Emergency Economic Measures Bill introduced in High Council

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EARTH (INW) - In an announcement today, Senator M'rus of Ferasa introduced the Emergency Economic Measures Bill (EEMB) to the Alliance High Council, aiming to address the current fiscal crisis with a series of reforms.

The bill freezes all capital projects not essential to Alliance Security, creates new levies to be placed on interstellar commerce and places additional taxes and import bans on items whose importation might 'damage the commerce viability of the Galaxy Alliance.' The most shocking provision, however, commits the Alliance Government to a debt reduction program and, should the Alliance fail to meet its annual targets, permits member systems to withhold tax monies until they are met.

The bill has met with mixed review in Paris, with planetary rights groups praising the bill for its commitment to bottom-up government while trans-species groups and smaller colonial coalitions decried it as "an attack on the bonds that keep the Alliance together." Foreign governments also decried the bill, calling it an affront to free trade and promising harsh trade penalties if it passes.

The bill has been introduced in multiple parts, allowing Senators to cherry-pick items they wish to remain in. Political analysts believe the bill will change dramatically before reaching the Chancellor's desk.

(Stardate: 79644.66 - Fri Aug 24 07:15:60 2401 Alliance Standard Time)

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