Family and Promises (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
04 Apr 2014
Quarters B101 [Deep Space 9]
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Simple appointments dress these quarters, austere yet comfortable enough for a traveler's extended stay. The main room and living quarters is furnished with a sectional sofa of icy silver with a matching recliner, and a glass coffee table nestled within. To the right is a small eating alcove with table and chairs and a food replicator. In the back left corner is a work desk with a small computer terminal. To the left a door leads into the sleeping quarters where a comfortable queen-sized bed and sonic shower reside.

The door leading to Out slides closed.

Kyle is packing, a small bag on the table and things strewn about - what few civilian outfits she has strung over the couch. "Hey, Doctor," she says, warm but also a little careful. "What's up?"

Senka enters your quarters, a small tray with two cups of steaming tea and a few pastries balanced on one hand. "Merely Senka, if you wish," he murmurs. "I am not on duty."

Roana oooohs at the snacks. "I accept these as a peace offering," she says with a smile as she takes a fruit tart and a cup of the tea, one of the coffeeshop's multiplanetary blends. "Sorry for the mess, I'm heading away for a week or so."

Senka nods. "I too am, assuming my commanding officer approves it, departing on personal leave." A beat. "Is Roana an acceptable form of address?"

Roana shakes her head. "Bajoran family names come first. Kyle's my given name, and you can call me that if you want," she says. She tilts her head as she nibbles on the tart. "Where are you going?"

"I am honored," he murmurs. "My friend, Captain Kainon Essa, tells me that given names, and I did know that Kyle was your given name, are highly treasured and that the privelege of their use is not lightly given. Hence, I asked of your familial name usage."

Roana shrugs. "It's a little different everywhere, and he's not from the same province I'm from, so maybe they're more picky. Besides, I'm a Bajoran mishmash, so I don't care, either way!" She puts down the tart and sips at her tea. "And I've spared you the story of how I was named after my grandfather? How did I not tell you?"

Senka nods. "Given the somewhat unusual nature of your given name and given who your grandfather is, I deduced that you must be named for him." He takes a pastry. "In answer to your question, I shall visit Bajor, then Trill, then Earth. There is much I would see on Trill given all that your grandmother has said of it."

Roana shrugs. "Yeah, kind of makes sense. I want to go to Canada again this trip, if I can, where he was born. Up by the Rockies, a little town by a lake." She takes the pastry and looks at him thoughtfully. "Just need a break?"

Throughout this conversation, his voice has been soft, lower in volume than even his normal speaking voice. "I will answer that, but first, I must offer you an apology on two counts. The first item concerns my communication with you when your grandmother was taken." A beat. "I have been attempting to apprehend the emotional considerations that motivated Admiral Xanathos to act as he did in that instance. While I do not agree with how it was done, I believe I better understand why, with respect to emotional considerations at play. However, I owe you an apology because in communicating my opinions on the matter, I may have given you the impression that my dissatisfaction was directed at you. It never was, and I should not have communicated my dissatisfaction at all, perhaps. I did not, in fact, come to the temple in search of you, but of my nurse to discuss it with her. However, you were there, and I wish to thank you, secondly, for supplying me with the information you did, though you were not obliged to do so."

Roana listens patiently. "I - thank you. I know you were mad, or whatever you were, but having you come to the temple and yell at me - or Vulcan yell at me - wasn't cool, and it kind of hurt. I mean, I try not to be hurt, or get annoyed, but with Amah, everything just - it gets to me more, you know? So apology accepted." And that's that.

Senka nods. "I understand." He too lets that go since you do. He draws in a breath. "I must also apologize to you, because I must now break a promise I made to you, and you well know what a Vulcan promise means." As he goes on, you may perceive something in his eyes or in minute body posture traces, perhaps because he's spent time in confidence with you, or perhaps because he chooses to let you see it. You are meant to understand that what he says next has been torturing him. "This is perhaps awkward for you, and I wish I could alleviate that. In any case, Kyle, I promised you that my work on Moriah's behalf would be unseacing. What I could not anticipate is that your grandfather would write to my division chief and formally request that: my research materials, data, test samples, treatment plans, etc. be turned over to Admiral Astor-Cross's office and that, specifically, I be given no further part in any manner whatsoever in your grandmother's treatment. ... So it was done. With respect to your grandmother, I have been relieved."

