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Roleplay Log
20 Feb 2014
Morn's Place [Deep Space 9]
By far, the largest section of the Promenade, Morn's Place is known far and wide throughout the Alpha Quadrant as /the/ place to have a drink and relax. One can either take a seat and have a drink or a meal, or take their chances at the Dabo table. Otherwise, with a little latinum and a lot of imagination, one can venture to the second level and utilize the station's only set of holosuites (booked by the hour).
There is a staircase which leads to the upper level of the bar, while the exit on the lower level leads back out to the Promenade.

Remi enters Morn's with Roian in tow as she moves toward the bar, "RUAIRI!" She shouts with a grin, "What did you get me?"

Roian Los, Lieutenant in the Bajoran Defense Force Militia, resident Betazoid (although it'd be hard to tell because of his unnatural blue metallic eyes), walks in with Remi. He glances around for this Ruairi she shouts for, unsure what he really looks like. A smile settles on his face none the less as he opens his mind to be receptive to those around him.

Ruairi slides a drink over to Remi. "Morn told me you'd like this one. I'm just having a straight scotch." He glances over to Roian. "Who's your friend?"

Remi gives Ruairi a hug and a kiss on the cheek as she looks over the drink. "This is Roian Los, he's my Imzadi. He is also an Engineering and Operations Lieutenant for the station." She introduces Roian with a keen smile. "And Roian this is Ruairi, the most fearsome Irish man you'll ever meet."

Ruairi offers a hand. "Ruairi Eamonn McGregor, the second, at your service."

Roian rotates his body to lean against the bartop, elbows resting on the edge. He extends a hand to Ruairi, a smile crosses his face "A pleasure meet you Ruairi and welcome to the station." He says calmly, gripping the mans hand a little firmer then normal. "So a scotch man? I would think it'd be more Jameson or Guinesss." He says with a grin, clearly knowledgable of the drinks back on earth.

Ruairi offers a shrug. "I'm probably playing stereotypes here, but I'm not picky about my alcohol. I have yet to meet a bottle I don't like." That said, he orders up a Guinness.

Remi hops onto a stool and pulls the drink toward her, "You boys play nicely you hear me?" She narrows her eyes at Ruairi slightly and leans to give Roian a gentle kiss before she picks up her glass and sips it to guess the beverage.

Ruairi grins. "It's called "Chaotica's Death Ray." What do you think?"

Roian grins at Ruairi "Well, typically I don't drink much.. Well, not since my days in the Marines." He says as he turns around and orders up two Jameson whisky shots along with two scotches; all non-Syntheholic. He slides the two shots over to him, grinning.

"..And yes, ma'am. We'll play nice." Ruairi continues.

Ruairi smirks. "Oh, is this how you want to start off our friendship, boy-o?" He takes up one of the offered shots.

Remi shakes her head gently and continues to drink, "Mmmm," She grins, "She's one bad lady." She screws up her nose and watches the two with enough distance so they can get to know each other.

"Something I learned back in earth. Best way to make good friends between Marines, Klingons and Irish men is drink with them." Roian says in a chuckle "Although, you have to be careful with Klingons. They have a tendency to lure drunks in to a very intriguing arm wrestling match." He adds as he tosses back the Jameson shot.

Ruairi tosses back his own shot. "Sounds like something my grandfather told me, once... some bet he made with a friend. Put a scorpion on his hand, give him a glass of booze, he could drink the booze and trap the scorpion in the glass before it stung him. I'd pay to see that."

Remi twitches her nose and continues to sip her drink idly.

Chuckling "Oh no.. Klingons take two D'k tahg, one on either side of the table and straps them, dagger pointed up." He says, mimicing this by using his hands "Then, you wrestle. Loser ends up with a d'k tahg in the hand" He gives the man a grin before tossing the second drink back. Roian looks at Remi, hmming "How is it?"

Ruairi knocks back his second drink. "...Water?" He shrugs his eyes, and makes a show of yawning.

Ruairi chuckles. "This has nothing on Bruichladdich whiskey. That stuff'll put you on your ass, and make you feel like you've got a subspace implosion going on inside of you.."

Remi rolls her eyes at the two of them and grins, it was good to see them getting along and it meant a lot to her. She looked at the bottom her glass and stretched, "I should get back to the shop," She says softly yawning behind her hand, "Ruairi, please don't get him too drunk ... no streaking ... or wrestling." Her hand falls on the terran's shoulder and gives it a squeeze as she slips from her stool. "And you." She looks to Roian and doesn't say a thing a loud, 'Thank you, and please don't over do it on the scotch. You might be a former marine but you can still go down like a feather.' Her brows raise and she winks to Roian removing her hand from Ruairi's shoulder. She leans toward the Betazoid and kisses him tenderly, "See you later boys."

