Deep Space Nine Reopens to Limited Traffic

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BAJOR(INW) - Bajoran-based Station Deep Space Nine reopened for official Starfleet traffic earlier this week, according to a statement released by the Starfleet Public Affairs Office. Deep Space Nine has been under repair for much of the last 1.5 years after suffering crippling explosions in a terrorist attack and leaving the Bajoran sector without an easily accessible trading platform and setting back the sector's economy significantly.

The Spacedock-based Starfleet Public Affairs Office stated that, "We are happy to be one step closer to reopening Deep Space Nine to general traffic and open the Bajoran Sector up to revenue streams that have been unavailable to them in the recent months."

Estimates from the Alliance High Council Defense Appropriations Committee show that repairs to the station have topped 2.5 Trillion Credits. Given the current economic crisis, the committee instructed Starfleet to merely repair the damage, leaving hundreds of proposed renovations and modifications undone. To pay for these repairs, the Council has voted to raise intermember tariffs 0.025% over the next five years. The non-partisan Conciliatory Research Service anticipates that this will hit small-to-medium sized colonies and planets like Bajor the most, and the Ministry of the Interior reports that it has received complaints from every member world.

Thu Aug 16 17:43:60 2401 Alliance Standard Time

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