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Eilonwy Trasera
Affiliation: Beeraxi Confederation
(Ambrosia Incorporated)
Occupation: Head of Operations
Race: Half-Betazoid / Half-Angelite
Gender: Female
Spouse: Prince Consort Tennan Trasera
Children: Sir Oberon Trasera (b. 2423)
Lady Titania Trasera (b. 2424)
Sir Gawain Trasera (Adopted - b. 2426)
Sir Galahad Trasera (Adopted - b. 2426)
Father: Count Trex Trasera
Mother: Countess Nherryh Trasera
Siblings: Princess Ambrosia Trasera
Prince Gwydion Trasera
Beeraxi Confederation
Rank: Consul
Title: Member, Beeraxi Consulate
The Kingdom of Eden
Rank: EdenRoyal.png Princess
Style: Her Highness
Title: Lady Chancellor of the Kingdom
Countess d'Ambrose
Third Princess of the Kingdom
Wielder of the Crystalline Sword
Function: Chief Operations Officer, Ambrosia, Inc.
Child of the Kingdom

The Princess Eilonwy Trasera is the child of Count Trex and Countess Nherryh Trasera. She was born on Beerax IX. She currently resides on the Kingdom of Eden with her husband, Prince Consort Tennan Trasera, and children Oberon, Titania and adopted Angelite twins Galahad and Gawain.



In a rather hectic event occuring onboard Eden's medical ship, CCV Lunar, in 2397, Gwydion and Eilonwy Trasera were born to Countess Nherryh and her husband Count Trex Trasera and instantly became the next Prince and Princess of the Kingdom of Eden along with their elder sister Ambrosia. Instantly, they lived in a life of luxury and never a need or want that wasn't addressed. Except maybe the attention of their parents.

Instead of their birth parents, who were busy with company and government business, the siblings were raised by the family nanny, Inghred, who was like a mother figure to them, and their older sister, who loved spending time with them, even if it was to treat them more like her personal toy or pet to display. Eilonwy didn't seem to mind much, loving to dress up and be paraded about. She idolized her sister up until her sister left the family to pursue more of her own interests once she became of age.

When Eilonwy was ten, she took an interest in athletics, archery and swordplay, often found using a holosword in the suites in her spare time to fight "bad guys". She began formal teaching in swordplay, alongside her studies, and was quick to become adept in multiple fighting forms.

Without her sister around, and just her brother and the Darin children at the Castle d'Ambrose, she found a lot of time to calm and become collected, being the new elder girl in the household. She took an interest in the Royal Guard, tactics and diplomacy, and focused her studies away from the more traditional sciences that her parents took part in. She didn't become more masculine, or overshadowed her twin brother, but rather found a cool femininity in the dance of the blade.

Six months to the day of her 18th birthday, Eilonwy began to apprentice the Royal Guard, another role and title to add to her other prestigious titles. Along with her newfound responsibility, and work within the company she was raised, she was givern a gift: a sword forged of a transparent aluminum alloy that made her blade look as crystal, but maintaining the strength and sharpness due a material strong enough to protect the most modern starships from high beam phaser fire.

Personal History


                           [ Nherryh Trasera ]---------[ Trex Schad ]
                                 b. 2366          |       b. 2348
                                 |                |              |
[ Mordechai Tracer ]-------[ Ambrosia T. ]   [ Gwydion T. ]   [ Eilonwy T. ]-------[ Tennan Crae ]
      b. 2367          |       b. 2391          b. 2397          b. 2397       |       b. 2395
                       |                                                       |
                       |                                             __________|__________
                       |                                             |                   |
                 [ Victor T. ]                                 [ Oberon T. ]       [ Titania T. ]
                   b. 2418                                        b. 2423             b. 2424


RP Logs

Log Date Participants
Here Comes Another Trasera (RP Log) 17 December 2013 Eilonwy, Niian, Trasera, Trex
Semi-Official Business (RP Log) 02 February 2014 Eilonwy, Kainon
A Routine Patrol (RP Log) 03 February 2014 Eilonwy, Kainon
Rescue Mission (RP Log) 05 February 2014 Aelia (NPC), Astor-Cross, Eilonwy, Giellun, Ito, Lokoi, Niian, Rayner, R'sta, Ruao, S'hado, Shra'Hawk, Talbot
Imzadi Reunion (RP Log) 05 February 2014 Eilonwy, Senka, Trasera
Slowly Breaking Out (RP Log) 14 February 2014 Eilonwy, Trex
A Celebration of Independence (RP Log) 23 February 2014 Coiseos, Eilonwy, Giovanni, Jiral, Kainon, Kame, LeBlanc, Muireann, Roana, Seryl, Shra'Hawk, Starr, Torin, Tracer, Trasera, Trex
Slavery's Bonds (RP Log) 23 February 2014 Coiseos, Eilonwy, Muireann, Trasera
Dealing with Stalkers - Part 1 (RP Log) 28 February 2014 Ambrosia, Eilonwy, Vrillak
Dealing with Stalkers - Part 2 (RP Log) 28 February 2014 Eilonwy, Trex, Vrillak
Overdue Family Reunion (RP Log) 13 March 2014 Astor-Cross, Eilonwy, Senka, Shintu
Dealing with Repercussions (RP Log) 13 March 2014 Eilonwy, Shintu
Monarchies (RP Log) 21 April 2014 Eilonwy, Sevok
Concerning Blades (RP Log) 28 April 2014 Eilonwy, Sevok
Security Fight in Morn's (RP Log) 30 September 2014 Eilonwy, K'mpok, Reid, Starfall, Temple, Vaore, Vrillak
Miri and Coi's Wedding (RP Log) 05 November 2014 Ambrosia, Ava, Coiseos, Edwards, Eilonwy, Garett, LeBlanc, Kina, Maguire, Ponn, Reid, Senka, Starfall, Teiya, Torin, Tennan, Williams, Xanathos
No Interview Today (RP Log) 30 June 2015 Carey, Eilonwy, T'Priel
Ceremonial Dedication of the Lishan Noryl Medical Center (RP Log) 06 July 2015 Astor-Cross, Carey, Davies, Eilonwy, Galan, Kainon, Li, Lishan, M'rus, Prudome, Rohan, Senka, Sharis, Stark, Starr, T'Awidat, T'Kela, T'Priel, Walters-Starr
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