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Roleplay Log
26 August 2016
Morn's Place - Upper Level [Deep Space 9]
<< Yellow Alert >>
This section of the bar is more like a quiet restaurant. It is somewhat secluded from the din of the dabo tables and the rants of drunk customers. There are several tables situated with cushoned chairs around them. The atmosphere is somewhat dark and slight lighting adds an easy ambience to the section.

Late at night, and Li sits at a table near the railing. An empty mug is on the table next to a small dish of water, Baudelaire curled in her lap, and she watches the people below, something of a wistful smile on her face. People from ships recently in port, not only the Gowron, greet friends and family they've not seen in a while, catch up, and so on. The usual things people do who haven't seen each other in person in a while.

Jev enters from the promenade, looking...perturbed? No. Puzzled. He looks puzzled. He does a quick, brief, scan of the tables and occupants. Spots Li - B-lines. Grabs a glass of water on the way from a nearby table. Whose was it? Who cares? He invites himself to the counselor's table and lounges into a cushioned seat opposite her. Sets the glass down. Says nothing, but smiles at the cat.

Li idly strokes Baudelaire's head with her right hand, looking up as Jev approaches. She smiles at him--then arches her left eyebrow at his demeanor. Time to be a counselor again. "What's wrong, Dorian?" she asks gently, watching him.

Jev narrows his eyes on Tanya when he hears her demeanor turning to a professional one, "Oh no you don't - that's not what we're doing right now." He sips at his water and sets it back down on the table, gently though - doesn't want to upset the feline, "Your men..." by which of course he means human men "must be an overly sexualized sort, hmmm?"

"Just because I'm off-shift, that doesn't mean I'm off-duty," Li says with a quirk to the left side of her smile. Turning a touch more serious again, she adds, "And some, yes, but you get that in most species. Why don't you tell me what happened?

Jev sits back and sinks into his cushioned chair and shakes his head, "No...Not until you drop...this..." he motions to all of Li, but it's quite clear he's still referring to the psychoanalytic personna.

A beat, then Li exhales softly, saying, "You know I can't do that, Darian. No more than Reye could have stopped intervening in a crime, or Senka helping someone wounded, just because they were off-shift." Another beat, then, "My job is to help people, and I do it because I enjoy it. Please--let me help."

Jev glances at the door as some Gowron crew arrive, Cadet Stallroy among them, and grins. Shakes his head, still scanning the area, "I don't /need/ help. I'm just...talking." He then leans forward a bit and does look at Tanya, "You know - today I heard the whirring of a misaligned venting fan in a corridor near the promenade and I /didn't/ put on the engineering hat?"

"Are you going to tell me what's wrong, or so I sic Baudelaire on you?" retorts Li with another smile, continuing to stroke the cat's head. His eyes are closed and there's a contented feline "smile" on his muzzle; about as vicious as a light breeze.

Jev responds with a satisfied smile, "That's better!" He leans back into his seat, with his glass, and another sip. "I had a very interesting conversation. I think my reticence during the discussion was a result of puzzlement concerning the subject matter." He adjusts himself in his seat and places the glass back on the table. "I /think/ I was being called horny, essentially." He then sinks back into his seat, "Which I'm not." Then waits a beat, and looks to Li ironically for a professional opinion, "Am I?" but he could also be joking about asking that.

Li's smile widens a touch, there, then she nods to the railing and beyond. "I'm sure one of the Dabo girls can check for you," she says as she looks back to him. Turning a touch more serious, she adds, "How did this come up?"

Jev turns his gaze to follow the eyes of the counselor and spends a moment to gawk at the girls, realizes it was a trap all along and sits back in his chair forward-facing the tricky Li, "Ha ha!" He stops talking when she gets serious again and reaches for his glass, "Don't worry about it..." he responds.

"Alright," is all she says, though there's disappointment in her eyes before she looks back over the railing, to the people below.

Jev smolders for a brief moment, though it's only about as much as one might expect this kid to, and obviously not very intimidating in its execution. He decides not to pick up his glass and leans back, "Fine, I'll tell you."

Li looks back to Jev, her expression of interest and curiosity. "So what happened?" she asks as she regards him.

