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Dylan Dyfed
Dyfed in 2399
Rank: Master Chief Petty Officer 2410 SF E-9.png
Title: Engineering Instructor, Starfleet Academy
Race: Half-Trill Half-Terran
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Starfleet Research & Development)

Dylan Dyfed is a Starfleet Enlisted Engineer specializing in Propulsion and Power Relay Systems. Over the course of his decades of service to Starfleet, Dyfed has had the honor of working on some of the most cutting-edge scout and sentry vessels in the fleet, including the honor of serving as Chief Engineer on five vessels/installations in lieu of a Commissioned Officer. After serving on the prototype and its subsequent ships of the line, he's one of the most knowledgeable Engineers in the field on the 'intricacies' of the now-mainstreamed Solition-based Warp Drive technology. After a short stint at Deep Space Nine as its repair leader, MCPO Dyfed requested transfer to the Corps of Engineers. There, he spent ten years working with the research teams at Utopia Planetia to refine Starfleet's newest generation of advanced warp designs. With the exception of a brief stint aboard the USS Excalibur (NCC-90003), Master Chief Dyfed has spent the majority of his career in Research & Development. He currently serves as an Instructor at Starfleet Academy.



Dylan was born in December 2366 on board the luxury liner Americus as it traveled to the resort planet Risa II. His mother was a Terran reporter at the intergalactic news network who was so accustomed to working she refused to "lie in," though did happen to be on vacation at the time. Dylan never met his father, a Trill who served as an operations officer aboard the USS Jamestown and was lost with the ship when it encountered pirates. Dylan was named after his grandfather, himself a noted historian and storyteller with a passion for ancient Earth texts. The younger Dylan's early childhood was happy and relatively normal, though his mother's job caused him to travel often. He spent the majority of his formative years on Betazed, with 6-month moves to other planets and stations throughout the galaxy. His Grandfather, Aunt and Uncle and their twin girls were constant visitors, however, so Dylan grew up with at least the feel of a big family. With a lack of consistent friends due to his transiency, Dylan spent most of his time reading or tinkering and was described as "bookish" by his classmates and family in his early years. During this time, he had a great passion for novels, his grandfather's fascination of mythology, while exploring a healthy fascination with how parts worked together and, in between books, would take apart various household electronics. Due to this, he was constantly ridiculed as a "nerd" and "geek," and while he didn't show signs of being affected by the name calling, it would influence his teenage years greatly.

Thanks in part to the passing of his grandfather and constant ridicule in school, by the time Dylan turned thirteen he had decided that he was going to be popular and upon his next move took a different approach to school. He started acting up in class, became the class clown and was constantly being disciplined. His relationship with his mother and extended family was tumultuous during this time. After a particularly egregious stunt, his mother pulled him out of school and sent him to a boarding school aboard a space station.

Though Dylan was happy to have been popular, he didn't particularly like being in trouble. Faced with a new beginning at his new school, Dylan toned down his outbreaks and spent more time studying, becoming a more well rounded student. At this school he became fairly popular in his own right with his own group of friends. He was quite intelligent, and though most subjects came to him easily, he didn't put the effort in to be a top student. Instead, he started involving himself in Student Government and many other student activities. A particularly outgoing youth, Dylan graduated from high school as Secretary of his Student Government, and with an excellent array scores on placement exams. His love of technology became fierce at this point, and he applied and was accepted to a technical university on Trill.

Dylan's freshman year at university was happy and relatively uneventful. Lucky to have friends from his boarding school who also attended, he spent his first few semesters enjoying himself (far more than focusing on his studies). For the first time in his life, he was getting very low grades and merely enjoying himself with friends. After completing his third semester in the Engineering track, news came that his mother had died in an accident covering a story on Ferasa. The young man dropped out of school in grief, taking six months to deal with her affairs and mourn before deciding that school wasn't for him. Rather than search for a job, Dylan decides to follow in his father's footsteps and enlisted in Starfleet.

Given his penchant for tinkering and the beginnings of his Engineering degree, Dylan entered the starship engineering field after boot camp. His first assignment in 2385 was as a Propulsion Specialist aboard a Defiant-class Starship in the Bajoran Defense Fleet. He acted like a sponge, soaking up the advanced technical specifications of the tiny ship's engines and working hard enough to earn him a promotion to PO3 after six months. Shortly after his promotion, the ship participates in the retaking of Brethrax, coming out heavily damaged. The ship was deemed unrecoverable, and Dylan was reassigned to an Akira-class vessel.

Dylan's natural ability to community served him well as a non-commissioned officer, and he learned quickly how to direct his small team of crewmen to projects while still digging into the fun (hard?) work himself. He continued to learn as much as he could about how starships functioned. Dylan continued to serve aboard Akira-class vessels over the course of the next four years, expanding his experience-base to include more power-distribution and systems repair knowledge as he progressed from PO3 to PO2 to PO1. The civil war was fairly inconsequential to him, he remained with loyalist Starfleet because he, like many, had trouble believing the Democratic system would fail to prevent Ritter's actions. He spent the entire war aboard an Akira serving as defense of the Betazed-sector.

By 2389, Dylan had proven himself to be a capable repair engineer. The end of the civil war shocked the young Engineer, just as it shocked trillions of others. However, as he certainly had nothing to do with any officer-level planning, he was not in danger of the investigations that explored loyalist Starfleet. Shortly after reintegration, PO1 Dyfed was reassigned to a Nova-class escort.

Dylan served meritoriously during his two years on the patrol-vessel, expanding his workload to oversee propulsion, power and computer systems teams at the coveted first shift. All through, he established himself as the type of leader who inspired others to do their work, while still ensuring he spent the time to roll up his sleeves and maintain the systems as well. He was greatly respected aboard the patrol vessel until the end of his tour, when he was reposted to an Intrepid-class vessel patrolling the Rihannsu Neutral Zone. His leadership caught the eye of the Engineering Department's CPO, who took Dylan under his wing and helped to mentor his leadership abilities even further. It was his recommendation that the young man be promoted to CPO and be reassigned, which finally occurred in 2395.

Service Record



  • Engineering Systems Certification
  • Engineering Repair Certification
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