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Kenor Dihon, M.D.
Starfleet Personnel File
Rank Lieutenant 2410 SF O-3.png
Played By Luke Evans
Current Assignment Medical Officer,
USS Pathfinder (NCC-91890)
Recent assignment(s): USS Nereus, USS Lacrimosa, USS Wethesa
Personal File
Birthplace Ottawa, Ontario
Father Tavudi Lesi
Father Pevn Dihon
Education Bushi University School of Medicine, Starfleet Academy
Affiliation Starfleet (Exploration Command)
Marital Status Single

Lt Kenor Dihon, M.D. is currently a Medical Officer serving aboard Starfleet ship USS Pathfinder.


Kenor Dihon grew up living with his adopted parents, Lt. Tavudi Lesi, and Dr. Pevn Dihon, in Ottawa, Canada. He was the first and second adopted of four children, due to being identical twins. Tavudi was stationed in Ottawa, after the terraforming efforts of Earth, when he met Pevn, a civilian medical doctor. Both individuals being Betazoids, they soon courted.

Kenor's older brother by three minutes, Kidol, was adopted at the same as Kenor, at the age of two years. Nothing is known of them before that, as the records were destroyed when the database crashed before their adoption. They were extremely close growing up. His younger sister Jennifer is Human, and third adopted, Kenor's younger brother Marrukin, is a Benzite.

Kenor's early childhood friend was Lesley, a little girl who was also in his neighbourhood. They started kindergarten together, and remained friends until she moved with her mother, a lawyer, to Marejaretus VI. Kenor had a pretty easy childhood until he hit high school, fairly even-tempered, easy to get along with. Being adopted, along with the rest of his siblings, had them all feeling as family. He looked out for both Jennifer, and Marrukin, wanting to protect them all.

He grew fast, both tall and outwards, but his older twin remained short and skinny, so he had to watch out for his brother for fear of him being bullied. Kenor and Kidol enjoyed a special relationship as brothers being twins. Kenor and Kidol attended Bookfield High School. Kenor stood up for his twin several times, breaking his leg at age 14, and his left arm at age 15. Kenor participated in many extra curricular activities, his favourite being swimming, but he also enjoyed football, and participated in the school choir.

His best friend growing up was Brad Atwood, who often helped defend his brother Kidol. The two remained inseparable until Brad went off to the Victoria University of Wellington in Wellington, New Zealand, to study medicine. Kenor's favourite subjects were physical education, algebra, and Japanese. When he hit puberty, his telepathic abilities started to manifest, and he had some trouble adjusting to it. He was assigned a special tutor so that he wouldn't overhear too many thoughts of his friends and fellow students. After six months, he seemed to have mastered shielding, while he learned the rest of his talents.

Kenor tries to view everything with an open mind, and an open heart. After high school, which he graduated at age 16 due to high test scores, he went off to Caldos II to attend Bushi University. There he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Medicine to follow in his father's footsteps. While at University, he found he liked the general idea of medicine, but not necessarily the everyday practice of it, but he continued on, and graduated as a licensed general practitioner. From there he went back to Earth, and moved to Anchorage, Alaska, where he worked in private security for about 2 years, after which he decided to apply to Starfleet Academy.

While in private security, he started out as a security guard, and eventually moved on as training become available to rescuing hostages, many of which were female. Although Kenor is bisexual, he sometimes looks down on woman, not for being weaker, but he feels they sometimes bite off more than they can chew, and then he has to help out. He went into private security out of university to get a feel for it, as an alternative to the medical degree he earned, to ensure that it was what he really wanted to do, and after two years decided it was right, and applied to Starfleet Academy.

While in the Academy, Kenor's favourite subjects were defence against the black arts, jiu-jitsu, and black bag operations. He focused his new efforts on a post-graduate diploma in Security Management. Before graduating, he did his six-month cadet cruise aboard the USS Tal'Kir, a heavy cruiser. There, in the security division, he reported to Security Chief Lieutenant Commander Elaine Robinson, of Graduate City, California. He had a close relationship with his commanding officer, him reminding her of her son, often spending time chatting over a cup of tea off duty, or rock climbing on the holodeck. Following the end of his cadet cruise, Kenor graduated from Starfleet Academy.

Following graduation from Starfleet Academy, Kenor was assigned to the USS Excalibur. Following he was assigned to Deep Space Nine, both times as a Security Officer. A few months later he was transferred to the USS Wethesa as a Security Officer, and as Acting Chief of Security when Lt Temple went off to command school.

On Stardate 106218.68 Dihon was promoted to full Lieutenant.

Following the return of Lt Temple, Dihon was appointed Deputy Chief of Security.

After a roster change, Dihon was promoted to Chief of Security aboard the USS Wethesa.

In 2432 following the destruction of the Wethesa, he was transferred to the USS Lacrimosa, where he was assigned to investigate an incident involving the Chief of Security.

Following the destruction of the Lacrimosa in 2432 the entire crew was transferred to the USS Nereus (NCC-74926). After a falling out with a fellow crew member, Lt Dihon requested a transfer, and it was granted. He was moved into the medical division and assigned to the USS Pathfinder (NCC-91890).

Common Knowledge

Info in this section may be known by those around him and can be utilized IC.

  • Known to enjoy swimming and English football.
  • Is known to be openly bisexual and until graduation from the Academy he had a steady boyfriend.
  • Has been both a Chief of Security, and practicing doctor.

Commanding officers

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