Explosions rock Deep Space Nine

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BAJOR (INW) - A series of explosions rocked Deep Space Nine just an hour ago, causing severe damage to the station and its surrounding space. Reports from the Bajoran System indicate that a full evacuation of the station is under way, though we are receiving mixed reports on the cause of the explosion, the number of casualties and the situation for those still remaining in the system.

INW can confirm fatalities on the station, as evidenced by the following photograph of the devastation. The following photo is graphic.

An image of the iconic Deep Space Nine, heavily damaged, tilted to the side, and surrounded by debris and what appear to be bodies appears on the screen.

The Bajoran System is overrun with chaos, according to many sources, and authorities are recommending that non-essential traffic avoid the system until further notice.

Inquiries to the Office of Starfleet Security on Spacedock, Starfleet Marine Headquarters on Bajor and the Office of the Commander in Chief, Bajoran Command were declined, citing ongoing emergency action.

Intergalactic NewsWire will remain on this story and will provide updates as they are available.

(Stardate: 78461.32 - Sat Jun 17 20:14:42 2400 Alliance Standard Time)

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