DS9 Closes Holosuites

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Date: Tue Jun 19 18:23:17 2012 PDT
IC Date: Sat Jun 28 07:19:42 2414
Stardate: 91489.3

BAJOR (INW) - Patrons at Morn's Bar are up in arms about the recent closure of the only two Holosuites on the station. The Holosuites have been sealed off by station officials, but no word has been released on why or when they will be put back into service.

Patrons of Morn's talk about strange events that happened several nights ago that could be behind the mysterious closure.

"Well, at first we thought someone was playing music through the station intercom. It wasn't bad if you like old fashioned Terran music," Kitsy Kay, a personal escort and Morn's regular, explained to INW.

"All of a sudden, there's Starfleet Officers rushing through and then a bit later, a big explosion from the Holosuite Corridor," Kay added.

Morn's isn't the only one experiencing a loss of business, however. "Oh, yeah. I got all kinds of customers and they like the holosuites, you know," Kay says. "I'm not happy about it one bit. It's costing me hard earned credits."

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