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Roleplay environments such as Where No One Has Gone Before beleive in a community effort when it comes to participating in tinyplots (public and private). It takes more than one to enjoy this type of game, and so we encourage RP ideas from everyone and anyone.

However, when it comes down to it, each character created on this game is the product of hard work and creativity from the player at the keyboard, and we feel that because of this, each player should have ultimate destiny over his or her character. This means that unless the player wishes it, the chracter will not die (Read Character Flags for the list of exceptions, under PK_OK).

Consensual roleplay is defined as an open communicative enviroment in which players roleplay their characters and engage in actions which may adversely affect their characters, such as being subjected to the coded hand-to-hand combat system.

We do have space combat, but all players involved will be either 'saved' or will find an escape pod and survive. If consent is given, that player will die in the ship that is destroyed.

It is our intent to vest full character authority to the player who plays that character. We do not beleive that anyone else has the right to dictate any action in an OOC fashion.

If, at any time, you or another player has questions regarding this policy, we urge you to page a staff member or @send a mail to *Admin.

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