as a Lieutenant Commander, in September 2441. Later in the month, Nereus' command and crew were transferred to the Lirpa-class Light Cruiser USS T'Paal (NCC-73403).

USS T'Paal (NCC-73403): November 2441—April 2444 2410 SF O-4.png

T'Paal's shakedown cruise occurred on stardate 118856.9 (November 9, 2441): a quick 'milk run' to get a feel for the ship turned into a weapons effectiveness test. The ship's guns would later receive another test when T'Paal was called on to retire a derelict ship taking up docking space at Starbase 925.

On stardate 119017.82 (January 7, 2442), T'Paal observed, during routine surveillance maneuvers, a Dominion vessel crashing into one of the moons of the Klaestron system. A subsequent away mission revealed that the ship was largely intact, and carrying precious cargo.

Stardate 119169.06 (March 3, 2442) saw T'Paal shadowing a Dominion scout ship near Starbase 621. A systems malfunction mid-flight, as the ship flew past Stebben, resulted in a shutdown of ship systems, followed by a warp plasma dump as the ship coasted into a nearby nebula. The mix of nebula gas and warp plasma created an intense radiation burst; lethal, but not immediately so. Ship command gave the order to abandon ship, and take refuge on the nearby planet of Theta Draconis V.

Over the next month, the T'Paal away team battled local wildlife, reunited with old friends, witnessed a struggle for power, and eventually returned to the ship.

USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402): April 2444—Present 2410 SF O-4.png

Lieutenant Commander Chad Connor found himself transferred, along with Commander Taxo, Lieutenant Commanders Adrinon, Danek, Mathews, Lieutenant M'ku, and Petty Officer First Class D'Ahr, to NCC-73402 (USS SHIKAHR), T'Paal's sister ship, in mid-April 2444 (stardate 121301.76); Connor retained his billet of Chief Security Officer. Shortly after his transfer, Commander Connor was presented with a case involving an unexplained radiation leak in one of the ship's dorsal nacelles. A sensor malfunction soon turned up shortly after the investigation concluded, and was quickly corrected, allowing ShiKahr to return to its regular patrol route.

While on patrol on stardate 121532.26 (July 13, 2444), Starbase 621 hailed ShiKahr over subspace, reporting a Dominion incursion. ShiKahr proceeded to Starbase 621, and ordered the Dominion ship to vacate the premises; after several further attempts at communication, the Dominion ship proceeded to fire on ShiKahr, causing severe damage. ShiKahr retreated to Uldron Supply Depot, linking up with the Merchant Supply Service vessel 'Grace Hopper'. Grace Hopper assisted ShiKahr into dock at Utopia Planitia, where further repairs were swiftly undertaken. After repairs were completed, ShiKahr returned to Starbase 621 and began rendering assistance.

On stardate 122007.75 (January 3, 2445), a call by Admiral Freehaven rerouted ShiKahr to investigate possible disturbances in the Helaspont nebula, particularly near Orellius IX. A sweep by ShiKahr revealed a derelict Dominion battlecruiser. Some time later, ShiKahr discovered the likely source of the disturbance: a Jem'Hadar military facility. While participating in an away mission to the facility, Commander Connor's EVA suit malfunctioned, quickly depriving him of oxygen and rendering him clinically dead. Thankfully, the away team's quick work to return him to ShiKahr, and the ship's medical staff's skill, resulted in his prompt resuscitation.

One month later, on stardate 122089.52 (February 2, 2445), ShiKahr gave chase when a Dominion vessel attempted to make off with one of NCC-90604 (USS MORVOK)'s auxiliary craft, and a call for assistance was broadcast. The craft was recovered, a short time later, with minimal damage on Starfleet's side. Following an exhaustive security sweep while docked at Starbase 621, ShiKahr returned to normal duty stations.

The beginning of March (stardate 122173.84) brought with it a new series of challenges during patrol: a sizeable Dominion-Tzenkethi occupation force near Trill, and various other planets in the area, as well as a complete failure of the ship's cloak. The cause of the cloak failure was later traced to a single Tribble having nibbled into the ship's wiring, and died from the resulting discharge. The tribble's boarding was traced to an attempted smuggling by a member of the ship's enlisted engineers.

