Dressed for the Occasion (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
22 Feb 2014
Vrillak's Finest Clothiers [Deep Space 9]
The spacious interior of the shop is lit by soft, subdued lighting. Display cases containing ready-made wears run the length of the shop, creating a series of long, narrow aisles. Fitting rooms are located in the rear of the shop along with the tailor's workspace where custom items are made and alterations done. A pair of comfortable-looking chairs sit near the front counter which features a register and credit scanner. When the proprietor isn't making clothing items, he is usually to be found here, talking to potential customers and showing them samples of various materials.

Vrillak is working on a dress on a work table near the back.

Pryus-Talbot steps over the threshold, hands clasped in front of her in her normal Starfleet uniform. "Good evening Vrillak." She calls quietly so not to disturb him as she approaches.

Vrillak smiles. "Ah, good evening, my dear. I'm glad you stopped in. I do have your item."

Pryus-Talbot smiles faintly, "I'm afraid it may need to be altered since your original measurements ..." Her words trail off as she speaks even her apparent lack of swell between her hands as they rest against her abdomen.

Vrillak removes a well-tailored formal dress from Duffel Bag (73649).

"Well, let's at least see." He lets the dress drop in folds, letting you have a look at it. "Let's see where we are." He hands it to you.

Vrillak hands a well-tailored formal dress to Lieutenant Pryus-Talbot.
Vrillak hands you a well-tailored formal dress.

Pryus-Talbot removes Starfleet Uniform (72115). Lieutenant Pryus-Talbot wears a well-tailored formal dress.

Draped over her upper arms and shoulders is a simple black shawl made from soft Bajoran wool. Two of the shawls edges have been threaded with a fine silken fringe before being folded diagonally and coming to rest in the crooks of her arms.
Flowing over her petite torso rests a modest sleeveless shift dress, the hemline grazing her knees and dipping towards the back as a transparent black chiffon that gradually fades to a purple tinted charcoal grey as it reaches the slightly gathered neckline. Underneath clings a black Tholian silk slip that covers her modesty and allows the chiffon to move more freely. Speckled along the neckline several inches deep are various coloured pearlescent semi-precious stones sewn neatly and finishing at her shoulders.
Tinting her legs are pristine opaque tights that shimmer against her skin. They are finished with a pair of lightly buffed black wedge ankle boots which resemble brogues. The laces are neatly tied in a bow and each detail has been painstakingly stitched and pressed to near perfection.

Pryus-Talbot carefully removes her uniform and slips the dress over her body, turning toward Vrillak so he may fasten it for her. It still hung beautifully, did he know or was it still the same measurements? She couldn't be sure. Her eyes cast over her reflection and she sighed softly, sadly. It was perfect.

Vrillak looks you over with a professional eye. "Well, do you like it?"

Pryus-Talbot nods gently, "Yes, it's lovely. He would have liked it." She stands unable to takes her eyes from her reflection, how she had changed from the graduate that first took step onto the Enterprise. Finally her eyes move to watch the Cardassian in the mirror, a hint of a smile forms on her lips. "Thank you."

Vrillak nods, smiling gratiously. "It will do then?"

Pryus-Talbot nods once more, "Yes, yes it will. Thank you." She answers quietly as she begins removing the dress from her body and passing it back to Vrillak to allow her to dress herself once more.

Pryus-Talbot removes a well-tailored formal dress.
Lieutenant Pryus-Talbot wears Starfleet Uniform (72115).

Vrillak takes the dress and folds it into a storage shape. Tapping a control stud, he activates a holographic box and sets it aside.

Vrillak says, "There we are."

Vrillak smiles. "I'm glad you like the dress, my dear."

Pryus-Talbot adjusts her hair as she fastens the last of her uniform and approaches Vrillak once more to make payment, "Thank you for your digression, you ... made something beautiful."

Vrillak smiles. "I do try." He bows.

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