"Aww." Roian says, glancing to Ruairi "Did you hear that, no streak racing." He says in sad tone, a half grin smile on his face. As Remi kisses him, he presses into the kiss, winking 'I Promise. Love you, take care.'

Ruairi nods. "Yeah. I heard.... a shame. We'd be depriving all of the women on the station of a great time." He grins.

Roian orders up two Bruichladdich whiskey. Looking at the whiskey, a hmm escapes his lips "I've never had this." He mutters as he slides a shot over to him "Bottoms up?"

Jiral wanders in and heads to his Papa's usual spot and before he can get in a seat, the waiter brings him a huge bowl of green colored ice cream. The lad grins and says, "Thank you, Mister," before sitting down and starts reading some stuff on his PADD.

Ruairi rolls his shoulders. "I warned you..." He says, raising his glass and knocking it back in one quick go.

Knocking back the, the Betazoid face twists at the strength of the whiskey. His eyes close and he gasps slightly "Whoa, that is damn good..." He mutters in a slur. A smirk creases his lips "I will have to remember that one." He says chuckling.

Ruairi nods. "That's a real whiskey. A man's whiskey." He grins, widely.

A slight nod is given as he chuckles "Yes.. I can see that." he says laughing just a little. He settles back on the stool, hmming "So how long have you and Remi known one another?" Roian inquires.

The door leading to Promenade slides open.
Williams arrives from Promenade - Section A.
Vrillak arrives from Promenade - Section A.

Roian and Ruairi are at the bar, drinking. It can be sensed from Roian that he is a bit tipsy.

Ruairi ponders. "I feel like I've known her my whole life. She made this outfit for me a while back. I was looking for something comfortable, but also utilitarian. I heard she's the best outfitter in this part of the cosmos, so I went to her."

Emily enters, orders her usual Romulan ale and noting the rest of the group sits at a table off to the side.

Ruairi grins to himself, starting to feel the effects of the alcohol in spite of his Irish roots. "Oh, I'd love to get her measurements, if you know what I mean.."

Vrillak orders a glass of kanar. Glancing around, he spots Emily and crosses the bar towards her. "My dear," he murmurs, offering you a bow. "May I join you?"

Emily looks up from her ale and smiles at him, "You're probably the most bearable one in this place. Please do."

"Bearable, again." You sense his amusement as he sits.

"She is a good crafter and outfitter" Roian says, looking to his bracelet on his wrist. Roian hmms, his head shaking "Well, hate to tell you but shes off the market." He tells Ruairi lightly as he orders up a water "Her and I have been dating for a while. Imzadi is like Beloved one, however it's a bit more then that..More like soulmates." He notes with a smile.

"Yes," A light blush touches her cheeks, "Bearable again."

Vrillak smiles. "Well, I can bear coming here if you can bear sharing tablespace." His tone is self-mocking and ironic. "I think I can handle it," She offers a seat.

Vrillak pulls out the chair across from Williams and sits. "I'm glad I didn't underestimate you," he says teasingly.

Los and a Human male sit at the bar, drinking together. Williams and Vrillak occupy a far off table, sitting across from one another apparently in private conversation.

Saunders greets Los, the man he met the other day.

Jiral sits at his Papa's spot and is devouring a huge bowl of ice cream...slowly to avoid brain freeze.

"Too many too underestimate me, "Emily replies with a nod as she waves to Saunders.

"Too many what, my dear," Vrillak asks, smiling slightly?

Saunders waves to Emily and Vrillak, trying to decide if it's a good idea to join them or if he should sit somewhere else because he doesn't want to interupt their conversation.

Emily looks down at her ale, "My english is going..." Her brow raises, "I meant too many do underestimate me. I'm not a nice half breed." She looks over at Los and Ruairi.

Vrillak was about to reply to Williams, but leans back when the Betazoid interrupts him.

Jiral perks his posture a bit. "Hey. I'm a... half-breed. I don't like that word. What's wrong with being a half-breed?"

Emily grins at Jiral, "Nothing's wrong with it. It's just what we are." She turns to Saunders, "I'm wrong am I?"

