Defend Yourself! Aftermath (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
21 Mar 2014
Morn's Place [Deep Space 9]
By far, the largest section of the Promenade, Morn's Place is known far and wide throughout the Alpha Quadrant as /the/ place to have a drink and relax. One can either take a seat and have a drink or a meal, or take their chances at the Dabo table. Otherwise, with a little latinum and a lot of imagination, one can venture to the second level and utilize the station's only set of holosuites (booked by the hour).
There is a staircase which leads to the upper level of the bar, while the exit on the lower level leads back out to the Promenade.

Alkris arrives from Holosuite Corridor.

Entering the bar, Senka orders the 2309. "Sir, you bought our only bottle." "2302 then, 2 glasses." He pays for them and hands you yours.

Alkris smiles and bows her head, "Thank you." She says quietly. "I appreciate what you have done today." Her softer side exposes briefly, "I will have you fighting like a true warrior yet."

"Is that merely a statement of intent or a threat," Senka asks mildly.

Alkris takes agulp of her wine, "I'll leave you to make your own decision about that." She sits on a barstool and keeps a foot on the floor as she turns toward him.

"May your blood scream," Senka toasts in Standard, taking his own barstool.

"'IwlIj jachjaj." Alkris answers as she raises her glass to him, "You are an interesting character, not many visit the replimat. The food is awful but it is still better than here."

"Agreed. Generally, I cook for myself." He sips.

Alkris nods once, "I don't have a financial foot hold yet, or a private residence." She explains again more quietly, "Those things will come with time, I know but when you are used to the security of Starfleet and custodial sentence the idea of being alone can be a little ... daunting even for a seasoned warrior." She rumbles a growl.

Senka nods. "Unless it is not at all what you desire, Alkris, I believe you should consider seeking reinstatement."

Alkris takes another gulp and raises her brows at him, "Why? So I can be shunned again, your operations officer K'mpok is my 'Uncle', I think that is the common term for our relationship."

"I do not shun you," Senka says. "And neither will others in the service. You assaulted an officer. It was an unfortunate error, but not unheard of. Far worse things have been done by officers who continue to serve, having been duly disciplined. There is no reason you cannot serve."

"I have taken employment with a company who has risked taking me on, I have a debt to repay first. From there I will make a decision." Alkris explains as she leans against the bar counter, "There will be a time."

Senka nods. "It would be an honor to serve with you," Senka replies, sipping his wine.

Alkris sniffs slightly "That will also be seen." Her brows raise as she narrows her eyes at him analytically before gulping her last mouthful.

Senka meets your gaze head on. "If you have a question or something to add, Alkris, do so."

Alkris sets aside her goblet, "I understand you are inquisitive and keen to learn culture, but be aware of what you may be getting yourself into." She states firmly but quietly enough not to be heard by another.


"Your actions convey that you are perhaps seeking a worthy mate." Alkris explains, "If that is not the case, you should let it be known now."

"To what actions do you refer?"

Alkris lets her eyes return to the goblet, "The gift, the fight, asking me to return to service." She lists the ones that were more apparent to her. "I may be Klingon, but I am well travelled."

"Each of those actions was logically motivated," Senka murmurs. "I am, in Klingon parliance, attempting to pursue a mate at present. Whether that will succeed is an open question and not wholly dependent upon myself." He finishes his wine. "I do not wish to see the skills of a valuable officer wasted, and I desire your friendship at this time."

Alkris listens and smirks, "I will show you my blade and we will fight again, Terran celebrations of the New Year cause frustration for station security so I will now vacate until it is over. Practice your skills, perhaps you will do better." She states pushing her goblet toward the server behind the bar, "Maj ram Senka." She stands and bows her head to him.

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