ECONOMY NEWS: Cardassian Union reporting record lows in last 30 years

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CARDASSIA PRIME (INW) - For the first time in over thirty years, the Cardassian market closed at record lows, causing the Cardassian currency to lose strength against the Alliance Credit, falling nearly 15%. Economists on Cardassia believe that the loss of trade avenues with the Tzenkethi are primarily to blame, along with the specter of conflict with the Galactic Dominion. Commodities markets felt the influence of the money markets quickly this morning as the Dilithium market was down 6% and the Gallicite Ore futures downshifted 8%. Analysts are suggesting that Cardassia reach out to the Alliance or Bajor to establish new trade treaties to help them rebound quickly.

Mon Apr 11 04:15:18 2439 Alliance Standard Time

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