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Hello, everyone. My name is Edmund 'Buzz' Stenseland, and I'm here to bring you Our Eye on Space.

Tonight, I'd like to talk about the recent report brought up by one of my colleagues, Sera Lane, who seemed to explode some sort of expose on the organization which defeated the Borg, Starfleet.

I won't make a fool of myself and say that Starfleet has been perfect, in fact, some actions taken by Starfleet may be questionable at best. However, I'd also like to think that we, as a people, owe our very lives to these brave begins who put their necks on the line versus a tremendous power such as the Borg. Out of conscience, I must defend against the allegations of my colleague, who appeared to not have all the facts at hand.

Starfleet is a rather disciplined organization, and with regard to the press are typically friendly through their Bureau of Public Affairs, also known as the Press Office. However, the standard motto among officers who're interviewed individually and without authorization is 'no comment'. And that's understandable given the nature of Starfleet. I've been reporting for over thirty years and I've never had a problem with it.

It's disturbing to me to hear a reporter from this, a well-respected news organization, give opinion on a matter which is supposed to be a straight news report. In college, I was always taught that the facts speak for themselves. Sera Lane's type of yellow journalism isn't typical of INW, and I almost feel the need to apologize to you, our viewing public, and Starfleet for these unsubstantiated allegations made by us.

Brass tacks, folks; Starfleet's recent actions have been by-the-book and backed with the proper authority. The Judge Advocate General clears Commodore Celchu due to sabotage. The public information wasn't public, folks. The information contained in those proceedings were CLASSIFIED for the protection of the Alliance. As for the Sirrah, the Galaxy Alliance has made it clear that cloaking devices are not to be used in Alliance space by unauthorized vessels. Once again, there are facts which my colleague didn't cover... the Sovereign was en route to assist the Sirrah, Starfleet ship logs transferred to us confirmed the maneuvers easily. Admiral Ruao's order was within the regulations established, regardless of the circumstance. The trouble appeared to be over, and the Sirrah has made their complaint... but I can probably guess how that complaint is going to be met now.

Miss Lane's type of journalism has no place within our company. If it costs me my job here at INW, let me say that she is one of the reasons reporters and the media are found with degraded respect among the populace.

This is Buzz Stenseland. Thank you, and good night.

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