Dilithium found near Talar

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IC Date: Sun Jul 17 2405

TNAMADA CITY, TALAR -- A Talarian Women's Republic geological survey has discovered vast deposits of dilithium on one of the moons in orbit of Talar, according to a senior government official, speaking on condition of anonymity. The deposits are the largest such discovery in known space in over 80 years.

The official commented further, "This could be a huge boon for our economy, which is in pieces after centuries under a military dictatorship. However, Talar lacks the resources to refine or extract the dilithium at this time." The official refrained from giving further details, citing fears of an invasion into their space to seize the resources.

According to the Alliance Intelligence Agency Galactic Factbook, the Talarian government is among the poorest known multi-system warp-capable governments, second in the general area of the Galaxy Alliance only to the Kzinti in current poverty levels. Following the coup overthrowing the military government several years ago, Talar has spent what little resources it has left building up a semblance of a modern defense fleet, reportedly purchasing surplus ships from other governments such as the Gorn.

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