"Okay!" he exclaims and gets into a story-telling position, leaning forward slightly, engaged. His eyes scan the surrounds as he speaks, as someone's will when recalling and talking at the same time, "...So what must've been almost two months ago I walk into Morn's. I'd been in Deep Space Nine with the Gowron for a few weeks, but nothing's going on. I think we had /one/ patrol that first month?" looking at Li expectantly to corroborate that.

"Sounds about right," says Li after a moment's thought.

Jev nods, "Yeah...Yeah...That's what I thought." he watches a Dabo girl walk down the stairs to begin a shift, then shakes his heads and focuses again on the story, "Right! So after the patrol I come to Morn's." He snaps his fingers and points to the counselor, "It was the night after being bawled out by the XO for messing with the Admiral -" which he says trying to hide a grin. Looks back to the surrounds, "So I come in all shy-like, trying to avoid the Admiral. I see these two girls at the bar: a humand and a Bajoran, they both look like civilians." He takes a moment to confirm that in his mind and nods, deciding that was correct, and continues, "Anyway, the human girl is...." he searches for the word he wants to use carefully, "....magnetizing." Then he concedes, "So I take a couple of maybe not-so-subtle glances in that direction, but overall I quite coolly find a table and go about doing some report reading and writing on a PADD."

Li nods once, keeping her attention on him.

Jev nods back, satisfied that he's still being listened to, and continues, "Anyway, so then I hear the human woman and the Bajoran talking - you know? Something about how this place is designed, the curvature of the walls? Voices carry like crazy."

"Talking about /you/..." Li supplies.

Jev nods a few times, "Yeah - yeah! They're talking about me, and I noticed I'm catching a few glances from the human one - the pretty one." he clears his throat, "So I'm sitting there thinking, 'Oh geez. She's really cute, but she's a civilian, I'm on my Cadet tour' you know? 'The last thing I need is to be nailed for fraternizing with the shore' - these are the things I'm thinking about.... Anyway, the Bajor leaves and before I know it the human girl is sitting at my table, 'Hey! What are you reading?' she says. Now I'm freaking out! I'm not over amibitious on this front, but here's this stunning civilian girl firing up a conversation with me - I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. What am I supposed to say? 'I'm sorry - but according to Starfleet regulations, I find you too attractive to associate with whilst I'm on my Academy tour. Please speak to me in 6 months?'"

Li chuckles quietly, resting her left hand on the table. "The trials of Starfleet service," she says with something of a melodramatic air as she flexes her left-hand fingers. "So what did you do?"

Jev rotates his hands to face the ceiling, "What I could do! You know? 'Oh, hi...It's uhm...Engineering jargon...What's up?' sort of things. Okay - then I find out she's actually a doctor and stationed here on Deep Space Nine - so she is Starfleet. Then I relax, you know?" he stares at Li for a couple blinks and then waves a dismissive hand, "Yeah - you know. You know me. Anyway," he carries on, "So we're talking and she's pretty cool. She knows a bunch of you guys on the Gowron, asks me to say 'hi' for her, and I agree to." Jev furrows his brow, "Then suddenly she's rushing out of there - almost knocks over her chair, stumbles against a wall and darts out." then he grins, "So I'm thinking I really made an impression, you know? Alright - let's see what's going on! So the next day I write her a letter. I have a potential friend here, off the Gowron, and who knows what could happen." He then leans in to the table a bit for the next part, "So she writes me back the next day. I'm reading the letter during my shift - like an /IDIOT/ - and the Chief sees me, 'What are you doing?'" he shakes his head, "/That/ story is funny, but the long and short of it is I find out she's actually married to someone Lt. Dors is describing as some super-macho security guy on the Aggie." He sits back in his chair and shrugs his shoulders, "So no romance there - you know?" he nods with finality, "So I'm done thinking about /that/ - but she's still friendly, and I write her back. I mean, what am I supposed to do? 'I'm sorry. I don't want to be your friend because you turned out to be married.'? No! I can have friends I'm not trying to flirt with." he motions at Li, as if she is an example of the very truth of that.

Li listens to him unwaveringly, small movements of her eyes evidencing how she scans his face. At the indication to her, she smiles a bit more, saying, "I'd agree with that, but the question is--did she?"

