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Below are some important facts about the game, don't forget to read about the Theme and look at the Timeline

  • Most of the core worlds of the former UFP are currently under the Borg sphere of influence. Earth, Vulcan, Andor, and Alpha V, along with all the colony and member worlds in between.
  • The Galaxy Alliance is what was left of the Federation, along with the Klingon Empire, the Rihannsu (Romulan) Stelam Empire, the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi Commerce Authority, and the Bajorans. All the surviving member worlds of the Federation belong to the Alliance.
  • The military force of the Alliance is Starfleet. The charter was reinstated after the Alliance was formed. All the member governments of the Alliance have allocated their former military vessels to Starfleet as part of their membership. It's no longer unusual to see a Galaxy class starship flying formation with a D'Deridex-class warbird and a Galor-class battlecruiser.
  • Approximately fourteen billion Terrans survived (Starfleet personnel, colonists, etc). Two billion Vulcans survived (Evacuated, Starfleet personnel). It is assumed that despite a homeworld being destroyed, there are always survivors.
  • Starfleet is mass-producing three new classes of battlecruisers with the combined talents of every surviving race. The first of these three was the Kyuushu-class warbird, 25 of which have been constructed. Twenty Kyushu-class starships survived the battle of Cirrius Prime.
  • The cube that was destroyed at Cirrius Prime was the same one which began the incursion on Stardate 43990 and abducted/assimilated Jean-Luc Picard. Whether Locutus was aboard that cube or not was never confirmed.
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