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Roleplay Log
18 December 2016
Main Engineering - Lower Level [USS Sojourner NCC-91893]
<< Yellow Alert >>
If the main bridge is the brain of the Pathfinder-class starship, then the main engineering section would be the heart. Here lies the massive warp core which powers the vessel's primary propulsion units, also known as the warp nacelles. Conduits feed plasma energy directly into the nacelle's warp coils, thereby creating a variable geometric warp field. Stations designed to the maintenance and monitoring of these unit lines both sides of the 'hall' upon entering into this compartment. A ladder is located here to climb up to the upper level of the engineering area.

> Public Address < Lieutenant (jg) Jev says, "All Engineering personnel report to Main Engineering."

Black arrives from Deck 11 - Central Section.

As soon as Black enters there is thunderous cheering and applause from the assembled personnel. Confetti and streamers are tossed and projected through the air. "Well done Mr. Black! Well done!" speaks Jev.

Black chuckles a bit when all the people seem to cheer and applause him. He claps a bit, and salutes to Jev, "Sir," he offers, after a moment. "Thank you." The new Ensign relaxes a bit, as he looks around Engineering for a moment.

Jev smiles and waits for a beat to see if there is going to be a speech. Hearing none, he turns to those assembled, "All right everyone, back to work! Cromwell, clean this shit up." Jev motions to the confetti. Cromwell, the old croat, mutters. The Chief Engineer turns to the newly promoted Ensign, "So -- give me an update on the sensor mods. What is left to be done? Come here." he waves the Ensign over and points to a spot near the Master Situation Console, "Talk to me...What do we still need to plan?"

Black moves over to the Master Situation Console, and then relaxes a bit, not one for speeches it seems. He does seem thankful to the others, and he relaxes his stance a bit. "Well, sir. While we entered the nebula earlier than expected, I was able to make adjustments to computer, using advanced mathematical knowledge. With this, all I have left to do, is receive from Science word on some exact details regarding specifics, such as physics of this specific nebula, and then some data on the stellar cartography. This will then use the data I've input, to transfer it over. After that, the sensors will need to be worked on extensively to apply this new data," he offers, seeming to tick it off in his mind. "I was just about to write it all up into a report, in fact," he admits.

Jev's appearance suggests he's not listening, but he nods when the Ensign stops speaking and asks a pointed question, "What modifications did you make? Do you have a copy of what you did? I was not informed." he purses his lips in mild annoyance at the idea of modifications being made to his computer. He loads up the latest cartography of the nebula on his console, along with current sensor readings and waits for complaince from the Ensign.

"Ah, it was a simple calibration of the mathematical inputs... Think of it as a translation program, the data from Science, it will take that, and allow it to be modified in an easy to work with format," Black states after a moment, "And will allow it to be integrated to sensor data properly. It was an on the fly fix, I must admit. Didn't expect to enter today, but times were pressing."

Jev doesn't respond to that and simply stares at the Ensign, "Are you going to hand over the maths or ain't ya?" It's nearly impossible to tell if he's actually as serious as he sounds, with that ridiculous pursed lipped look on his face.

Black takes a moment to nod, and pulls out an isolinear chip, which he hands to Jev.

Jev grabs the chip and shoves it into a slot on his console. He rapidly studies the uploaded information and narrows his eyes. Then widens them. Then narrows them again. "Hmmmmmm" he emits. He glances at Black. He glances back to his console. Glances back at the Ensign. Widens his eyes. "This is decent work, Ensign!" How he stresses the word 'decent' seems key in conveying the meaning of his statement.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Black states after a moment. He then dips a small nod to Jev, "I performed fairly well in the top of my engineering and engineering sciences classes, sir." He is hopeful he did well! In either case, he considers, "I'll be forwarding my findings to you before I turn in for the next few hours. It seems we have a lot of work ahead of us, having discovered this new planet within the nebula."

Jev doesn't seem to acknowledge the academic achievement, but instead nods regarding the news about the planet, "Exciting! It's like being pioneers...." he thinks for a moment, staring at the read-outs, "Okay, send me a report. I will be working on practicalities to throw this into action. Hopefully Commander Kittens will be able to work more.....swiftly.....than usual to help us get this all adjusted for best accuracy."

"I"... Commander Kittens?" Black states, then he adds, "Yes, she has been... Slow to respond to inquiries to the Science Department, but I'm working the best with what we have, sir." The man dips a nod, while he moves to check the computer, then he takes out his PADD, and begins to write up his official report.