Roana looks at Senka, and impulsively reaches out a hand. "When I was little, I used to promise my little brother and sisters I'd keep them safe from everything. The bullies at school I could mostly handle, but one day, Ian got stuck in a tree on the farm. He climbed too high, and I couldn't help him. I mean, I wouldn't have caught him, and if I climbed to get him then we'd both just be stuck. So I had to get my mom, and she got a ladder, and everything was okay. So maybe I didn't keep him safe, but I got him help. And that isn't breaking a promise, it's just knowing what we can do. And maybe something in your notes, combined with one of those doctors on Spacedock, might be the thing that saves her? And that means the promise is still intact."

Senka considers you. Your outreaching hand did make brief contact with him, and he allowed it. "I accept what I believe you are trying to say. But I wish you to understand me well in this, so I shall explain it as best I can." A beat. "I was not, and am not, at a loss as to how to treat your grandmother. I know what needs to be done and am fully capable of completing the treatment I designed, one that would be effective." A pause. "I have never, in the more than 18 years I have been a physician both in this fleet and outside of it, ever been relieved of my duties either generally or, as in this case, with respect to a particular patient. Please understand, Kyle, I am a Vulcan sworn to logic, not a human doctor with an ego to bruise. When I know that a treatment has exceeded my ability to administer it, I ask for assistance and get it promptly." He pauses again as he attempts to find the right words that will explain without offending. "There was no need for your grandfather to make a point of insuring my total removal from this case in writing as he did, since transfering Moriah to Spacedock effectively reduced my role in any subsequent treatment to a very great degree. It seems like gratuitous action, and Admiral Astor-Cross disagrees with it personally. She finds no fault or flaw in my treatment of your grandmother, a treatment that has been novel and difficult admittedly." Another pause. "It may be that your grandfather, with this latter action, is expressing his belief that I am incompetent as a physician. In which case he can file a request for an investigation and I will appear before a Medical Board to defend myself. Such a board would find me faultless on medical and scientific grounds," he adds with no trace of ego. "... I do not know. Otherwise, he is acting as your grandmother's next of kin, and if Admiral Astor-Cross cannot persuade him to reconsider his request, it will stand regardless of his reasons for making it. Such are our medical ethics on these matters."

Roana sighs as she sits down on the couch. "Maybe he just wants another option. I know this one could work, but..." She rubs at her mouth. "I heard what your nurses were saying, and I remember how the tricorder sounded. She was dying," she says, not judgmental, or angry, but simply as if she was teaching a lesson. "He wants to save her, as much as you, maybe even more, and he would do anything to make it happen. But he's just - maybe doesn't want to take any more risks. Not with this. And I know Amah trusts you but - she can't make this decision. And Afah is the person she loves, the person she trusts to protect her when she can't do that for herself. I am so sorry you're frustrated, and angry, and I'm so grateful for everything you've done, but...I gotta be with my family on this. I just...we have to be together, for each other."

Senka's expression is unreadable as usual as he listens. "I appreciate you allowing me to discuss this with you," he offers. You would have no idea based on his tone or expression what he thinks of most of what you said. He sips his tea.

Roana isn't an empath, but knows Senka probably isn't thrilled with what she said. And she feels bad, but, everything about this is just horrible. "I...need to finish packing then head to the ship," she says. "I hope your leave helps," she says. "And just think, you can tell Amah all the places you've been. You have to go to the baths, and see her big foofy house in the Capitol. It's open for tours whenever she's not there, which is all the time," she adds. She stands and smiles comfortingly. "It's going to be okay, all right?"

Senka stands in his turn. "I fully intend," he murmurs, "to write your grandmother while on Trill itself, that she might have something contemporary from the visit when it happens when she later awakens." He looks at you and meets your gaze. "I recognize, and understand, that this affair has been emotionally taxing for you and all of your family. I wish you to know two things in parting. That I did not expect in talking to you to divide your loyalties in any way. I simply gave you honesty and my perspective in the least offensive way I could discern." A beat as he keeps making eye contact. "Secondly, I do not wish you to bear me any ill will now or in future. I respect what you do, why you are here, and who you are. That was so before I knew that Moriah was your kin."

Roana smiles. "Me, hold a grudge? Seriously, who are you talking to," she says. "But seriously, the baths are great." She gives a little wave as she goes back to packing.

Senka offers you a silent Vulcan salute and makes his exit.

The door leading to Out slides open.

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