DEVELOPING: More Details on Possible Bajor-Cardassia Treaty

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JALANDA CITY, BAJOR (INW) - The Office of the First Minister has announced that a tentative Trade Agreement has been verbally approved between Democratic Republic of Bajor and the Cardassian Union. This historic treaty is the first free trade agreement between these two nations, considering their long and war-torn relationships with each other. The announcement was met with jubilation on Cardassia Prime, however, the Party Leadership within the National Legislature of the DRB, a Vote of Confidence has been scheduled in emergency session for tomorrow morning.

The released terms of the Trade Agreement include free trade for all Bajoran and Cardassian-flagged vessels in either territory. Tariffs have been waived, but import taxes remain the same. Cardassia offered to allow Bajoran merchants to trade at a steep discount of a .05% tax, the lowest in the Quadrant, within their territory for up to five years before introducing a higher and standard tax of 2.7%, giving Bajor a chance to develop the new market with less impact.

In return, the DRB will provide incentive to all Bajoran companies doing business with Cardassia an income tax break for all transactions in Cardassian space. Cardassian businesses in the Bajoran market will also receive a similar incentive, however, the Union will continue to tax their own citizens at normal levels. Analysts believe this might force Cardassians to relocate their businesses to Bajor to cut their overhead below market cost.

The full details of the treaty are still under negotiation, but the Chief of Staff to the First Minister released these details as agreed-upon and ready for signing. Once the talks are complete, the signing will take place on Cardassia Prime, where the First Minister and her entourage will be given a hero's welcome and celebration.

Several Bajoran legislature members are saying that celebration is grossly premature. Eka Tala Brianna, KB, representing Relliketh, made a statement on the local news services: "The First Minister should be more sensitive to the history of our people in dealing with the Cardassians. I have many friends who are no longer with us, who gave everything toward throwing off our Cardassian overseers, and to agree to any treaty of benefit to them sullies their memories."

According to many local news agencies, other provinces and cities are hosting protests against the treaty later tonight. Candlelight vigils for the Bajoran Resistance will be held throughout the week, and outside the First Minister's residence.

INW will continue to update this story as it develops.

Tue Apr 19 07:51:54 2439 Alliance Standard Time

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