Dealing with Repercussions (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
13 Mar 2014

Continuing from Overdue Family Reunion (RP Log)

Eilonwy looks up in alarm as she finally notices Alynn. Her brow furrows before she has a chance to reach out. The baby, alerted to her mother's changed mental state, begins to fuss some more and the Princess gently rocks the child, whispering softly to her.

The door leading to Out slides open.
Senka leaves for Promenade - Section B.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

The line finally dies down and Shintu is able to order his Bajoran latte. He walks over to the floor, glancing around before spotting Eilonwy "Ma'am." he says on approach "May I join you?"

"You may," Eilonwy quietly replies. "Although I will be visiting the office shortly." Gently calming the baby again, who is as fast asleep as she was to rouse, Eilonwy takes another careful sip of her drink. "You are lucky my husband has not found you," she softly states.

Shintu raises a brow slowly as he settles in opposite of her. "I see." He says quietly, glancing to the latte now "I take it that it has something to do with Eiajith Station?"

Eilonwy gives a simple nod. "But it is better my father handle it. He has the political ties." She doesn't go into that subject further, opting instead to take another sip of her mocha. "How are you doing?"

Shintu looks back up to Eilonwy as a frown crosses his face "Honestly?" He says calmly before sighing "I feel like I've been used by the Bajoran Government, chased by Rikon Defense Force and threatened by pirates." He picks up the latte finally and sips on it. It basically sums up the last week or so for him and his crew. "Otherwise, perfect." Which is a lie.

Eilonwy gives a soft sigh. She picked up on it. But then most anyone likely could have, empathic or not. "I'm sorry I brought it up," she comments. "I suppose shouldn't be talking security business anyhow." Her lips purse again before she takes another sip of her mocha.

Shintu gives her a soft smile "Sorry, ma'am." He replies gently, adding "And do not be sorry that you brought it up." He sighs as he lifts the latte and drinks from it again "To be honest and truthful, the weight of everything has been nawing at me." He settles the latte infront of him "It's knowing that Lord Trex is willing to use his political ties for me just is over whelming." A pause before he continues "A part of me just feels like that it's a waste on such a individual as myself." He smiles to her, shrugging slightly "I don't know." He adds before picking up the latte again.

"Father would bend over backwards for any of our employees," Eilonwy replies, softly smiling in return. "He's just that kind of man." She takes another sip of her mocha and then sets it down.

Shintu nods quietly as he sips the latte. Shintu had to admire that. It was, after all, the same qualities he had. Hovering the latte in front of him, Shintu glances into it as the steam rises slowly before looking to her. "So, I see the little one is doing well. I am a little surprised you left Kingdom of Eden so soon after the birth." He adds gently.

"Yours was an emergent issue and we couldn't get in touch with Father right away. So my consort and I came down here. Enroute, we got word of Father's trip down here, so we backed off for the moment." Eilonwy swirls the mocha in its cup briefly. "I'm still technically on medical leave, but Prince Tennan and I tend to travel together." She finally lifts it again, taking another sip.

He nods a little as he places the latte down on table gently. Silence envelopes him as he listens. She can sense from Shintu the guilt and shame regarding the situation. It is not from him feeling sorry for himself, or wanting others to feel sorry for him. Rather, the guilt hanging from him is one of allowing such a situation to occur. The shame is from others stepping in to fix what he feels is solely his problem and responsiblity. It isn't that he is wanting to die or go down as some hero, but rather doesn't want to put anyone else in harms way. He had of course already put his crew in danger. A small coy smile crosses his lips as he stands "My apologies Princess Trasera, but I should retire for the night. Please send my regards and thanks to Lord Trasera as well as to your husband for stepping in and assisting me." He picks up the still half full cup of lattee "I will swing by the office tomorrow as I have a dossier to hand in for a potential new crewman."

Eilonwy puts her hand on his arm as she senses his concerns, giving him a soft, reassuring smile. "You're welcome. Please, have a good evening," she replies gently and gives his arm a soft squeeze.

Shintu nods once more, giving her a small smile as he gently steps back "Good evening." he replies kindly before walking over to the counter and settles the cup down. In doing so, the Bolian owner glares at Shintu, mumbling "Damn Terrans and wasting perfectly good lattes." He shakes his head, grabbing the cup and places it in the sink. Shintu on the other hand shakes his head and continues out towards the door.

Eilonwy gives a nod towards Shintu then picks up her own latte, already in a to-go cup, and starts towards the door and to the office.

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