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General Information

On starships or starbases, the chief engineering officer (often shortened to chief engineer) is in charge of all engineers and engineering duties. The chief engineer's duties range from making the duty shift roster for engineering personnel to advising the captain on possible solutions for certain technical problems. In general the chief engineer is an officer with enough experience in his or her own field of expertise and with seniority over the rest of the engineers. A chief engineer is also a member of the senior staff and accountable for the overall performance of the vessel.

The Chief Engineer bears responsibility for operation of ship's engineering plants, electrical generation and distribution, auxiliary machinery and interior communications. These responsibilities have further expanded to the computer core and cloaking device. On a Lirpa-class vessel, the Chief Engineer also oversees weapons propulsion, as her cannons and torpedoes are monitored by a dual core design specific to the class.

His principal assistants are the Main Propulsion Assistant (MCA) and Damage Control Assistant (DCA).

Engineers are colloquially referred to as "Snipes"


Main Propulsion Assistant (MPA)

The MPA oversees two divisions, B and M. M (Main) Div typically manages FTL propulsion, while B Div operates STL propulsion. Outlined below is the minimum team of personnel required to run an individual reactor.

Reactor Technician (RT) - Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ship's fusion reactors or warp core and all associated equipment. Normally half of the crew in these divisions are so assigned. One Petty Officer is designated as the "deuterium king". He is responsible for fuel transfer operations. The RTs have the hottest and dirtiest jobs on the ship.

Machinists' Mate (MM) - Responsible for the operation and maintenance of all equipment in the main engine rooms. It is a Machinist Mate that is oft assigned to Engineering Officer of the Watch duties in the engine room where they are directly responsible for the operation of the engineering plants during their watch.

Motorman (MoM) - Stands watch with the Engineering Officer of the Watch and performs menial tasks and assists other engineers during maintenance.

Fireman (FN) and Fireman Apprentice (FA) - These are non-rated petty officers assigned at the discretion of the Chief Engineer.

Oilers and Wipers - Crewmen who do exactly what the names suggest.

Damage Control Assistant (DCA)

The DCA is in charge of R (Repair) Division. It is a very diverse division comprised of the following sections. These sections are broken down into individualized units and teams depending on the needs of the ship:

Shipfitters (SF) and Damage Controlmen (DC) - These comprise the Damage Control Gang on the ship. This group is responsible for all general hull and armor fittings such as doors and hatches, ventilation system closures, general plumbing, etc. This group normally has assigned to it one or more qualified welders. They are also responsible for all fire fighting equipment. SFs and DCs pilot the ship's Workbees.

Machinery Repairmen (MR) - In charge of the machine shop.

The Auxiliary Group (A Gang) - Machinist Mates and Enginemen who are engine specialists that take care of the ship's engine and emergency generators. The A-Gang also takes care of steering gear, heating and ventilation systems, deck machinery and the cloaking device.

Electrician's Mates (EM) - Responsible for the entire ship's electrical and distribution systems, including all power and lighting. They also handle IT and Computer Core operation and maintenance.

Interior Communications Electricians (IC) - Responsible for all interior communications equipment including intra-ship viewscreen, commplants, indicating and alarm systems, announcing systems and the ship's galactic compass.


The shipboard is used to organize shifts of Engineers. On a Lirpa-class, a unit of RTs in B Div run an additional weapons propulsion reactor that is particular to the class. This reactor also requires its own team of machinists, motormen, etc.

What is outlined in this article is the minimum personnel required to run the engines and auxiliary systems of a Starfleet vessel. All these slots are filled in any given watch.

The Officers of the Watch for B and M Divs are typically the machinist mates of the team. In R Div, a single Officer of the Watch is assigned for the whole division and each section is broken off into teams working in their specialized or assigned areas.


Note: Not standard on all ships and with all crews, and is subject to change based on the individual needs of the ship.

Chief Engineering Officer
Main Propulsion Assistant (MPA) Damage Control Assistant (DCA)
M Div (Main) B Div (Impulse) R Div (Repair)
Reactor Technicians Reactor Technicians Shipfitters
Machinist Mates Machinist Mates Damage Controlmen
Motorman Motorman Machinery Repairmen
Fireman Fireman Auxiliary Gang
Oilers Oilers Electrician's Mates
Wipers Wipers Interior Communications Electricians
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