As March ended (stardate 122237.0), ShiKahr intercepted an unspecified emergency request from Drazel Station. Arriving on scene, nothing appeared to be amiss. Contact was established with the station, eventually revealing that an illness had broken out; all cargo in and out of the depot was suspended pending the lifting of medical quarantine. The quarantine was lifted on stardate 122367.2 (May 14), following the revelation of an inhibitor of some kind affecting Drazel's inhabitants at the cellular level. The device was eventually traced to a member of the station's engineering staff, whose actions were intended to force Starfleet to reconsider their use of Drazel station as a waypoint in their military efforts, and to seek peaceful means of conducting relations with the Dominion.

Shortly following return to normal operations, on stardate 122634.4 (August 2445), ShiKahr was contacted by Commander Reid at Spacedock. Reports had come in regarding the intercept of enemy communications traffic near the Beerax system; ShiKahr was dispatched to investigate. Upon arrival to the area indicated, ShiKahr observed a Dominion battlecruiser apparently engaged in a search, later determined to be targeted at a cloaked vessel, USS Achilles. Shortly after the Dominion cruiser entered the Helaspont Nebula, USS Achilles was detected leaving the area, cloaking immediately upon departing the nebula, and heading for Alkaid.

ShiKahr gave chase, under cloak as well, making sure to stay on its side of the border. ShiKahr tracked Achilles to Alkaid, where the crew observed Achilles conducting a hit-and-run orbital bombardment campaign, before returning to the Helaspont Nebula. USS Mor'vok arrived shortly thereafter, allowing ShiKahr to investigate exactly what Achilles was doing in the nebula. Several days later, ShiKahr exited the nebula, without any further information regarding Achilles, and returned to Starbase 621 for refuel and resupply, before returning to its regular patrol. ShiKahr happened upon a lone Dominion freighter without an escort; Achilles promptly appeared and destroyed the freighter, disappearing into the nebula again before ShiKahr could react.

The Achilles was finally captured, and its crew detained, on stardate 123146.01 (February 2446). Following a search of Achilles' navigational database for clues as to what the crew had been up to, USS jorwI', ShiKahr's shuttlecraft, was dispatched to a set of coordinates noted in the database. Upon arrival, the away team discovered the CCV Benthic CIC-43210, a Longbow-class heavy cruiser. The cruiser was, for all intents and purposes, dead in the water; no signs of power or life were detected. The heavy cruiser was moved under her own power to Utopia Planetia for observation.

While on maneuvers near the Helaspont Nebula, on stardate 123209.25 (March 2446), ShiKahr captured a runabout inside the Helaspont Nebula. The runabout, transponder ID 'CCV Sloazshi CIC-73704', was suspected of involvement in the events surrounding the operations of the USS Achilles, and the attacjs against Dominion targets; the belief was that the runabout was attempting to refuel the Benthic. Unfortunately, before her crew could be detained, the Sloazshi suffered an explosive breach resulting from its deuterium cargo. After a short refuel and resupply, ShiKahr thus returned to her regular patrol route.

