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Engineering Commands

These commands control power production and allocation as well as damage control. Also, in cooperation with or in the absence of someone responsible for an Operations station, typically engineers will monitor fuel operations.

Power Production Commands

main <%> -- Powers warp core to output % of maximum.
fusion <%> -- Powers fusion generators to output % of maximum

Power Allocation Commands

power <system> <power/percent%> -- Allocates specified <power> in GW to system, or <percent> of system max power. (ie: power sensors 100%)
priority <system> <level> -- Prioritizes the system for repairs and emergency power. 1 is the highest.

Status Commands

engstat -- Gives a status display of the power levels.
warpstat -- Warp field integrity, warp coil heat, and warp cruise information.
fuelstat -- Displays the ammounts of fuel remaining.
fueltime -- Displays the remaining time current fuel levels will last at current usage levels.

Allocation Profile Commands

engsave <profile name> -- Saves the current power settings under <profile name>.
engload [<profile name>] -- Loads specified profile, or lists profiles.
engdel <profile name> -- Deletes specified profile.

Fuel Transfer Commands

refuel <ship>:<antimatter/deuterium/both>=<amount/fill> -- Refuels the type and amount specified.
vent <antimatter/deuterium/-/+/off>[=<amount>] -- Vent fuel. '-' = vent all antimatter, '+' = vent all deuterium.
extfuel <shipname> -- Prompts for input on amount of fuel to transfer to target vessel within 1 klik range. Asks for both Antimatter and Deuterium. (Note: Ship must be designed to refuel externally.)

Damage Control Commands

damstat [<ship>] -- Gives a damage report on your vessel. If <ship> is specified, it gives the damage report for that vessel. <ship> must be a ship docked or landed on your ship.
assign <team num> <system> -- Assigns a repair team to the specified system.
extrep <team#> <ship>:<system> -- Assigns <team> to repair <system> on <ship>. <ship> must be a vessel docked or landed on your ship.
repstat [<team>] -- Gives the status of the teams (or more detailed info about the specified team).

Engineering Tips

Typical 'engstat' output:
------ | Power Distribution
-/ ------____________________________________________________________________)
------| Warp Core: ------ -100.0% (11500.0)
------| Fusion Generators: 100.0% (900.0)
------| Power Produced: ---12400.0 GW
Power Available: --150.0 GW
-/ ------__System Name______GW Allocated__Available Power Allocated__________)
------| Warp Drive ------4000.0 (100%) [----------I-----------------------]
------| Impulse Drive -----20.0 (100%) [----------------------------------]
------| Sensors ----------200.0 (100%) [I---------------------------------]
------| Shields ------------0.0 (- 0%) [----------------------------------]
------| Weapons ---------4500.0 (100%) [-----------I----------------------]
------| Cloaking Device -3000.0 (100%) [-------I--------------------------]
------| Communications ---100.0 (100%) [----------------------------------]
------| Transporter -------30.0 (100%) [----------------------------------]
------| Tractor Beam -----400.0 (100%) [I---------------------------------]
---- --\___________________________________________________________________

The System Name column lists the various systems to which you can allocate power. The GW Allocated column gives detailed information on how many GigaWatts are allocated to that system. The percentage next to the GW number is the percentage of the maximum GW that system can handle. The confusion with many people comes in on the last area, the Available Power Allocated indicators. These bar graphs do not reflect the percentage listed before them, but rather give a basic idea as to how much of the total power each system us using. Usually, the Warp Drive will be taking almost all the power, since Warp travel requires amazing amounts of power. Weapons, Shields, and Cloaking systems take inordinate amounts of power many times, as well.

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