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Orryn Danek
Orryn Danek.jpg
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
2410 SF O-4.png
Title: Helm/Operations Officer
Race: Joined Trill
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Border Patrol)

Danek is a Trill symbiont who was first implanted over 150 years ago. Its current host, Orryn, serves as a Starfleet Helms and Operations Officer.




The Danek symbiont has, thanks to its hosts, gained a strong sense of duty and - thanks to the scientific nature of its hosts - a determined attitude, at times to the exclusion of all else. The scientists also gave him a respect for life, so he would kill only as a last resort, or if the situation warranted it.


First Host: Varnel (25 Years As Host)

A young man when first joined, he was a member of the Trill Science Academy, lecturing in biology, especially in xeno-biology. He left at the age of 45 to a dig on a small barren planet in a nearby system to dig on an archaeological site. While unearthing some unidentified bones, the small habitat sphere was breached and he suffered severe damage before he could get to safety. He lived long enough for his symbiont to be passed on to a promising young geologist on the dig.

Second Host: Melissa (43 Years As Host)

A lady of 19, this was her first dig. She was there to help identify any rocks and strata and to make sure their were no geological problems. She retreated from public life for half a year to sort out the symbiont, as she wasn't prepared. After returning to normal life she went to a small colony to work on examining it for expansion. It was here she met the governor of the province, and after a short courtship, was married to him at the age of 21. She then settled down as colony geologist for the rest of her days, dying at the age of 62

Third Host: Kalik (19 Years As Host)

Born on Trill, this adventurous youth was tamed by the introduction of a symbiont at 19. His parents, both engineers with Starfleet, had forced him to attend an engineering college, which he dropped out of to attend the academy. He moved to Sol shortly after his joining and quickly joined Starfleet. Kalik was given a choice between engineering and security, and after thought chose security. He served on several ships, rising to security officer on the USS Rutherford, an older cruiser. It was during a navigational error it entered the Romulan neutral zone and encountered an asteroid field. The ship was crippled, defensive and communications destroyed in the entirety. it drifted back to federation space when an unknown attacker destroyed the ship. Wounded, he managed to escape. Rescued by the USS Geiger, another ship in the task force, he died upon arrival back at Trill, when the symbiont was transferred to Teral.

Fourth Host: Teral (63.5 Years As Host)

Born on Teresa Prime, a small rural planet near the new Cardassian union. Teral Kolt spent most of his youth working on a agriculture centre on his homeworld. He repaired farm equipment and the anti-grav loaders. He moved back to Trill when the agriculture centre went broke, joining an engineering school for his secondary education. He decided that if he was going to do anything, he might as well do it well, and so he applied to the symbiont academy. He was surprised when he had to inform his parents he was accepted. And so at the age of 18 he was finally joined to Danek. Perhaps the fact he was a young host added to it, but Teral's time with the symbiont was one of peaks and troughs, driven into Starfleet in part from the sense of wanting to finish some of what Kalik had started, he struggled with authority as a young officer. An engineer of some skill, he would teach at the academy several times, striking up friendships with future admirals Jonar Isac and R'hli, but much of his early career was spent on Starbases - serving on 902 and Deep Space Nine through the Breen, Tzenkethi and Freedom Wars. As he aged, he became settled, and it was in middle age that Danek finally focused on his career, serving with the Symbiosis Commission for a year and also in central R&D. When he returned from this, a man in his late 50s and early 60s, Teral settled into roles back aboard ships. Under an old acquaintance, then Captain Riley, Teral finally moved up to be a command officer aboard the Laibok, which he would eventually take over as commanding officer - though this was short lived given the crash of the Laibok into a planet following a spatial anomaly, and possible Dominion involvement with an infiltrator. Teral went on to command the Lacrimosa and the Nereus, which he was commanding when the Dominion took down the USS Odyssey - and the day Teral became convinced war was once again coming to the Galaxy Alliance. Given command of the Agamemnon, a dreadnought of a ship, and assigned to Bajor Sector, Teral focused his remaining years on preparing his crews for the war. He forged links with opposition movements with other cultures ready to oppose, and yet, despite having planned for this war, Teral began to fear he would not live to see it. This turned out to be true when, after a Dominion Fighter rammed the Agamemnon, Teral was mortally wounded by an exploding EPS conduit. Teral's tale is in some ways a sad one, being one always of unfinished stories - a man who lost the love of his life, only to reconnect with her in friendship and to have her then die, a man whose career stopped and started so many times in his youth that he never reached as high as perhaps he may have hoped, and a man who in the end prepared his people for a war he did not have the time left to reach himself.

Fifth Host: Orryn (Current Host)

Orryn Slokar was born in the capital on Trill, the child to Merinda and Charmon Slokar, two senior civil servants in the Trill Administration. Their parents were civil servants. One great grandfather was a Starfleet officer somewhere, but in general it was a family where public service was as much an inheritance as Orryn's green eyes. Orryn would, of course, have wished for some great story of struggle in his childhood, but alas it was one of comfort and privilege - a private tutor, the best schools, a loving family. There was certainly pressure on the young Orryn, but then he had known nothing different and there was little doubt that though public service was expected, his mother would love him regardless.

In truth Orryn felt she would have liked little more than for him to rebel, but that was not Orryn's way. Not that Orryn lacked opinions, but he also knew how the world should be ordered and he liked to contribute to that rather than take something away. Certainly he couldn't abide the idea his life might not matter.

The other advantage Orryn had was that he had a younger sister, Merryn. Orryn was never impressed at their parents 'cute' naming scheme for the children with the rhyming names, but there was certainly a release in tension in having Merryn there in case he stumbled - and of course the thriving competition between the two siblings to try and out do one another's milestones.