Personnel Jacket

Service Record

Stardate Rank Entry RP Log
124697.84 (SEP 2447) 2410 SF O-4.png Awarded twenty-first Combat Action Ribbon for
Engaging the enemy forces in tandem with other Alliance assets near Solosos.
123190.31 (MAR 2446) Awarded second Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon, as part of crew of USS SHIKAHR (NCC-73402) for
Their part in the capture of the stolen NCC-92150 (USS ACHILLES). After entering Dominion held territory in order to shadow an enemy freighter which was likely to be the target of the stollen USS Achilles, USS ShiKahr and USS Mor'vok were successful in engaging with and capturing USS Achilles in a coordinated operation, the captured warship and her crew ultimately being towed back to the nearest Alliance starbase.
123189.76 (MAR 2446) Awarded twentieth Combat Action Ribbon for
Engaging the forces of the Dominion, defending the Galaxy Alliance against the invaders.
122726.86 (SEP 2445) Awarded Defense Meritorious Service Medal for
His successful efforts in the investigation of the sabotage of Drazel Station's #2_idf generator. Lieutenant Commander Connor's work in leading the criminal investigation at Drazel Station was directly responsible for the apprehension of the Bolian engineer Eanos Morcolo, self-confessed saboteur of the IDF generator. Commander Connor's arrest of Morcolo has prevented the suspect from carrying out further attacks on Drazel or other critical trade ports, attacks which Morcolo has admitted to planning.
122188.52 (MAR 2445) Awarded second Purple Heart for
Injuries taken due to a faulty EVA suit while exploring an enemy base in a hostile environment on Stardate 122044. The life support systems of the EVA suit failed, resulting in the asphyxiation of Lieutenant Commander Connor, inflicting serious injury which was fortunately corrected by ShiKahr's medical staff.
122188.43 (MAR 2445) Awarded eighteenth, and nineteenth Combat Action Ribbons for
Engaging the forces of the Dominion, defending the Galaxy Alliance against the invaders.
121291.11 (APR 2444) Transferred with T'Paal crew to USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402), billet unchanged.
120184.44 (MAR 2443) Awarded second Nebula Star for
While the USS T'Paal was chasing down 3 Dominion fighters in the Sol Sector, LCDR Connor kept a level head and prioritized targets as the situation required.
120184.29 (MAR 2443) Awarded seventeenth Combat Action Ribbon for
Engaging the forces of the Dominion in the past 6 months, defending the Galaxy Alliance against the invaders.
119720.8 (SEP 2442) Awarded fifteenth and sixteenth Combat Action Ribbons for
Engaging the forces of the Dominion in the past 6 months, defending the Galaxy Alliance against the invaders.
118935.31 (DEC 2441) Awarded fourteenth Combat Action Ribbon for
Engaging enemy forces at Trill and on Starbase Tenazra during the Dominion takeover of that system.
118934.26 (DEC 2441) Awarded second Joint Service Medal of Achievement for
Leading efforts by the security teams of the Nereus, Lieutenant Connor was able to help stem the Jem'Hadar attack and prevent them gaining access to the Turbolift shaft which would have resulted in potential lost of the station command structures.
118859.59 (NOV 2441) Conducted shakedown cruise of USS T'Paal (NCC-73403). (1) Percival's First Adventure
(2) The Haunted Star
118740.94 (SEPT 2441) Transferred with Nereus command and crew to USS T'Paal (NCC-73403).
118708.11 (SEPT 2441) Awarded twelfth and thirteenth Combat Action Ribbons for
Engaging enemy forces at Temecklia during the Dominion takeover of that system, and actions at Alkaid.
118707.86 (SEPT 2441) Awarded Meritorious Service Medal for
His discovery of an usable substance in a native plant, which assisted efforts and meant the away team was able to overcome an obstacle with greater safety than would otherwise have been possible.
118707.35 (SEPT 2441) Promoted to LIEUTENANT COMMANDER (O-4).
118193.61 (MAR 2441) 2410 SF O-3.png Awarded Golden Starburst for
After evacuating from the crippled USS Nereus and arriving at Starbase Tenazra, Lieutenant Connor immediately assisted in defense of the Starbase from a Jem'Hadar raiding party.
118193.59 (MAR 2441) Awarded first Nebula Star for