Roian turns back to his water, taking a quiet drink as he waits for the new friend to talk. Hearing half breed, he shifts a gaze to look to Emily, a nod being given but a brow raises just a little. You sense curiousity, but he refuses to pry.

Saunders notices Vrillak was about to speak and says "my bad."

Vrillak continues to wait.

Saunders smiles, "name one reason you think you're not "a nice half breed."

Her head tilts as she surveys Saunders, "I do horrible things to people who piss me off. But I'm not getting into it here or with you."

Saunders smiles, "nor am I, ever. I always say, "NEVER fight a woman."

Jiral just shakes his head and goes back to his reading and ice cream. "Adults are weird."

Saunders looks at Jiral and snickers, "you'll become an adult too you know, tell me you think they're weird when that happens." He smirks and focuses on Emily again.

Vrillak leans forward. "May I make an observation, Emily? I have no intention of outlining it here. but it seems to me that you're not half of anything. You're fully both things. Embrace that point of view." It's an atypical observation for the xenophobic Cardassians, but he makes it anyway. "And I'm sorry your private comment to me seems to be becoming public fodder, my dear," he adds in a lower voice for her alone, though Saunders may hear it.

Roian sighs as he steadily counts down to the moment that the woman clocks Saunders. It's possible it won't happen, but hey.. one can think it. Another quiet drink of the water is given.

Saunders hears Vrillak and says, "I can keep it quiet."

Saunders won't speak of this again.

Emily shakes her head, "No need to apologize Vrillak. And your opinion is one I've heard before but have yet to implement." She looks Saunders over, "Can you be quiet?"

Jiral keeps shaking his head and eating his ice cream. "Nope. They'll still be weird. Like you, Mister, you're kinda weird." He takes another bite and says again to Saunders. "And you talk a lot. And don't make any sense. Papa warned me of people like you."

Drawing his dagger, Vrillak pulls a sharpening device from his duffel and begins to hone the blade. He makes no other comment, focusing on honing the edge as he watches.
Vrillak draws Dagger (74166).

Saunders sighs and ignores the boy.

Vrillak smiles at Emily. "We'll cover that another time, my dear."

Telepathy (Williams [to Los]): "I am capable of controlling myself," You hear from Emily wordlessly across the bar.

"Oooh," Emily winks at Vrillak, "Sounds bearable."

Telepathy (Los [to Williams]): No weapons on the Promenade. Have him put it way before someone calls security. And do you want me to remove Saunders?

Roian swallows the last of the water. And glances to Vrillak. He looks to Williams, nodding to the dagger and mentally sends a message. His eyes lock on Saunders, a frown shifting along his face.

Saunders thinks he should see if Hannah figured out how to get out of his quarters yet.

Jiral thinks adults stink.

Vrillak continues honing the blade with the laser sharpener. The tool makes almost no noise. He smiles at Emily. "I think it may be," he murmurs a gentle reply.

...and ice cream is yummy.

Saunders ignores the boy some more. He heads towards the exit whistling.

The door leading to Promenade slides open.
Saunders leaves for Promenade - Section A.

Telepathy (Williams [to Los]): "I don't want you to do anything and if you want to tell Vrillak to put it away, go ahead."
The door leading to Promenade slides closed.

Vrillak quietly resheathes the blade.
Vrillak holsters Dagger (74166).

Roian sighs, his head shaking as he watches Saunders leave "That dumbass is going to get himself killed." He mutters with a frown. Okay, thats probably the booze talking. He sighs, standing and pats Ruairi on the shoulder "I should go. Be safe." He says with a smile.

Emily watchs Los, "Do you need an escort?" She asks.

Jiral got a bit of chocolate stuck in his teeth and starts digging with a finger nail. "I wonder if Papa knows him. He didn't seem like he's quite right." The boy shrugs, and gets back to the ice cream after clearing the chocolate from his teeth.

Roian hmms softly as he looks to Emily, then to Vrillak. He slowly shakes his head "Thank-you, Emily. But I think I can manage." He says, adjusting the unfirom just a little "I rather not distrub you and Vrillak from talking." He adds "Thank-you though for the asking."

"Distrub?"She mimicks his speech, "As you wish it."

Vrillak waves to Los, and Los would sense no more hostility or ill will related to Remi. "Be careful then," he says offhand.

Roian smiles, nodding slowly "Good day you two. Be safe." He adds before heading quietly to the exit

Vrillak looks at Emily. "Since exiting seems to be the theme at the moment, would you care to make an accompanied one?" His tone is dryly amused.

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