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Dene Xanathos
Rank: Aether Captain
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance (Brass Dragon Shipping & Manufacturing)
Race: Orion
Gender: Female
Spouse: Torin Xanathos
Children: Kayla Xanathos
Torin Xanathos Jr.
Irvine Xanathos III
Father: Xanathos - adopted

Dene Xanathos' is an Aether Captain for Brass Dragon Shipping & Manufacturing, and is captain of the CCV Twin Galaxies CIC-437048, a Trading vessel known for it's two massive twin cargo holds. Dene is also the current owner of the CCV Nymph CIC-75353.



Standing at just about five feet tall, Dene is sports rich skin the color of a deep grass-green in the height of a long wet summer. Flowing dark hair appears black until a stray bit of light makes it shimmer with green highlights revealing the color as the rich dark green of an ancient mossy pool. Her face has attractive, pleasant features, soft curves, and an easy smile that brings a cute little dimple. Her hair is pulled back into an impressively long tail that undulates to midway down her back, to just barely caressing the curve of her rear. An escaped lock of hair dangles between brilliantly blue eyes that capture the color of a wide open sky.

Dene's figure does not so much show off her Orion heritage as revel in it. To be buxom for an Orion is one thing, but her short stature seems to make her bust stand out even more. A slim waist offers contrast as the lines of her body settle into the curve of slim, but feminine hips. Her frame is delicate, but reveals a life spent doing 'honest work', earning her lean muscles.


Born to an Orion Trading family, Dene traveled a lot as a child. Only rarely did she set foot on her native soil. Instead, she set foot on a lot of other soils. By the age of four, home was the family's small ship and most of her life. Long trips were the norm, and the destinations varied.

One of these trips involved a visit to Bajor. Her parents left the ship to speak with their contact. Unknown to Dene, her mother and father were actually quite proficient smugglers. With their small ship's cargo capacity, high-value illegal goods turned the most credits. And, working as a family, they didn't fit the standard profile of your average smuggler.

When things went bad on Bajor, both her parents were killed. The events surrounding their death remain a mystery. The person or persons responsible were never found. The Bajoran authorities eventually found the ship.

With a cargo hold full of black-market items and a small fortune in latinum, the Bajoran authorities had once again successfully cut down on yet another illegal smuggler. The question then was what to do with a 4yr old orphan Orion girl. At her age, she was in no way complicit to the crimes. Even her parents' names weren't clear. Information on the ships computer revealed evidence of multiple identities and no real way which identity, if any, were accurate.

Soon after, Dene was adopted by a Bajoran couple who showered a great deal of love and affection on her. Devout followers of the Prophets, her parents attempted to turn their new daughter into a devotee in an effort to guide her away from the general nature associated with Orions in general. While she did her best to please her parents, blood finds its own way. Puberty was especially difficult and without another Orion to explain things to her. Issues became problems and problems became difficulties.

Most of her life was spent in seclusion, her parents deciding that limited exposure would prevent misunderstandings and problems surfacing. They tried to fill her life with worship and felt that the Prophets would 'heal' or at least suppress that side of her Orion nature. Over time, Dene managed to get some handle on her Orion nature, using what little control she had managed to suppress her pheromone production.

She never learned to truly control that aspect of her nature, only managing to suppress the pheromone production. She never had any desire to use or increase the effect; all her life it has only caused her trouble and grief.

Having lived a sheltered life, she yearned to see the stars once more. She vaguely remembered different planets, different stars, and the smell of dozens of different worlds. Years spent in 'protective seclusion' only made her itch more to explore and travel.

Secluded, her window to the world became her computer terminal. If she couldn't travel, she could read about travel. She studied ships, navigation. It became a bit of an obsession .

With a maddening case of Wanderlust at the age of 18, Dene denied her parents and left Bajor on the first ship she could find. She was tired of Bajor, the Prophets, and everything else she associated with her sheltered life. She wanted freedom, as she saw it. She found passage on a trading ship and sought to return to the life she remembered from long long ago, minus the smuggling.

Dene was officially adopted by Xanathos.


Dene currently is the captain of the CCV Twin Galaxies CIC-437048, a Type-IX Heavy Freighter known for it's massive twin cargo holds that run the bottom-length of the ship. With her new crew, Dene has taken off to explore a few more lucrative runs, and perhaps have an adventure or two along the way

Special Events

Stardate 119003.93: Hired as Aether Captain with Brass Dragon Shipping.

Stardate 119219.13: Marriage to Torin Xanathos in a small, private ceremony.

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