During the Dominion strike on Starbase Tenazra, Lieutenant Connor's actions permitted the USS Nereus to intercept and engage the Dominion fighters, drawing them away from Tenazra. This medal is awarded based on the recommendation of CDR K. Taxo.
118193.23 (MAR 2441) Awarded eleventh Combat Action Ribbon for
Engaging Dominion forces in the Trillius system in defense of the planet Trill.
118193.21 (MAR 2441) Awarded tenth Combat Action Ribbon for
Engaging Dominion forces while on patrol near the Trillius system.
118193.19 (MAR 2441) Awarded ninth Combat Action Ribbon for
Engaging Dominion forces near the Kobliad system in defense of the evacuation of the Kobliad people.
117801.11 (OCT 2440) Transferred with USS Zenith command and crew to USS Nereus (NCC-74926).
117703.11 (SEP 2440) Awarded second Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry for
In battle against a Dominion Battlecruiser and three Dominion Fighters, Lieutenant Connor's tactical skills permitted the USS Zenith, alongside the USS Gowron and USS Equinox, to destroy or force the Dominion forces into retreat with only minor damage to his ship.
117703.09 (SEP 2440) Awarded first Joint Service Medal of Achievement for
Demonstrating outstanding tactical ability in both ground and space action in the defense of Ferenginar by Dominion attacks.
117700.87 (SEP 2440) Awarded Purple Heart for
Injuries taken while in defense of the Ferengi people on their homeworld during a ground-based incursion by Dominion forces.
117700.72 (SEP 2440) Awarded eighth Combat Action Ribbon for
Engaging Dominion ground forces on the planet Ferenginar, and aiding in the liberation of Ferengi assets in Upper Bowog Bay.
117700.70 (SEP 2440) Awarded seventh Combat Action Ribbon for
Engaging multiple Dominion fighters in defense of Ferenginar.
117700.70 (SEP 2440) Awarded sixth Combat Action Ribbon for
Engaging multiple Dominion fighters in defense of Ferenginar.
117700.56 (SEP 2440) Awarded fifth Combat Action Ribbon for
Engaging Dominion ground forces on the planet Ferenginar, ultimately assisting Ferengi militia in halting of the enemy advance towards the Sacred Marketplace.
117424.74 (JUN 2440) Awarded fourth Combat Action Ribbon for
Engaging with a Tzenkethi marauder attacking Uldron, which was destroyed, and later engagement with a Dominion Battlecruiser seeking to exploit the distraction caused by the freighter Fraid Knot's boarding parties on USS Zenith.
117198.29 (MAR 2440) Awarded third Combat Action Ribbon for
Halting the Dominion invasion of Trill, and engaging with the enemy to attempt to defend Stebben from occupation.
117198.06 (MAR 2440) Awarded Bronze Star for
Following the loss of atmosphere and medical crisis for most of the crew, the quick actions of Lieutenant Connor in acting to revive the crew avoided a total loss of both crews. His quick thinking under extreme pressure typify the professionalism and skills that Starfleet seeks in its officers.
117196.69 (MAR 2440) Awarded second Combat Action Ribbon for
Engaging the Dominion in combat following the destruction of the Yanius Prime colony.
117196.69 (MAR 2440) Awarded second Medal of Valor for
[His] efforts aboard USS Zenith during the Battle for Trill where, despite the small size of the ship, the Zenith performed far beyond expectations and delivered devastating damage against the opposing forces. Furthermore, the Zenith continued the battle despite severe damage and only withdrew after further combat became impossible.
117196.69 (MAR 2440) Awarded first Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry for
Exceptional service and heroism resulting in the rescue of hundreds of colonists' lives by USS Agamemnon, and USS Gowron, from the surface of Yanius Prime, while under continued threat of attack by Dominion forces, and in the most adverse of conditions. Their efforts on the ground in support of this saved the maximum possible number of lives from the tragic events.
116735.83 (SEP 2439) Transferred to USS Zenith (NCC-73030) and appointed Chief Security Officer.
116699.31 (SEP 2439) Awarded first Medal of Valor for
Distinguishing [himself] by outstanding noncombat meritorious achievement or service to the Alliance. During a non-combat engagement, [he] provided vital support from an overwatch position to auxiliary craft, to include plotting a safe route during a dangerous and uncommonly difficult exploration mission for the eventual return of all hands aboard the auxiliary craft, on or about Stardate 116590.7.
