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EVA stands for Extra-Vehicular Activity. In otherwords, it's just you, a space suit, and the stars. Following is information regarding how to use an EVA suit.

wear/unwear <suit> -- These commands are used to put on or remove the EVA suit. The EVA suit takes the place of armor objects, and most EVA suits have a layer of armor, anyway.
evastat -- Use this command to get information regarding the armor and oxygen tank status of the EVA suit.
atmoscan -- This function samples the environment's air and reports on whether it's breathable or not, giving a detailed report on atmospheric content.
parachute <planet> -- Initiates atmospheric parachuting into the specified planet. Be careful... it can hurt if you hit too hard.

Controlling the EVA while it is in space is similar to ship control, but the command names are different, allowing a player to be wearing an EVA suit and operating a ship console at the same time.

chanstat -- Just like commstat.
addchan -- Just like addfreq.
remchan -- Just like remfreq.
encode <freq> <encryption code> -- Just like encrypt.
evacallsign <callsign> -- Sets the callsign transmitted with the EVA.
selchan <chan name> -- This command selects the channel over which voice transmissions are made. The selected channel cannot be removed, and all other channels are still received.
csay <message> -- This is a little different. In an EVA suit, you speak into a microphone to transmit your message. Typing 'csay <message>' is the equivalent to a PTT (push to talk) comm setup. Speaking normally with the say and " commands still work as normal.

NOTE: EVA suits are not capable of moving by themselves. To move around in space, a person needs a thruster pack (known as JetPacs, usually). Also, the oxygen tanks in an EVA suit automatically recharge when in a friendly environment. The suit automatically detects hostile/breathable atmospheres and switches to external air supply shunts accordingly. It's 24th century technology... it's smart (all EVA suits run on Linux).


JetPacs are the devices used in space by personnel in EVA suits to move around in space. They are equipped with powerful personnel thrusters that can reach extensive speeds on a small scale. Following are the commands required to utilize a JetPac unit. Jetpacs can be refueled using the recharging units located in most armories.

man/unman <jetpac> -- JetPacs are consoles with engines, basically. You man/unman them just like a console (although you must be holding it).
jetstat -- Gives info regarding the JetPac's fuel and burn time remaining. Fuel is consumed as the thruster fires.
thrust <%> -- Sets the thrust percentage of the JetPac. A typical JetPac's maximum velocity is .001 c.

OOC: Yes, .001c is an incredible speed for a JetPac... but I'm sure you don't want to be ultra-putsing in space or want to take forever to go a few hundred kilometers.

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