Earth Mourns as Senator Dies in Shuttle Accident

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Date: Wed Sep 14 14:24:24 2011 PDT
IC Date: Thu Nov 26 06:26:24 2409
Stardate: 86903.01

EARTH(INW) - The legacy of Earth's most ardent and vocal supporter came to a tragic and unexpected end earlier today when Senator Lu Fei died in a shuttle accident while on vacation on Mars. The "father of new Earth," as he was sometimes pejoratively called, was 76 years old.

Lu, from his earliest days as Governor of the post-Borg War Lunar Colony, was an ardent advocate for Earth re-terraformation, and is widely credited as the person most responsible for the billions who have repatriated the human homeworld in the past twenty years. As the new Earth's first Governor, he founded and led much of the rebuilt planetary political establishment on the planet. After numerous terms as Governor, he instead ran for Galaxy Alliance Senator in 2400, citing his growing concern for the Alliance's financial instability and "growing military state mentality." Over the past ten years of service in the Senate, he's continually advocated for a return to the ideals of the United Federation of Planets, and has rarely shied away from criticizing Starfleet.

Authorities on Mars stated there was no sign of foul play. Rather, it appears the Senator may have had a heart attack while flying his shuttle and lost control, crashing it into the Aveiro Crater. The reaction in Paris was one of shock and sadness, as the Senate held a brief moment of silence and adjourned early in recognition of their colleague's passing. In a statement, Galaxy Alliance Chancellor cho'Sheq stated that, "The Alliance lost a fierce advocate for Earth today."

According to Galaxy Alliance law, the filling of a Senate vacancy is largely left to individual planetary systems to decide. On Earth, law provides for the planetary governor to appoint a replacement. In a statement, the Earth Governor's office stated it was "in shock" and would address an appointment, or any consideration of nominees "at some time in the future when it is more appropriate." Officials in the planetary assembly building in New York, however, weren't confident a replacement would be coming quickly. "Nobody can fill Lu Fei's shoes. I simply can't imagine Earth without his fierce advocacy and patriotism. The Alliance, and Earth in particular, lost so much today."

This is a developing story.

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