116699.21 (SEP 2439) Awarded first Combat Action Ribbon for
Actions against a hostile force in Galaxy Alliance space.
116699.09 (SEP 2439) Awarded Chancellor's Unit Citation as part of crew of NCC-92101 (USS AGAMEMNON) for
Classified actions undertaken by order of Starfleet Intelligence which resulted in the recovery and retrieval of technology associated with and was installed on the USS Pegasus. This prototype device has the potential of greatly impacting the advantage leveraged by the Galaxy Alliance.
116627.77 (AUG 2439) Awarded third Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon, as part of crew of NCC-92101 (USS AGAMEMNON) for
Meeting and exceeding the needs of readiness within Starfleet service, as witnessed by the inspection completed on Stardate 116493.
116591.61 (AUG 2439) ***CLASSIFIED*** The Pegasus
116033.86 (JAN 2439) Assigned as Acting Chief Security Officer for NCC-92150 (USS ACHILLES).
115680.13 (SEPT 2438) Awarded Good Conduct Medal for
Exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity in active Alliance Military service.
115455.85 (JUN 2438) Named Deputy Chief Security Officer of NCC-92101 (USS AGAMEMNON).
113269.68 (APR 2436) Assigned six-month TDY as Chief Security Officer. Meeting the New Boss
113225.09 (MAR 2436) Awarded second Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon, as part of crew of NCC-92101 (USS AGAMEMNON), for
Meeting and exceeding the needs of readiness within Starfleet service, as witnessed by the inspection completed on Stardate 113109.
113217.00 (MAR 2436) Transferred to NCC-92101 (USS AGAMEMNON), then-CAPT T. DANEK commanding.
113201.66 (MAR 2436) Awarded second Letter of Commendation for
[His] actions in pursuit of the unknown vessel or vessels during the attacks on several civilian trade outposts.
113201.24 (MAR 2436) Awarded Starfleet Commendation Medal for
His actions during the loss of NCC-91890 (USS PATHFINDER), in assisting fellow crew in the evacuation of NCC-91890 and subsequent aid in rescue of said crew.
113200.00 (MAR 2436) Awarded Exploration Service Ribbon for
Honorable and faithful service for at least four years on an Exploration-based assignment.
112789.94 (OCT 2435) Transferred with Pathfinder command and crew to NCC-91892 (USS BEAGLE).
112691.75 (SEPT 2435) Promoted to LIEUTENANT (O-3).
112686.04 (SEPT 2435) 2410 SF O-2.png Awarded Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon as part of crew of NCC-91890 (USS PATHFINDER):
"All personnel aboard NCC-91890 (USS PATHFINDER) during the Teplan mission are hereby recognized by RADM Astor-Cross for their efforts in the mission as well as their keeping NCC-87821 (USS PASTEUR) safe when facing a Dominion Battlecruiser."
(1) Blighted Briefing
(2) Cast the First Stone
(3) For One of the Least of These
(4) For the Sake of the Few
112685.82 (SEPT 2435) Awarded first Letter of Commendation: "During the mission to Teplan Prime, [he] handled [himself] with great professionalism and calmness in a caustic environment at risk of life and injury. Further, [he] enabled the limited success of the overall mission."
110684.50 (SEPT 2433) Awarded Milky Way Exploration Ribbon, with Gamma device, for
Serving aboard an Exploration vessel in the Gamma Quadrant.
109820.25 (OCT 2432) Awarded first Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon, as part of crew of NCC-91890 (USS PATHFINDER) for
Excellence in the line of duty, performing cohesively, providing relief, and finding a solution to the natural disaster on the planet Rakhar in the Gamma Quadrant.
(1) In Need of Noah's Ark
(2) Hence the Word ... Sabotage
109157.87 (FEB 2432) Awarded Space Medal.
109157.83 (FEB 2432) Promoted to LIEUTENANT (JUNIOR GRADE) (O-2).
107414.50 (JUN 2430) 2410 SF O-1.png Commissioned as ENSIGN (O-1). Assigned to NCC-91890 (USS PATHFINDER), CAPT S'VAR commanding. First Day On the Job
107414.50 (JUN 2430) Graduated from Starfleet Academy.
106414.50 (JUN 2429) 2410 SF M-4 SVC.png Promoted to MIDSHIPMAN FIRST CLASS (M-4).
105416.10 (JUN 2428) 2410 SF M-3 SVC.png Promoted to MIDSHIPMAN SECOND CLASS (M-3).
104414.50 (JUN 2427) 2410 SF M-2 SVC.png Promoted to MIDSHIPMAN THIRD CLASS (M-2). Major declared: Security, Science secondary.
103414.50 (JUN 2426) 2410 SF M-1 SVC.png Accepted to Starfleet Academy, rank of MIDSHIPMAN FOURTH CLASS (M-1). Assigned to ∑ (Sigma) company.

