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Lukas Dean Corso
Lukas corso.jpg
 ! Affiliation: Starfleet (Border Patrol)
Rank: Lieutenant 2410 SF O-3.png
Callsign: Undetermined
Title: Operations Officer
Department: Operations
Assignment: USS Laibok (NCC-90213)
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Portrayed by: Torrance Coombs

Lukas Corso is a Terran Operations Officer aboard Starbase Deep Space 9 in the Bajoran Sector.



Lukas Dean Corso was born on 14 February, 2399 on Bajor to Federation refugees, Nikon and Pontius. Having escaped Sector 001 during the Borg Invasion, the two refugees sought landfall on Bajor's Hedrikspool Province, settling down in the small forest town known as Besvith Hawn. Lukas' early years on Bajor were kind and fruitful, as his father was an accomplished woodworker and his mother was an experienced farmer. Though his parents attempted to have more children, Lukas would remain an only child.

His teenage years paved the way for an interest in woodworking, machining and girls. Pontius Corso's woodworking business blossomed within the province and he later opened up his own workshop, making handmade furniture, boats and fixing farming equipment. Apart from working with his father in his workshop, Lukas also began building model gliders, finding a quiet joy and peace in working with his hands. He later attempted to make life-size versions of his gliders, his attempts at flight resulting in several broken bones over the course of his teenage years.

His interests took a serious turn, however, one day when he was fifteen. He was visiting his mother at lunch one day and walked with her past the farm she'd been working at. He'd spied a Trill woman in a black uniform bearing a dark blue slash of color across the shoulders and two metallic circles on her collar, close to her neck. Nikon Corso told her son that the woman was a scientist, that she'd come to their town to ask for their help in testing a new fertilizer she'd developed. Infatuated, the boy asked his mother where the woman had come from and why she was dressed so strangely. Lukas was confused when his mother simply told him, "Starfleet."

Through no small amount of work, studying and weathering the winds of uncertainty, Lukas successfully enrolled in Starfleet after his third attempt at the entrance exam. He'd been as surprised as his primary school teachers. The truth of the matter was that Lukas was faster on his feet than he was with thought. He was a natural athlete and had exceptional reflexes; in terms of raw intellect, he was above-average, but only just.

Lukas relocated to Earth for four years at Starfleet Academy. He spent this time with his nose in a book or recorded lessons playing on his PADD while he climbed a rock wall or jogged around campus. He was able to keep his marks sufficiently high with the aid of tutors and extra credit assignments. Thankfully, he found the piloting simulations and physical exercises to be fairly simple, even doing some tutoring himself in his last year. During his third year at Academy, he was co-captain of the Starfleet wrestling team and even visited Andoria during an Alliance-wide tournament. Sadly, his team lost to the group from Qo'noS. Lukas was especially crushed and wound up in the infirmary for three weeks as a result.

After healing and doubling up on his studies(as he and the wrestling team had amicably parted ways), Corso managed to scrape by with decent marks and was awarded his commission with a focus in Operations. While he received no academic honors, it was noted in his personal file that he was "a truly gifted pilot, not too quick on the uptake, but he makes sharp turns."

Personal History

Starfleet Service Record

- Stardate 76120.56: Born at Horvyn-Malk medical center on Bajor. (Note: Nikon Corso was pregnant with Lukas during the journey away from Sector 001. She went into labor three weeks after they landed and got settled.)

- Stardate 82328.76: Bajor secedes from the Galaxy Alliance. As the Corso family are considered refugees, they are allowed sanctuary on Bajor without official citizenship.

- Stardate 97331.17: Joins Starfleet Academy at the age of 21.

- Stardate 100836.18: Assigned to the USS Becquerel for his cadet cruise. During the cruise, Lukas worked and studied Shuttlecraft propulsion systems and was on the repair and maintenance team for the shuttles. On numerous occasions, Lukas piloted shuttlecraft for Starfleet personnel and for repair work going on outside the ship.

- Stardate 101249.67: Graduates with his commission, rank Ensign.

- Stardate 101388.37: Assigned to Starbase Deep Space 9 under Captain Cross as an Operations Officer. He is also given the opportunity to cross-train with Engineering.

- Stardate 102274.16: Lt. JG Maguire goes on personal leave. Temporarily, Ensign Corso assumes the role of acting dockmaster.

- Stardate 102733.86: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

- Stardate 104179.98: Promoted to Lieutenant.

- Stardate 105944.43: Reassigned to USS Laibok (NCC-90213), ending his four-year stint aboard Deep Space Nine.

Roleplay Logs

Log Date Participants
Mnhei'sahe (RP Log) 14 June 2014 Corso, Senka
Knocking Dust Off the Boots (RP Log) 30 November 2014 Corso, Rayner, Danek, Tobyn
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