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Race: Jem'Hadar
Gender: male
Affiliation: Galactic Dominion

Tug'Anan is a Jem'Hadar of the Galactic Dominion. He was rescued, while still in egg form, by the crew of the USS Agamemnon (NCC-92101). they named him Eiran. There, he was raised in a matter of days until adult hood when he began suffering withdrawal-like symptoms. Unable to help him medically, the crew of USS Agamemnon decided to return him to the Dominion.

For years Tug'Anan had to work his way up the echelon of Jem'Hadar leadership, and fight off the stigma of being raised by off-worlders. It was not easy, but he prevailed through vigilance and determination, and eventually became First of his troop. He was a skilled warrior, proud, honorable, and a loyal servant to the Founders.

One mission during the Alliance Wars, Tug'Anan and his troop were on patrol near the Beerax system. The Vorta assigned to the ship had mysteriously taken ill and refused medical treatment. He also withheld the White from the Jem'hadar, citing some inexplicable reasoning for why the Jem'Hadar could not be trusted. One of the soldiers began to deteriorate fast from lack of the White and went into a crazed frenzy in the engineering sections. The resultant damage sent the vessel off course, eventually crashing on an ice moon in the Theta Draconis system. The Vorta was killed in the crash, no tears were shed. However, it was learned that all the White was also destroyed by the Vorta some time before.

Tug'Anan struggled to maintain control over his troop, the lack of the White made that difficult. The crazed Jem'Hadar in the engineering sections had also managed to barricade himself within. Any efforts to repair the ship would have to wait. It was discovered that a group of Starfleet personnel from the USS T'Paal (NCC-73403) were also trapped on the ice moon. Tug'Anan and his Second made contact, with a loose truce declared with the Starfleet leader, Commander Kilwa Taxo. However, the Jem'Hadar under Tug'Anan's command deteriorated quickly, and it was not long before Tug'Anan was fighting for his very survival against his own troop. Oddly, and a detail Tug'Anan has kept secret since, he was not affected by the lack of White, other than needing it as food, to which he eventually found other methods.

Tug'Anan made it back to his people in an old shuttle-pod. The official story is he found the pod crashed on the surface of the moon, managing to get it flight worthy again. The unofficial story, the Starfleet crew that were also trapped on the moon, and who managed to gain their freedom with Tug'Anan's help, gave Tug'Anan the pod in thanks.

Tug'Anan once again finds himself climbing the ladder, having been knocked down to eighth in his disgrace of losing his troop.

In more recent developments, Tug'Anan was found working with some rogue Starfleet Officers who had stolen USS Achilles. The trio were eventually captured by Starfleet, but not before they struck several key blows to Dominion shipping lines between Tzenketh and Beerax. One of the goals of the attacks was to cause the Dominion to re-open the White manufacturing facility at Orellius IX, however it is not known if this was successful. Tug'Anan himself is no longer addicted to the White and may have developed a means to free others of his kind from its addictive nature, but needed access to a manufacturing facility. Progress in that endeavor is unknown now that Tug'Anan is in the custody of Starfleet.

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