Deep Space 9 Commander Steps Down

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Date: Mon Jun 20 22:04:38 2011
IC Date: Mon Jun 30 05:27:48 2408
Stardate: 85495.95

DEEP SPACE 9 (INW) - The commanding officer of Deep Space 9, Commander Ael'Ihhuein Adamson, has unexpectedly stepped down from her post. Limited details were available; however, it was clear that Adamson made the request to step down on her own accord, and it was not a typical transfer.

The news was most surprising to members of Adamson's own crew, many of whom were speechless as they received the news early Monday morning. No reasons were given for Adamson stepping down, and there has been no word on a replacement. Bajoran liaison officer Rano Tal will be overseeing the station until a replacement commanding officer from Starfleet can be named.

Deep Space 9 has fallen victim to a string of attacks from the Bajoran terrorist organization known as the Alliance for Global Unity, commonly known as The Circle. "A change in leadership is not ideal, but I am confident in the abilities of the Bajoran and Starfleet officers to effectively enforce security despite the change," Admiral Aron Amadeus, Deputy Chief of Starfleet Security, said in response to inquiries from INW.

More details will be reported as they become available.

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