Miscellaneous Events

Stardate Rank Entry RP Log
117348.61 (MAY 2440) 2410 SF O-3.png Cleared to return to duty.
117326.03 (APR 2440) Injured by grenade blast, and phaser fire, by Jem'Hadar, during joint Zenith-Equinox-Gowron mission on Ferenginar.
116411.06 (MAY 2439) Escorted Dominion vessel (DMV Br'Egul VX-6918) to Earth, for diplomatic talks, at the request of Starfleet Command.
116328.90 (APR 2439) Engaged Chrysalian Vantha-class vessel (CCV Agonia CIC-90235) in orbit of Drazel Station.
116033.86 (JAN 2439) Assigned to away mission on Risa. Risan Weather Control, Pt 1/Pt 2
115963.65 (DEC 2438) Attended funeral of former Captain. The Funeral of Teral Kolt
115816.51 (OCT 2438) Involved in encounter with Dominion Warp Fighter while on patrol near Yanius Prime.
113595.72 (AUG 2436) Made contact with a Jem'Hadar infant. It's A Baby!
113531.90 (JUL 2436) Accompanied shuttle to retrieve new crewman.
113450.27 (JUN 2436) Routine patrol of Galaxy Alliance space ending in stop at Risa.
113204.86 (MAR 2436) Participated in readiness drill initiated by Starfleet Inspector General. (1) It Begins
(2) Under the Microscope
112971.98 (DEC 2435) Assisted with testing NCC-91892 (USS BEAGLE)'s cloaking device in the field; attempted to track down individuals responsible for assaulting numerous Galaxy Alliance trading outposts. (1) Booming Business
(2) Serapis, or Not
112908.81 (NOV 2435) Observed scuttling of USS Sojourner, NCC-91890 (USS PATHFINDER) shuttlecraft and captain's yacht. Shakedowns and Sendoffs
112666.08 (AUG 2435) 2410 SF O-2.png NCC-91890 (USS PATHFINDER) destroyed, no loss of life.
112222.07 (MAR 2435) Served on team upgrading NCC-91890 (USS PATHFINDER)'s sensor arrays. Improving Our Vision
110032.23 (JAN 2433) Assisted in removal of communications grid from Baersal VI. Without a Trace
109999.32 (DEC 2432) Encountered crystalline entity on Baersal VI. To Seek Out New Life
109770.07 (OCT 2432) Attended Bajoran Gratitude Festival. Bajoran Gratitude Festival
109511.02 (JUL 2432) Involved in confrontation with Dominion vessel. Sacrificial Lamb
109493.61 (JUN 2432) Participated in away mission aboard NX-72481 (USS MAJESTIC).
108800.00 (OCT 2431) 2410 SF O-1.png Participated in recovery of NCC-90213 (USS LAIBOK).
107423.21 (JUN 2430) Injured during training session. Placed on restricted duty for 48 hours. Life's Ups and Downs


Bronze-star.png Medal of Valor (x2) Nebula Star (x2)
Golden-starburst.png Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry (x2) Purple Heart (x2) Defense-meritorious-service-medal.png
Meritorious-service-medal.png Space-medal.png Joint Service Medal of Achievement (x2) Starfleet-commendation-medal.png
Combat Action Ribbon (x21) Chancellor-unit-citation.png Starfleet-unit-commendation-ribbon-2x.png Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon (x3)
Good-conduct-medal.png Milky-way-exploration-ribbon-g.png Exploration-service-ribbon.png Border-patrol-service-ribbon.png




3 Logs compiled within IC year 2430.

Log Date Participants
First Day on the Job 25 January 2015 Connor, Davies, QivaH, Reynolds
Life's Ups and Downs 26 January 2015 Connor, QivaH, Senka
Mistakes Like That Cost Lives 27 January 2015 Connor, Senka


1 Log compiled within IC year 2431.

Log Date Participants
In Search of a Cure 15 May 2015 Connor, Astor-Cross, Carey, R'sta, Senka, Seryl, Tavin, Tavrok, Temple, Vozzexu


8 Logs compiled within IC year 2432.

Log Date Participants
Culture at 3:00 AM 04 June 2015 Connor, Senka
Sacrificial Lamb 22 June 2015 Connor, Davies, Kainon, Rano, Senka, Temple
In Need of Noah's Ark 03 July 2015 Connor, Mathews, S'var, Temple, Davies, R'sta, Senka
Hence the Word ... Sabotage 05 July 2015 Connor, Li, R'sta, Reid, S'var, Senka, Sharis, York
Bajoran Gratitude Festival 07 July 2015 Connor, Kadn, Kai Lishan, Kame-Tiik, Li, M'rus, Prudome, R'sta, Rano, S'var, Sharis, T'Awidat, Temple
I'm A Doctor, Not a Police Officer 16 July 2015 Connor, Senka
Lakeside Staff Meeting 18 July 2015 Connor, Davies, Dihon, Senka
To Seek Out New Life 21 July 2015 Connor, Kadn, R'sta, Senka, Temple


1 Log compiled within IC year 2433.

Log Date Participants
Without a Trace 23 July 2015 Connor, Senka, Kadn


2 Logs compiled within IC year 2434.

Log Date Participants
Lovebirds in Sickbay 16 October 2015 Connor, Covell, Kilolin, Senka, Seryl
Risky Treatments 8 November 2015 Connor, Senka, Temple, Vaore, Morntin Jaskar


