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Moira Davidson
Rank: R-o5.png
Title: Reserve Officer Pool
Race: Terran
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Border Patrol)



Moira grew up on Earth and led a relatively normal life. Well until she left to evade being assimilated by the Borg. Before she left however she was sent to live with her aunt and uncle when her parents died and she had no siblings to take care of her. When word of a Borg attack reached them Moira's aunt and uncle sent her away with a friend of theirs. Moira evaded being assimilated by the Borg only to find work on a few run down ships. She never expected what she'd find on these ships, nor did she expect what they'd do to her.

Moira quickly found work in the cargo area on a scummy looking freighter that looked like it shouldn't be allowed to fly under any circumstances. During the first few weeks most of the other crew tried to bend Moira to their will so to speak. She quickly learned to hide her looks under a mass of matty hair and raggy clothes. This worked for a while, but on a few long flights it almost didn't and that's where Moira got her skills using knives.

Finally having enough of having to constantly watch herself Moira decided to sneak away while whichever ship she was on at the time was docked at Spacedock. She wasn't mised much so no search was put up for her. She cleaned herself up and was soon becomming well known on Spacedock. She joined the Academy and has been there since. After graduation who knows which way her path will go.

Service Record

To be added.



Breen War Ribbon
Communications Certification
Freedom War Ribbon
Hand-to-Hand Certification
Medical Triage Certification
Scanner Certification
Science Certification
SFA Faculty Emeritus
Unrestricted Line Officer

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