As he grew into his late teenage years, Orryn's thoughts crystalised on how he would serve. And it was to that great grandfather he thought of, the old uniform sitting in his grandparents house. Given all that was going on in the galaxy in the 2430s, it was also not hard to see the need for people in Starfleet. So Orryn joined, packing his bags and going to the academy.

At the academy Orryn achieved premier distinctions in Stellar Cartography, Starship Operations, Navigational Systems and Command Theory, including modules on military history and tactics. Having decided early on that he wished to command his own ship and achieved unrestricted line officer status, he graduated with joint awards in Helm and Operations. He completed his Cadet cruise aboard the USS Lexington, serving as a helmsman, and later on spacedock serving as an operations officer. Part way through his period as an Ensign, he applied to the Symbiosis Commission for consideration as a candidate. It was after his promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade that he got the notification to report to Trill for consideration. He filed for leave, and was on the first shuttle home.

Of course, for Orryn this was partly done because it was expected - the first son of a prominent family, you apply to the commission. Of course it is an honour if you are picked, but it is unlikely. It was to his surprise then when he thought he was to be washed out of the program, that instead he was prepped for surgery, Teral Danek having been mortally wounded. And so it was that he stepped into the joining surgery and meeting for the first time the being that would become his bonded companion for his life, and continue his memories for lifetimes to come.

Service Record



R-o1.png Aug 01 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
R-o1.png Aug 03 - Assigned to USS Lexington as Helm Officer
Y-o1.png Nov 10 - Assigned to Spacedock as Operations Officer


Y-o2.png Feb 20 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Y-o2.png Mar 11 - Goes on leave from Starfleet to attend joined trill program at the Symbiosis Commission
Y-o2.png Sep 30 - Returns to duty on Spacedock
Y-o2.png Nov 13 - Orryn Slokar is joined to the Danek symbiont, becoming Orryn Danek
Y-o2.png Dec 20 - Assigned to USS Gowron as Operations Officer


Y-o2.png Mar 28 - Assigned as Chief Operations Officer of the USS Gowron
Y-o2.png Sep 12 - Awarded Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry as part of USS Gowron's crew
Y-o2.png Sep 12 - Awarded Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon as part of USS Gowron's crew
Y-o2.png Sep 22 - Assigned to USS Zenith as Chief Operations Officer



Y-o2.png Mar 12 - Awarded the Bronze Star for organising repair of Starbase Tenazra
Y-o2.png Mar 12 - Awarded the Medal of Valor for actions at the Battle of Trill
Y-o2.png Mar 12 - Awarded the Combat Action Ribbon as part of the USS Gowron's crew at Yanius Prime
Y-o2.png Mar 12 - Awarded the Combat Action Ribbon as part of the USS Zenith's crew at the Battle of Trill
Y-o3.png Mar 12 - Promoted to Lieutenant
Y-o3.png Jun 4 - Awarded the Combat Action Ribbon as part of the engagement of the SSB Fraid Knot
Y-o3.png Jun 4 - Awarded the Purple Heart due to wounds received defending the USS Zenith from boarding Jem'Hadar
Y-o3.png Jun 4 - Awarded the Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry for stopping seizure of the USS Zenith by boarding Jem'Hadar
Y-o3.png Sep 13 - Awarded the Purple Heart due to wounds received during the ground battle on Ferenginar
Y-o3.png Sep 13 - Awarded 4 Combat Action Ribbons for events surrounding the battle of Ferenginar
Y-o3.png Sep 13 - Awarded the Golden Starburst for actions attempting to save LCDR Taxo during the battle of Ferenginar
Y-o3.png Sep 13 - Awarded the Space Medal for successful completion of at least 2 years on a space based posting
Y-o3.png Oct 19 - Transferred to USS Nereus with USS Zenith crew


Y-o3.png Mar 12 - Awarded 3 Combat Action Ribbons for the battle of Kobliad, engagements at Stebben and at Trill
Y-o3.png Mar 12 - Awarded Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry for helping repel boarders on Tenazra
Y-o3.png Mar 12 - Awarded Silver Star for taking command of USS Zenith at Kobliad and helping destroy 3 enemy vessels
Y-o3.png Sep 16 - Awarded the Purple Heart due to wounds received during the mission to Alkaid
Y-o3.png Sep 16 - Awarded the Defense Distinguished Service Medal for capturing a Dominion ship on Alkaid
Y-o3.png Sep 28 - Transferred to USS T'Paal with USS Nereus crew
Y-o3.png Dec 8 - Awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for his plans to defend Tenazra


Y-o3.png Sep 21 - Awarded Bronze Star for overseeing efforts to rescue the crew from an ice moon.


Y-o3.png Mar 11 - Awarded the Good Conduct Medal
Y-o3.png Mar 11 - Awarded the Border Patrol Service Ribbon
Y-o4.png Mar 11 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander


Silver-star.png Bronze-star-2x.png Medal-of-valor.png Golden-starburst.png
Citation-for-conspicuous-gallantry-3x.png Purple-heart-3x.png Defense-meritorious-service-medal.png Space-medal.png
Combat-action-ribbon-15x.png Starfleet-unit-commendation-ribbon.png Good-conduct-medal.png Border-patrol-service-ribbon.png

Row 1 Defense Distinguished Service Medal
Row 2 Silver Star Bronze Star (x2) Medal of Valor Golden Starburst
Row 3 Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry (x3) Purple Heart (x3) Defense Meritorious Service Medal Space Medal
Row 4 Combat Action Ribbon (x15) Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon Good Conduct Medal Border Patrol Service Ribbon


  • Commplant/Computer Certification
  • Communications Certification
  • Navigation/Helm Certification
  • Scanner Certification
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
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