Explosions rock Kingdom of Eden

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KINGDOM OF EDEN (INW) - A series of explosions have rocked Kingdom of Eden station in Beerax, as months-long protests have erupted into chaos. At 10:21 hours yesterday the station sent out a distress call indicating that the protesters had broken into a riot that station security was unable to quell. In the hours following their repeated distress calls, at least two explosions occurred on their promenade deck, reportedly killing at least 20 and injuring dozens more.

According to reports from the station, a currently unnamed Starfleet vessel that had been resident in the system responded by beaming a security team aboard to try and quell the disturbance. A communications dampening field of some kind followed the first of the two explosions, halting all communications throughout the system for nearly an hour. When it fell, an automated distress call from Eden continued to play over the Emergency subspace frequency.

Many of the protest groups have issued statements condemning Starfleet's response to the issue, with some even going as far as to blame the military organization for the explosions and the communications dampening field.

The Kingdom of Eden station is owned by Ambrosia Incorporated, a recreation corporation that operates the starbase as the system's primary civilian and trade port-of-call. Eden came under protest from the Beeraxi anti-Alliance groups when it was revealed that they held contracts with the Tzenkethi Government for open trade and borders. Protests have continued for over two months on the station. It is unclear what caused the outbreak in violence as of this time.

(Stardate: 79405.71 - IC Date: Tue May 29 02:60:12 2401 Alliance Standard Time)

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