Dress for the Occasion (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
18 Feb 2014
Vrillak's Finest Clothiers [Deep Space 9]
The spacious interior of the shop is lit by soft, subdued lighting. Display cases containing ready-made wears run the length of the shop, creating a series of long, narrow aisles. Fitting rooms are located in the rear of the shop along with the tailor's workspace where custom items are made and alterations done. A pair of comfortable-looking chairs sit near the front counter which features a register and credit scanner. When the proprietor isn't making clothing items, he is usually to be found here, talking to potential customers and showing them samples of various materials.

Remi leaves for Promenade - Section A.
The door leading to Exit slides closed.

Vrillak is working on a garment, sewing.

Kailyn steps in as she passes another betazoid on her way in, she keeps herself to herself and begins to search through the wares that are available to her.

Vrillak turns, offering a warm smile. "Good morning. I don't recall seeing you in here before."

Pryus-Talbot looks to the Cardassian and shakes her head, "Oh, good morning, no. I think this is my first visit in this store," She replies quietly as she adjusts her bracers to fit more comfortably about her swell.

Vrillak nods, smiling. "Well then, you are most heartily welcome. I'm Vrillak, the humble proprietor of this establishment. How may I serve you, madam?"

Pryus-Talbot nods politely frowning slightly at her reason for shopping today, "I'm Kailyn, or Doctor Talbot or Pryus ... Whichever you prefer." She answers quietly with a sigh, "I'm looking for a dress, for a memorial." Her tone dampens slightly as she explains.

Vrillak listens. "Your husband. I'm very sorry about that, Doctor."

Pryus-Talbot nods again, "Me too." She swallows the lump that begins to form in her throat, "How much is you charge for a formal dress?" She makes an attempt to change the subject and her tone lifts again.

Vrillak considers that. "For a full formal dress, tailor-made. Normally those can go about 100 thousand."

"That's fine, money isn't really an issue." Kailyn's face contorts as she speaks, "I also need some maternity wear."

Vrillak Nods. An expression of sympathy is momentarily visible. "Let's work on the dress first." He begins running a portable measuring device over you. "What can you tell me about color and style that you'd prefer?"

Pryus-Talbot shrugs a little, "I don't really do dresses," She answers running her fingers through her hair and finding cat ears once again. She laughs softly as she pulls them free of her hair. "I'd prefer something loose and modest, in a dark colour." She didn't really know what she wanted, all she did know was she would need to speak.

Vrillak says, "Black?"

Pryus-Talbot nods gently.

Vrillak nods. "Hmmm. I'll look over some designs and see what I can come up with, shall I?"

"Please, I'm not good with this kind of thing. It took me long enough to pick a wedding dress." She laughs softly looking down at the ears her voice filled with regret.

Vrillak nods. "I'll let you know when I have something for you to look at," he murmurs gently.

Pryus-Talbot nods again, "Thank you, I appreciate it."

"You're quite welcome,' Vrillak says, picking up a garment and beginning to work once more.

The door leading to Exit slides open.

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