DS9 to be Overhauled by Starfleet; Six Month Deadline

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Spacedock (INW) - A Starfleet Public Affairs spokesperson has confirmed to INW that Starbase Deep Space 9 will be undergoing a full systems overhaul in the next six months. This comes after a massive computer failure aboard the station that left all three cores non-functional for a period of time. The overhaul is said to include all tactical, defensive, and most of the internal sub-systems.

Rear Admiral Kenneth R. tr'Sahehn, the sitting Chief of the Corps of Engineers, has been dispatched on behalf of Starfleet Command to oversee the project personally. He promised to "ensure that the Bajoran sector has every available resource needed to complete its mission of force protection against any threats coming through the Wormhole." He is accompanied by a team of 2,800 theoretical and practical engineers to complete the overhaul within the time allotted.

Starbase Deep Space 9 was constructed in the Nor-class design as an homage to the original Terok Nor, however, its internal organization is that of a modern Starfleet facility. DS9 was handed over to the Democratic Republic of Bajor as a military facility following their secession from the Galaxy Alliance. As part of the Treaty obligations, Starfleet is responsible for maintenance and upgrades to the base. They recently completed a docking facility overhaul in the last two years.

A written statement from the office of the Deputy Chief of the Bajoran Defense Force for the Navy, Admiral Eka Ruao Sarjanna, said, "We greatly appreciate the efforts of our comrades within Starfleet toward bolstering the defense of the Bajoran system against any future attacks. This action further solidifies that special relationship that Bajor has always had with the Galaxy Alliance."

Fri Oct 1 13:46:12 2438 Alliance Standard Time

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