Jev waves his hand dismissively, "She's, uhh...." he searches for the word he wants to use, "...calculated? Yeah. That's it...." as a sort of justification. He shifts his gaze back to the cartography and the math presented by the Ensign, "Let me just set up a bit of a test environment here and see how this is going to translate in the actual universe to providing us some more lucid sensor readings in this ball of gas." He manipulates his console, bringing up a duplicate set-up on his master console, making non-permenant changes to the computer in a test environment.

Black dips a small nod to Jev, while he sets up the test environment. He keeps a monitor on the information he handed to the man, to see how well it assists him, while he moves to take a position to assist him for the time being. While he does, however, he lets Jev work his own main magic on this, more than happy to observe and learn as the work is managed.

As he works, Jev begins explaining things undoubtedly known to the Ensign by now, but the intent seems more to emphasize its importance among other bits of academic knowledge than to tutor, "We work in engineering. Yes, calculations are important, but we deal in the real. Math and Science are nice for theorizing, but we need to be a bit more...shall we say...'by brute force?'" Jev squints as he makes minor adjustments to his console, "Which means lots of heuristic study - trial and error. We can revert any changes and save our best. It's about what works, not what looks good in the holodeck."

"Ah, I see what you mean," Black states, while he nods a bit. He then looks at the computer while Jev works on it. "I received some gravitational data that is on the isolinear as well," he adds, "I figured it might help in the adjustments." He frowns in thought, "Trial and error is sometimes the only way. Nothing is ever perfected until it's been tested. Else we wouldn't have all those issues we had when we first got aboard this cruiser," he admits, amusedly. He otherwise seems to just listen.

Jev stands straight for a moment and stares at his adjusments, and nods while Black speaks, "Exactly...The land locked at Utopia have no concern of the real. To them, if the math says so many gigawatts, that's what they'll calibrate to." He chuckles, "Fools...." He leans forward again and points, "For example - math is way too analog. But the universe is not analog. Even when you get to the most minute increment of time and length, you discover astonishingly enough that there is no explanation accept that at some point the universe as we know it must disappear, and reappear in its entirety at the other side of that smallest moment - or when traveling - at the other side of the tiniest length."

Black nods a bit to Jev, "Such as when we make calibrations to the warp drive's power?" he asks after a moment. "Engineering class likes to teach us to be specific, to be exact, but sometimes... Adjustments must be made. No sentient ever invented new technology, or made great changes, because they followed rule books already set out. At least, not many meaningful ones."

Jev rubs at his forehead, "Perhaps too theoretical to sound useful - but consider that it is the basic reason we can beat time dilation at warp, but can't at impulse speeds." He smiles at his console, "So if we can operate our sensors slightly out of phase with the nebula, we can get a clearer read...That's what the science says, at least...Take a look." he steps back and motions to the test environment. He continues talking while waiting for Black to review the application of his mathematical predictions with theoretical physics applications, "Exactitude in Engineering is a death wish. If you build a bridge that needs to accomodate 1000 vehicles, to exactly accomodate exactly 1000 vehicles, it will collapse. You need to over compensate by a factor of 10 if you want that thing to stand."

"Ah... Indeed that is true. Warp fails if you go by exact margins in power," Black answers. He takes a look at the test environment, and reaches over to an aux panel, before he begins to input a bit of his data, to help the physics prediction a little bit, and test out his algorithm a bit further, in a separate file and environment of course, for now not overwriting Jev's work. He then clicks his tongue in thought a bit. "Hmm. Nice," he states of Jev's work, "I have a feeling we are going to succeed at what we're doing." This excites him a bit. He didn't think his idea had too much a chance, but... It seems to be panning out well so far.

Jev copies three slightly different calculations and sensor modifications over to the isochip, removes it, and hands it over to the Ensign, "When you meet with Commander Kittens, bring this and work with her on the sensor upgrades and adjustments necessary. Test anything you come up with first and run any final, permanent changes, through me before implementation..." he pauses for a second before adding, "Even if the Captain gives you the go ahead - you get my approval first, got it?"

"Understood, sir," Black tells Jev after a moment, then he reaches for the chip. "Hopefully, I'll be seeing Lieutenant Commander R'sta in the next day," he adds. There is not much hope in that statement, but optism wins up sometimes. He takes the chip and sets it into his PADD, to make sure the changes are saved on more than just a small chip, then he nods to Jev after a moment. "Now let's hope for the best while we're out here in this nebula."

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