16 Logs compiled within IC year 2435.

Log Date Participants
Blighted Briefing 28 November 2015 Connor, Astor-Cross, Davies, Mathews, Rase, T.Xanathos, Kadn, R'sta, Senka, Temple
Improving Our Vision 3 December 2015 Connor, Kadn, Sarata, Senka
Diplomacy in Order 4 December 2015 Connor, Astor-Cross, Davies, Senka
Cast the First Stone 4 December 2015 Connor, Davies, Maguire, R'sta, Sarata, Seryl, Torin, Covell, Kilolin, Mathews, Rase, Senka, Temple
For One of the Least of These 11 December 2015 Connor, Covell, Davies, Saylur, Senka, Seryl, Temple, Various NPCs
What To Do With the Truth 15 December 2015 Connor, Covell, Davies, Saylur, Senka, Seryl, Temple
For the Sake of the Few 19 December 2015 Connor, Covell, Davies, Senka, Seryl, Torin, Various NPCs
Limping Home 30 December 2015 Connor, Kadn, Seryl, Temple, Torin, Rey (NPC)
Going Back to School 5 January 2016 Connor, Senka
Just a Social Call 6 January 2016 Connor, Senka, T'Kela
When Simple Requests Get Awkward 7 January 2016 Connor, Covell, Kilolin, La'Vash, Senka, Seryl, Tehc (NPC), Torin, Vallar
Getting to Know You 12 January 2016 Connor, Covell, Raven, Sarata, Senka, Sharis, Torin, Velocs
Shakedowns and Sendoffs 14 January 2016 Connor, Covell, Davies, Kadn, Mathews, Raven, Saylur, Senka, Seryl, Sharis, Temple
Booming Business 18 January 2016 Connor, Davies, Senka, Sharis, Temple, Velocs
Serapis, or Not 19 January 2016 Connor, Senka, Vallar, T'Kela
Faulty Consoles and Inappropriate Ensigns 20 January 2016 Connor, Kadn, Raven, Senka


5 Logs compiled within IC year 2436.

Log Date Participants
Involving the Admiral 21 January 2016 Connor, Kainon, Senka, Sharis, Spiere, T'Kela
It Begins 29 January 2016 Connor, Cei, Davies, Senka
Under the Microscope 1 February 2016 Connor, Cei, Raven, Senka, Sharis, Temple, Torin, Inspectors (NPC)
Meeting the New Boss 6 February 2016 Connor, Cigano
It's A Baby! 25 February 2016 Connor, Adrinon, Di'Benedetto, Vallar, Cigano, D'Ahr, La'Vash


1 Log compiled within IC year 2438.


5 Logs compiled within IC year 2439.

Log Date Participants
Risan Weather Control, Pt 1 24 July 2016 Connor, D'Ahr, Jazgan, La'Vash
Risan Weather Control, Pt 2 25 July 2016 Connor, D'Ahr, Jazgan, La'Vash
The Pegasus 26 August 2016 Connor, D'Ahr, Jazgan, La'Vash, Vallar, Walters
A Slug, a Snake, and a Decoy 27 August 2016 Connor, Kadn, Raven, Senka
Kicked Out 19 September 2016 Connor, Adrinon, Danek, Jev, Li, Soleymaini


2 Logs compiled within IC year 2441.

Log Date Participants
Percival's First Adventure 11 January 2017 Connor, Jazgan, M'ku, Mathews
The Haunted Star 11 January 2017 Connor, D'Ahr, Jazgan, M'ku, Mathews, Reid


9 Logs compiled within IC year 2442.

Log Date Participants
Dixxy Down, Part 1, 2, 3 22-23 January 2017 Connor, D'Ahr, Danek, Jazgan, Jilana (NPC), M'ku, Mathews, Taxo
Worse Than a Console 28 January 2017 Connor, Adrinon, Jazgan, M'ku, Taxo
Survival in a Freezer 31 January 2017 Connor, Adrinon, D'Ahr, Danek, Jazgan, M'ku, Mathews, Taxo
The Great Freezer Hunt 31 January 2017 Connor, Adrinon, Danek, Jazgan, M'ku, Mathews, Taxo
Sharing Freezer Space 2 February 2017 Connor, Adrinon, Danek, Jazgan, M'ku, Mathews, Taxo, Jem'Hadar NPCs
Finding Power in the Freezer 5 February 2017 Connor, Adrinon, D'Ahr, Danek, Jazgan, M'ku, Mathews, Taxo
Starving 5 February 2017 Connor, Adrinon, Taxo, Tug'Anan (NPC)


1 Log compiled within IC year 2445.

Log Date Participants
Is This Thing Loaded? 30 July 2017 Connor, Jazgan, Jev, La'Vash
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