Democratic Republic of Bajor

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Democratic Republic of Bajor
Democratic Republic of Bajor
Official Language: Bajoran
Race(s): Bajoran
Type: Democratic Republic
Capital: Kendra, Bajor
Head of State: First Minister Lan Antos
Religious Leader: Kai Lishan Noryl
Legislative Body: Council of Ministers
Military Organization: Bajoran Defense Force
Org Wizard: Armstrong
Org Royal: Behr


Unlike the Bajoran Provisional Government in the Star Trek series, the Democratic Republic of Bajor has been forged out of a very different history from the one in the shows. In the Where No One Has Gone Before universe, the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor ended abruptly due to the Borg invasion of the Alpha Quadrant. Bajor became a major base of operations for the Galaxy Alliance. However, Bajor's protection from hardship was not ensured, and many great battles were fought on or near Bajor in the decades that were to follow, including the Battle of Terok Nor as well as the Breen Invasion of Bajor that left much of the planet ravaged.

Years later, with the threat of war and conquest subsiding, the Galaxy Alliance began to splinter due to economic hardships. All across Bajor, opposition to the rule of the Alliance spread. A bill of secession was proposed and approved by the Alliance, and Bajor stood on its own for the first time in decades; the Democratic Republic of Bajor was born.

The Democratic Republic of Bajor is led by First Minister Lan Antos, who is elected by the people to serve as the Head of Government and Head of State, and Kai Lishan Noryl, who is appointed for life by the Vedek Assembly as the religious leader of Bajor. Under their leadership, Bajor's next chapter has begun.

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