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D'Ahr, Son of Kakz
Character Overview
Rank: 2410 SF E-6.png
Petty Officer 1st Class
Title: A-Gang Chief
U.S.S. ShiKahr (NCC-73402)
Status: Alive
Race: Klingon
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: 2418
Place of Birth: Qo'nos
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet Border Patrol
Parents: Kakz (Father)
OOC Information
Played By:

Petty Officer First Class D'Ahr is an enlisted member of Starfleet currently serving aboard USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402).


D'Ahr, son of Kakz, was born in the Ketha lowlands in the year 2418 on Qo'nos to a common family, and the second child of two. His older sister of three years, Lodt, a disappointment to their father who only wanted warrior sons, left their childhood home at an early age. Though siblings, D'Ahr has not seen or heard from his sister since he was six. Their mother Nu'Vr never fully forgave their father for this, but her resentment was always kept at home where it belonged.

Multiple generations of D'Ahr's family have served as warriors in the Klingon Empire and now the Galaxy Alliance, something D'Ahr himself has been raised to do since he was an infant. A proud heritage Kakz and his brothers were taught and swore to pass on to their children. D'Ahr is bright and certainly capable of being an officer, but his family is of the old traditions, and serve as warriors, first into battle, fighting on the front lines.

It was clear at a young age that D'Ahr could fight, his greatest asset was his punch, capable of knocking his opponent to the ground and out in a single strike. He did not fully rely on that alone though and practiced with bladed weapons, becoming quite proficient with the Bat'leth and Mek'leth. He also studied Mok'bara, the Klingon martial arts, and while skilled still has a lot to learn.

At twelve years of age D'Ahr left his family home to seek out work, by Klingon standards he was far too old to still live off his parents. His ultimate goal was to enlist in Starfleet, but they would not accept him until he had reached a certain age. So, in the meantime he sought what work he could and ended up aboard a freighter. His first tasks aboard ship were gruelling and often disgusting by Terran standards, but D'Ahr would never openly complain, it was not his way, nor the way of a Klingon warrior. His Captain didn't take much notice of him until D'Ahr and another shipmate had an argument in the mess. The argument didn't last long when D'Ahr took down his opponent in one hit to the chest. The other klingon flew backwards several meters, falling unconscious as his head hit the deck. From that point on, D'Ahr's tasks were far more pleasing, his Captain even training him himself on various ship's duties, but it wasn't until he was assigned to engineering duties that he discovered he had a knack for mechanical things.

Never formally trained, and only picking up what he could from the Chief Engineer, D'Ahr found he liked to tinker with mechanical things. There was one trip from Qo'nos to Khitomer when the warp engines failed and the Chief was at a loss of what to do and suggested the ship land so they could take a closer look. The Captain didn't like this idea as the only planet nearby was Rura Penthe, the penal colony. Not wanting to let his Captain down, D'Ahr was convinced he could get the engines restarted and proposed his solution. The Chief didn't like D'Ahr's plan but had to agree it might work, so they tried it, and work it did.

D'Ahr continued to serve aboard the ship for a few more years until it was time to enlist. After an extensive background check, D'Ahr was inducted into Starfleet as a Crewman Recruit, and given his first assignment.


Silver-star-2x.png Legion-of-merit.png
Bronze-star.png Legion-of-honor.png Citation-for-conspicuous-gallantry.png
Purple-heart-3x.png Meritorious-service-medal.png Space-medal.png
Joint-service-medal-of-achievement.png Starfleet-achievement-medal.png Combat-action-ribbon-17x.png
Chancellor-unit-citation.png Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon.png Good-conduct-medal.png
Row 1 Silver Star (x2) Legion of Merit
Row 2 Bronze Star (x3) Legion of Honor Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry
Row 3 Purple Heart (x3) Meritorious Service Medal Space Medal
Row 4 Joint Service Medal of Achievement Starfleet Achievement Medal Combat Action Ribbon (x17)
Row 5 Chancellor's Unit Citation Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon Good Conduct Medal
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