Jev shrugs his shoulders, "I can only assume so! We continued writing each other every week or so, while the Gowron was..." he remembers the confidentiality enjoined the crew by the Captain regarding their recent patrols, "...away." he shakes his head, "Anyway, her letters are pretty down. She's scared. She's worried. People are being re-assigned off the station, it's getting lonely. So - you know me - I'm trying to make light of it and be re-assuring." he wrinkles his nose a bit and leans back again, propping an elbow on an arm of his chair and pointing the palm of his hand toward the ceiling as he delivers, "She took offense to that, and in hindsight I do think I came across as patronizing. So she stops writing me." He makes an invisible line in the air with his finger, indicating that this part of the story is over, "So I come here for some food and she's the first person I see. I don't know if she's pissed, or sad, or what - but she's definitely /confrontational/." He peers at Li, "She told me later she's a shy one, but I don't buy it for a second." He looks back to the bar, "I'm caught off guard and bumble like an idiot, and I don't regain my composure until I've already pissed her off so thoroughly that she's left the bar and is in the holosuites. So I'm pretty much reclaimed and I go talk to her." Then he gets a confused look on his face.

Li tilts her head a touch to her left as she listens. Eyes are focused on him, the only movement her right hand rhythmically stroking Baudelaire's head. When Jev is through, she exhales quietly, saying, "And--it went down from there, once you caught up with her?"

Jev shakes his head, "No!" holds up a finger and raises his brows, "Not all bad." Returns to normal story-face, "Long story short: turns out I remind her of some other Trill she knew in the Academy who was - now she didn't say this exactly, this is what I gathered - womanizing. But it's not clear to me if she means because of how I /look/ or because how I /act/" he peers at Li, "You don't feel harassed do you? I mean, you're a looker too, you know, am I violating your space?" he laughs and waves his hand to indicate she doesn't have to answer that, "So I must've seemed like a total buffoon trying to understand this, but at the same time trying to do my best to re-assure her that I'm not trying to start anything with her...I'm not trying to end up in the Aggie's sickbay, after all!" He bobbles his head, "So we /did/ resolve it, and we're back on good terms - but man!" he looks at Li, "You humans!" then he /peers/ at Li, "but you're not /really/ human - are you?" he glances at the klingon weapon.

Li simply ignores the commentary on her own attractiveness; that isn't a conversation they need to get into, since she's confident he isn't about to try anything. So, she focuses on the more immediately-relevant elements, and after a few moments' thought, she says, "You do remind me of a Trill I used to know, who could be described like that, but even if she meant it on a level if your interaction, I wouldn't take it personally--but I /would/ see if my behavior is really saying what I want it to say about me." A beat, then she smiles and adds, "And I'm fully human, yes."

Jev nods with squinted eye and furrowed brow, reaches for water and sips. Swallows. "Yeah......." he looks up with the same expression for some internal inspection.

Li smiles at her companion, there. "Well, I'm glad it worked out. Having a comm-pal can really help. I've thought about one a time or two, myself."

Jev sits back in his chair and nods, "Yeah..." his voice trails off. Then he looks back at the counselor, "So nothing between you and Lt. Senka then?"

Li arches her brow with an almost rueful expression. "No, Darian," she says almost dryly. "He's married and a member of my crew. I enjoy his company, as I enjoy yours, and sincerely haven't even thought of anything more. I'd be rather surprised of he had, either." With that, she leans back in her seat a bit, eyes staying on the Trill.

Jev takes a quick glance sideways, then back to Tanya, "Do you think he likes me? Obviously not asking romantically in this instance."

Li thinks about that for a moment, looking to the crowd again, then soon looks back to him. "In the way you ultimately mean, yes. Remember that Vulcans spend their entire lives controlling their emotions, so affection isn't the same as it is to you or me." She flexes her fingers again, then adds, "Look at it from a more logical standpoint--does your presence aid in some fashion, whether on the level of your duties, or on the level of a casual acquaintance? I think so; I think he might find speaking with you interesting--especially after that riddle." She doesn't go into further detail, for the obvious reasons.

Jev considers this for a moment and nods slowly, "It's difficult not to feel..." he searches for the word he wants to use, " Vulcans."

That makes Li's smile quirk up once more, and she says, "You have to get used to that. They're a studious people, given to careful, logical thought before actions are taken, and before they decide how--agreeable--an individual non-Vulcan might be."

Jev nods, "yeah..." he chuckles "What a life that must be." He stands up slowly, "I'll see you around Tanya" he regards the kitty, "You too Mr. Fluff-fluff."

Li gives a short nod, then her voice softens a touch. "Good night, Darian," she says as she lifts her left hand a little.

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