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Tina "Despoina" Keller
Rank: Crewman aka Peon 1st Class
Title: Hacker & Cryptokitty
Race: Deltan
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Independents, Rikon Defense Force

From as far back as she can remember, Tina "Despoina" Keller had "the knack" for computers and technology. Born January 10th 2387 on the merchant ship, CCV Death & Taxes to Jon and Sandra Keller, Tina was influenced heavily by her father's engineering career. By the age of 7, she had her first PADD and within weeks of owning it she had already taken it apart and put it back together in perfect working order.

Despite living in complete adoration of her father's technical prowess, Tina was closer to her mother than anything else while her older brother John seemed to be closer to their father. Her mother was a simple woman, who spent most of her life handling the domestic side of the marriage to Tina's father. Tina and her mother used to do a great deal together, her mother would read to her every night and encouraged every educational whim that young Tina had. When Tina was 9, her older brother had left to join the Starfleet academy and she became an only child. While her brother study engineering like his father, Tina started to move on to more complex computer systems than just her dinky little PADD.

At age 13, Tina used social engineering to bypass the shuttle system on Risa. A friendly shuttle pilot told her where she could buy a ticket scanner and she found that she could ride the shuttle around the Galaxy Alliance planets using this scanner. Social engineering because her primary method of obtaining information, including user names and passwords and PADD ID numbers.

Tina gained unauthorized access to her first computer network in 2403, at age 16, when a friend gave her the subspace frequency for a hospital network on Trill. She broke into the network and copied the research software in an attempt to learn the hashing algorithm the software used to encrypt private patient data.

Unfortunately, her limited experience in such activities led to her being caught in the act. Tina was convicted for this crime and spent 7 months in an Alliance juvenile detention center followed by 12 months of supervised release with her parents. During those 12 months, Tina was not allowed to have contact with any computing system.

During the period of and after her supervised release from juvenile prison, Tina and her family grew more and more distant by the month. Eventually at the age of 18, she decided to leave home. With nothing but a data PADD and the clothes on her back, she had decided to renounce her Galaxy Alliance citizenship and "hit the road" to try to make a life and money for herself.

To make some quick bucks so she had travel money, Tina got into the business of skimming voiceprints for ATM machines and after she had made a few thousand credits off of this she decided that it was time to make her life as a hacker a lot easier by getting a few technological implants.

She had small low powered magnets placed under her fingertips in order to have a "sixth sense" for magnetism and a cranial implant to help her brain process data received from her eyes more quickly. She had some other cosmetic things done to her with her money, such as tattoos and some piercings. Other than that she started saving it up to buy more expensive computer gear.

By 2406, when Tina was 19, she had been doing some small time hacking gigs for shady traders and the occasional government (for the right price of course). Due to the highly illegal nature of her work, Tina stopped using her legal name any where in public. By the age of 20, Tina Keller no longer existed. In her place was left Despoina; hacker, cryptographer, programmer and techno-wizard extraordinaire.

Now Despoina is in search of other work, something more fulfilling and a little less solitary.. That's when she found the company and decided to try to find herself a spot in the Rikon Defense Force.

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