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Lieutenant Elric in 2404.
Lieutenant Elric (2406)
Rank: Lieutenant-Commander, Bajoran Defense Force Navy
Title: General Operations Officer, SBR Kongo MTIN-1710
Race: Android
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Democratic Republic of Bajor (Navy)



Elric's origins are a bit of a mystery, even to Elric himself.

Discovered by the crew of the USS Patriot, Elric spent his early developmental years on Spacedock in the care of Commander Richard Cassell, and Lieutenant Commander Franklin Jennesen. He spent most of his time in a laboratory, being studied and performing experiments. As the first sentient android discovered since the demise of Lieutenant Commander Data, they were going to learn all they could about this phenomenally complex piece of technology while they had the chance.

Originally, Elric's name was Erroll, but due to a misunderstanding by Cassell when they first activated the android, they believed he was saying 'error', and re-designated him as Elric. Elric didn't mind the new name, but did mind many of the experiments they put him through. He had to re-learn how to walk and talk, even though he had once performed those actions before. After a time, the experiments became more and more invasive, testing his abilities and limits. He could interface with computers, but could he control something as large as a shuttlecraft? The experiments often pushed him to the limits of his hybrid brain. Eventually, he grew tired of this and joined Starfleet, thinking it to be the only solution to keep them from testing on him. <work in progress>

Service Record

Stardate 75156.04 - Promoted to Lieutenant (jg) Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Stardate - Promoted to Lieutenant Lieutenant
Stardate - Resigned from Starfleet after having his security compromised
Stardate 84410.93 - Inducted into (Navy)



Superintendent's Commendation

Commplant/Computer Certification
Scanner Certification
Communications Certification
Science Certification
Engineering Repair Certification
Security Certification
Engineering System Certification
Weapons Certification
Hand-to-Hand Certification
Tractor Beam Certification
Navigation/Helm Certification
Transporter Certification

Unestricted Line Officer

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