Counterinsurgency Force Arrested and Wiped Out

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ch'Rihan (INW) - Earlier this evening, a large group of Romulan terrorists were arrested for plotting the destruction of the Marine bunkers on Narsenda VII, housing the third largest number of Romulan Starfleet Marines in the quadrant. Terrorists had nothing to say as to why they would bomb Marines of their own race, except this commentary:

*Audio of an angry Romulan* Starfleet took our homes! They took our families! They will pay, Romulan or not!

Local Romulan authorities captured the entire group after spotting the first few members gathering in a farmhouse on the planet. Police surveillance began shortly after, and an opportune moment when 48 of the 50 members were all gathered in the same place at the same time. No lives were lost by Romulan local police, however four of the terrorists were killed in the ensuing gunfight which ended within ten minutes.

In other news, a small market crash on Qo'noS and Cardassia Prime have fueled price wars by locals to get rid of merchandise quickly. Some say that this is a move by Ferengi merchants to cause unrest in the economy and force consumers to buy more goods from them, a move some political analysts call 'Alarming and akin to civil unrest'. Other far-fetched plots include a Cardassian/Borg cooperation to usurp the Alliance chair, though these plots are mere speculation.

(Stardate: 51298.68 - April 18, 2373 Alliance Standard Time)

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