Editorial: Where have all the candidates gone?

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IC Date: Sat Sep 6 2403

EDITORIAL (by Duncan Emerson, INW) - Where have all the candidates gone? As the filing deadline approaches with hundreds of petitions already filed, little more than rumor surrounds the race for Galaxy Alliance Chancellor. With literally few front-runners and mostly politicians with little renown outside of their home systems, pundits are beginning to wonder when the big names will actually jump into the race. In the absence of statements from most of the national level politicians, the people of the Alliance are left with little more than speculations. Let's examine some of the most popular:

Given the Alliance's birth through fire, it is not surprising we find our more promising candidates from the Military. Admiral Hathaway, the Commander-in-Chief of Starfleet, would certainly not be the first Grand Admiral to ascend the Chancellorship, following in the footsteps of Grand Admiral Sanuk. Likewise, Vice Admirals Shra'Hawk and Lathrop and Rear Admiral Giovanni (All tasked with Starfleet Operations and Security) would be excellent candidates for the pro-military constituency.

And yet, we have heard nothing from the heads of Ministries. Certainly, cho'Sheq, the Minister of Defense and Lorian Darin, the Minister of State would garner large amounts of attention, both for their noted pro-defense attitudes and popularity throughout the Alliance. cho'Sheq herself is praised by many in the old Klingon territories as a strong-willed warrior who could 'right the course' of the 'quickly weakening' Alliance, and Ms. Darin is widely recognized for her skill in diplomacy and economics while not shying away from a heated battle. Yet, neither will comment publicly.

The list of candidates who have put their names forth but not yet filed their paperwork is also staggering. Repeat offenders Telpot from the Ferengi Capital Investment Center and colonial real estate mogul Jonathan Clark have both tossed their names in for the third time. As have the hundreds of colonial Governors and planetary assemblymen who are hoping to use the press coverage for a bump in notoriety.

And then you have to look at the old standbys, the people who are universally asked to run but never do. Certainly Admiral Ruao, the Bajoran Emissary, tops this list. As do the Ambassadors from Betazed and Sauria, all of whom have respectfully declined to run at the disappointment of their people. The Alliance Senate is eerily quiet in this regard as well, with nary a whisper from the likes of Senator M'rus of Ferasa, nor the Senators from Trill, Qo'noS or Earth. And one-time hopeful Lishan Noryl, the Kai of Bajor, now seems to be a shoe-in for the Bajoran First Minister, dashing any hope of a Bajoran Chancellor.

No, it appears all candidates are keeping their cards close to the vest for now. And as rumors and speculation continue to spread, it appears many candidates are hoping the big names plan to sit this one out entirely.

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