Dream a Little Dream of Me (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
31 Jan 2014

You knock with 'Knock, knock.'.
You knock with 'Vrillak? It's Remi, are you there?'

Remi waits paitently pacing slightly and resting her hands on her hips anxiously.

Remi furrows her brow and presses the console again.

You knock with 'I'm coming in if you don't respond again.'

Remi stops pacing and sighs bouncing on her heels.

The door leading to Quarters A202 slides open.

Quarters A202 [Deep Space 9]

Simple appointments dress these quarters, austere yet comfortable enough for a traveler's extended stay. The main room and living quarters is furnished with a sectional sofa of icy silver with a matching recliner, and a glass coffee table nestled within. To the right is a small eating alcove with table and chairs and a food replicator. In the back left corner is a work desk with a small computer terminal. To the left a door leads into the sleeping quarters where a comfortable queen-sized bed and sonic shower reside.

Vrillak is here.

The door leading to Out slides closed.

In the adjoining bedroom of the quarters, you can see Vrillak sleeping in his night clothes. He tosses in his sleep now and again.

Remi quietly enters, looking around anxiously. Seeing Vrillak she swallows softly and approaches him, her mind beginning to wonder if they had started to form some kind of telepathic link. Weaving between furniture she approaches his bed, looking over him affectionately but concerned.

Vrillak continues to sleep, his mind restful

Unsure of how to proceed Remi carefully comes to perch on the edge of the bed beside him, her body turn toward him trying to project an aura of warmth and calm. Her air of concern showing on her face her hand supporting her weight.

His eyes still closed, Vrillak says in a perfectly clear voice, "Remi, my dear. It's very dangerous to sneak up on a man when he's asleep. I almost killed you." From what you can sense of his mind, he's telling the truth. You were apparently in danger and didn't even know it.

Remi scowls at him, "Then perhaps you should have woken up when I called you." She explained pushing off her shoes and lying beside him on the edge of the bed, "I was worried about you. You were scared." She almost stutters as she looks up at the ceiling.

"My apologies, my dear. Just dreams. No cause to be worried." he smiles at you.

Her hands move from her stomach to beside her brushing the fabric beneath her, "I'm sorry, but I don't believe they were just dreams." She answers him honestly her voice filled with concern.

Vrillak says, "And what do you think they were then?"

Remi shakes her head momentarily as she thinks, she lets a soft breath push past her lips, "If it wasn't just a dream," She starts, "Then the only other option would be a memory." Her eyes fall to the side with a glance at him before returning to scrutinise the ceiling.

Vrillak smiles gently. "I hope I wouldn't be carrying any memoires, except positive ones, that would make you race in here like so, my dear."

Remi smiles faintly, she loved the way he talked about her. She felt wanted and worth something, not like how she had felt the hours before when she had heard the news her bond mate had married. "We can make new memories, I'd like that." She replies turning her head toward him and watching him carefully admiring his profile.

Vrillak stretches, and you sense him shaking off the dreams. "Hmm, it does seem I didn't rest all that well.

Remi gives the slightest of nods, "I can tell."

Sitting up, he lets his feet dangle to the floor. "Oh well. I don't remember any of it. I was probably dreaming about losing a shipment of Antaran fleece. ... Dreadful, the Antarans."

Remi continues to lay moving a hand up under her head between a pillow and the mattress, she lets his comment slide giving no response.

Standing, Vrillak stretches. "Well, since you are here, would you care for something to eat?"

Remi shakes her head gently, her mind wondering why a wool farmer or tailor would be interrogated or even have to know how to kill someone if their life was a humble as they made out to be. "I've already eaten thank you." She responds pausing a moment before carefully returning to her seated position on the edge of the bed.

Stepping out of the sleeping area, you hear Vrillak ordering a red leaf tea from his replicator. He returns and stands in the doorway, sipping it.

Remi rolls her head, letting her eyes fall back to the handsome Cardassian. Biting her lower lip before speaking, "You go against everything I know I shouldn't be doing." She says softly taking him in still sat on the side of the bed her skirt billowed around her.

Vrillak says, "Now, what do you mean by that?"

Remi lifts a hand out in front of her and extends a finger slightly as she speaks as a gesture for that she's in no way being aggressive or derogatory. "Never trust a being that you can't read." "What does that mean?"

Remi crosses her ankles, "There are things you're hiding and for some reason I don't care." Her confession teems of naivety and innocence, her eyes grow wider after she finishes.


Remi lowers her hand as she speaks with a slight shrug of her shoulders, "I'm starting to believe you may have been some kind of assassin." She says playfully knowing there might just be a tinge of truth to her words.

Vrillak laughs softly. "My dear lady, the only thing I ever had to kill was a Ramkaran sheep. It was too injured by a Vreh attack to live. So ... A sad business."

A soft smile appears across her lips and she pushes herself up, she steps up against him after a few steps being careful not to knock his tea. Vrillak hugs you. "Your worry was a kind-hearted thing, my dear. But I am fine."

Remi rests her head against his chest and closes her eyes, her hands finding their way to rest near the small of his back. She could feel the inklings of doubt creep into her mind, casting them aside with the warmth she felt. "I'm sorry for bursting in like that." She replies.

"Well it was a dangerous thing to do, but your heart and spirit are commendable." He smiles down at you, running his fingers through your hair.

Remi barely moves her head in a nod, "I realise that now, I didn't expect to have such a-" She pauses trying to think of the word she required, "A strong connection to you, with Tabora missing. My mind just thought the worst."

Vrillak says, "Tabora?"

Remi lifts her head and looks up at him leaning back a little, "Yes, Emily's assistant. She disappeared so I called for help and left her with Captain Cross." She explains.

Vrillak shakes his head, looking disconcerted. "I'll have to speak with Aelia. I don't want her worried either."

Remi nods again more solemnly, it seemed there had been much cause for concern so far in her day. "I did see Aelia when I was looking for you, though I didn't stop to talk."

Vrillak relaxes a bit.

Vrillak says, "Well, I'm glad she's ok."

Remi reaches up and kisses his cheek, her soft smile reappearing.

Vrillak says, "In any case, I did not wish to distress you. I'm sorry I did."

"It's fine," She replies dismissively, "No one was hurt, that's the important thing."

Vrillak says, "Just so, my dear. Just so"

Remi returns her head against his chests and closes her eyes, taking in the moment and trying to settle her emotions. "Do you have any plans for the morning?" She enquires thinking about her own duties.

Vrillak says, "I have several items to finish, yes my dear."

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