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Roleplay Log
07 Mar 2014
Quarters B105 [Deep Space 9]
These standard sized quarters have been well broken in and give hints as to who it is that calls this home. In the living room the plain silver sectional sofa has been covered with a plush Nolth wool throw warm in colour and scattered with oversized embroidered pillows depicting single blooms mixed with fractal patterns in various complimenting colours. The glass coffee table nestled within is scattered with various books and document about clothing, material choice and cultural traditions, stood off centre an unpolished wooden container acting as a primitive vase for a well maintained bouquet of Chameleon roses fading in and out with tranquil colours. In the corner of the room facing out toward the star fields sits a glass consoled drafting table resting on curved brushed metal legs, attached to each side of the console sectional boxes containing samples of materials from wood to small graded gems and atop a small holographic emitter.
The small eating alcove remains relatively unchanged apart from the small induction cooking surface with an insulating domed cover capable of roasting if necessary. A sleek wooden framed table with a highly reflective black stone inlay replaces the stand issue one originally provided, its surrounded by four golden framed chairs with carved scrolls and intricate antique details. The chair back and seat are generously padded with rich soft velvety fabric its colour resembling crushed winter berries. Centred on the stone surface a selection of weathered glass orbs placed between branches of what looks to be a well beaten piece of driftwood.
A more private sectioned off archway denotes the sleeping area, the faint scent of musky incense drifts out from a small shrine like display containing a small white stone statue of the Betazoid Goddess Imza encircled by a ring of partially burnt candles. The comfortable queen-sized bed has been treated the same as the sofa, now sporting several plush throws with a black satin like sheet exposed beneath it and the head scattered with an armful of uniquely quilted pillows. The alcove surrounding the sonic shower also houses a large wheeled trunk containing an assortment of outfits in various colours and styles, neatly stacked below pairs of shoes and above mixed piles of accessories ranging from jewellery to the remnants of exotic perfume bottles.

Remi is sat at her drafters table, wearing a long silken robe that hangs around her as she draws and checks fabric samples. She smiles at the familiar presence and she sighs happily, she can see his reflection in the starfields infront of her with a wide smile on her lips as she stops.

Roian steps in the quarters with a smile on his face "I thought I sensed a familiar presences on the station." He says with a grin, walking over to her calmly "How was the Kingdom?" He inquires.

Remi smiles as she nods gently, "Two princesses in one week, I am going to be very busy." She admits, it makes her a little sad that she will have to leave again but if they want that mansion on Bajor the money has to come from somewhere. "How are things on the station?" She asks swivelling in her chair to face him.

Placing his hand behind is head, he hmms quietly. "Well.." He pauses before speaking "I've asked Major Ava about the Chief of Operations position. I've made both her and Captain Cross aware that I am interested in the position. I'm also learning more about command." He replies calmly as he extends a hand out to her "Come, sit with me for a minute." He says as he closes his mind to her for the first time ever.

Remi nods as he talks then narrows her eyes as his mind closes. 'Roian ...' She follows his request and slips down from her stool and toward the sofa, sitting remembering to keep her knees closed.

Roian smiles softly to ear as he stays standing in front of her 'Remi, you are my Imzadi. My spirit belongs to you as does my physical being. Our minds have been bonded together over the last few months and I can not think of nothing else but you.' a brief pause 'There is no one else I wish to be with. There for, I once more open my mind to you, now and forever.' Remi can sense his thoughts and feelings once more as he lowers on to one knee 'Remi Saatchi of the Tenth house of Betazed, will you join me in marriage?' He with draws a box, opening it to show her the ring.

Remi's eyes open wide and her jaw drops slightly, her cheeks flush and for once she doesn't know what to say. She looks from him to the box and back again. The words are stuck but her mind is a resounding yes.

Remi willingly lets her hand move to his as he puts on the ring on her finger, she's still unable to speak.

Settling down next to her, Roian smiles "I love you." He says, his eyes looking in to hers.

Remi smiles and strokes his face gently, 'And I love you too.' She kisses him gently.

Roian kisses her back before he leans his head against hers, the smile still showing greatly as a swell of happiness and content can be felt from him.

Remi looks down at her finger moving it slightly watching it sparkle in the low light. 'I'm waiting to hear back from Century 25 about a place on Bajor, then perhaps I can base myself from there.'

Nodding in response, Roian hmms as he looks to her hand 'Bajor would be a good place to live when not on the station. Remi, I want to ask something. Would it be easier if I took up civilian work?' Roian glances to her quietly, still smiling.

Remi looks surprised and shakes her head gently, 'What? No! Please, don't even think about that ...' She's hit by sadness, her smile disappears as her ringed hand rests on his knee, 'No, no. I can get employees ...'

Roian continues to smile, his hand gently taking hers as he interlaces his with hers 'I don't mean it in a bad way Remi. It's a question I wanted to run by you personally. I've been with the military in some shape or form since I was eighteen. First Starfleet, now Bajoran Defense Froce.' He leans in, kissing her cheek 'I love my job and my career. However, I will never place a career before family.' He adds happily, a soft fond smile still on his face.

Remi moves her free hand from his knee and runs her hands over her face, she loves the freedom she had and hated to admit it but she struggled to see where having children would fit into that. She had no problem with other peoples children, just never really thought about having her own. Koral scared her when she said she wanted Grandchildren, it felt like a lot of pressure she was being placed under especially now that things had started to pick up. Her heart rate increases and she is concerned, scared and unsure, you can also see she has been subjected to intimacy she chooses to exclude herself from. It isn't the fact that she is wanted by others but it is the fact she doesn't want to share herself. 'Family? I- I- don't know about children Ro. I love you, you know I do. More than anything.' It hurts her to think about it.

'Uhm, I am not really ready for children either, Remi.' He smiles at her as he leans his head against hers gently, feeling her anexity, concern and unsurity. His hands gently take hers as he looks into her eyes 'What I mean by family, is us.' He gives her head a gentle kiss.

Remi calms slightly with a smile forming on her lips again as she pulls her robed figure onto his lap and returns his kiss gently. She lets it linger as her tongue gently runs along his lower lip, her fingers free from his and move to cup his face carefully. 'I love you.' Her forehead rests against his as her eyes gaze into the mechanical blue of his.

Roian holds her close to him, a gentle smile on his lips. Roian feels rather at ease with Remi, especially knowing that he is engaged to her. His eyes slowly close for a moment before opening again "Oh." He says quietly "You won't believe who I got to play the role of my father."

Remi leans back a little as he speaks aloud, 'Who did you ask ...' Her eyes are a little wider as he mentions his father.

'Captain Cross..' Roian replies telepathically.

Remi blinks, wondering why he would do something like that, 'Does he mean that much to you?' Her head inclines slightly as she lets her left hand rest down between her lets as her right continues to caress his face lovingly.

Roian smiles 'He is someone I trust fully and I look up to.'He smiles, leaning into the caressing. A PA call however interrupts the pair as Roian is called to Operations. He sighs, leaning in to give her a soft kiss 'I have more to talk about, especially dealing with the Captain. You'll probably hear things today. I'll.. explain it as best as I can. Love you'He relunctantly stands with a smile on his face, but sighs just a little.

Remi moves from his lap and slides back onto the sofa, she nods gently, 'We can celebrate later,' She smiles looking down at the glitering stone.

Roian leans in one last time to kiss her passionately before moving for the door

Remi embraces the passionate kiss and waves with her jewelled hand as he leaves.

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